Thee Shopaholic’s Personal Wish List

Since the previous post was geared towards my readers I decided to post some of the items on my personal wish list. I hope it inspires you or at the very least lets you know what to get me for Christmas XOXO.


I love to listen to R&B especially when its turned up REAL LOUD! So I can’t wait to get my hands on this Pink iHome BOOM box. It’s the perfect color (PINK) and is the perfect addition to the family of the girl that has almost everything. The box has a FM Radio and has a flexible Dock. It is portable and can be operated by D batteries. It is not documented to be compatible with the 5 or 5s iPhone but I am sure an adapter can be purchased. Either way I can still use it with my iPod touch. The iP4 Retails for $99.00 and I think its worth every penny.

iP4″ iHome Pink Boom box 

iPhone-iPod-SDI-iHome-iP4-Portable-FM-Stereo-Boombox-pink-12042012-1a   images

Louis Vuitton Red Alma GM in Epi Leather


I have never really been a big fan of multiple purses. I rarely ever find a bag that I love. When it comes to handbags I love them to look classic, timeless and capable of being worn in any season. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Céline (too name a few) do a great job of creating timeless bags but often come with a not so timeless price tag. I have had my eyes glued to the Alma made by Louis Vuitton in Red epi leather. I love the shape of the bag and the simple detail of the textured leather. The Alma GM retails for $2600.00. I would rather buy one bag for 2600 dollars than buy 26 bags for $100.00 each. What do you think?

Louis Vuitton Alma GM 

louis-vuitto-epi-carmine-red-alma    2-11781-211251--louis-vuitton-alma-red-epi-leather-hand-bag----f8b6e9


Since I have decided to jump on the natural hair band wagon in January of 2012 I have been pretty much doing my hair myself (aside from the random trip to the Dominican Hair Salon and this current weave lol) I find it cost effective and quite satisfying to be self sufficient. I wanted to get a hooded drier but then I realized that my current hair texture didn’t require much heat at all! So when Ken Burkeen launched the Huetiful at home hair steaming system with face attachment for at home facials as well I knew that one day it would be mine. The icing on the cake? My favorite natural hair blogger CharyJay is featured on the box! The SHOPAHOLIC that I am just screams “Add To Cart” The Huetiful Steamer retails for $116.95

Huetiful Hair and Facial Steamer

Thee Shopaholic's Personal Wish List   DSC_2677web_1024x1024


For those of you that don’t know… Sephora makes some of thee best makeup and beauty gift sets of all time. I was able to take a peek at this one a couple of days ago and I fell in love! A 12-piece must-have kit that features a curated assortment of their bestselling products. From eyeliner to mascara, nail polish to BB Cream. The essential 12-piece kit is packed  with their hottest products for all-day beauty and all-night glamour. Perfect for any makeup junkie or newcomer to beauty, the kit includes nine full-size items to create either a natural, sophisticated, or dramatic look. Retailing at a whopping $75.00 This set contains my favorite perfume of all time in a travel size rollerball Viktor & Rolf “Flowerbomb”, a NARS blush duo in the best selling shade “Orgasm”, the best formulation of eyeshadow at Sephora is done through Urban Decay, and Benefit’s “They’re Real” Mascara is my favorite mascara of 2013! Need i say more! The gift set is sold out online but check your local Sephora before venturing to the overpriced land of Ebay. Thank me later.

Sephora Favorites Superstars

shopping  DSC_0001 original SephoraSuperstars_Box


What girl doesn’t love SHOES! I know plenty of shoe-aholics out there have secretly been coveting the holy grail of shoe-dom that is Christian Louboutin. His designs range from classic and simple to bold and daring. For me the same rule applies as that of the hand bag theory. For a pump as expensive as this i choose to go with classic and timeless silhouettes. The black pump. These heels are sold at many notable retailers like Saks and Barneys so think of me when you pick up your first or next pair!

Christian Louboutin Heels

Christian-Louboutin-Daffodile-160mm-Pumps-Black2889    ChristianLouboutinDaffodilBlack


Last but not least The Pandora Bracelet. Having had my eyes on this bracelet for a while now I can safely say that the pandora bracelet is a personal fave of mine simply because of the customization factor. I love that the charm bracelet can ignite memories celebrate life love and victories or just represent friendship or love simply because of the infinite possibilities of charms and what they represent. It is the eternal gift. I have personally witnessed the never ending lines that begin to form outside of pandora jewelers locations around the holidays. But even though it is the last mentioned it is at the top of my wish list!

Pandora Bracelet

pandora-bracelet-fashionista    paper_01



    1. Girl you and me both so far I only got the boom box the sephora set and the pandora… I didn’t win a steamer and it turns out they’re all sold out until next year so there goes that theory 😦

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