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So the blog post I promised isn’t quite ready so I thought I would come and introduce the subject. Christina is a very good friend of mine who is a mega fashionista and one of the few people I consult for my own fashion and style tips. We have been friends since birth literally. After we went on a cruise to the Bahamas a few years back we grew closer and she has been stuck with me ever since!

I chose her for my fashionista style feature because she has her own style and isn’t into “downloading” trends from the internet. She has a wardrobe that most people would KILL for! She has her OWN sense of style and I am proud to call her my friend. We are serving fashion glam grunge realness lol!!! I hope you enjoy this fun little preview.

If you want to check her out some more you can follow her on instagram: @_dear_abbyy


 IMG_8054  IMG_8056 IMG_8058   IMG_8062 IMG_8063


Leather and Chiffon

Leather and Chiffon

     I just wanted to pop in quickly and thank everyone for checking out my blog! I am working on bringing you guys some new content. I did a shoot today that I hope you guys will enjoy featuring a very good friend of mine (I am sure you will be grateful to get a quick break from me)! I wanted to share my OOTD with you guys for some style-spiration! I got the inspiration for this outfit from Claire Marshall’s Haul & Lookbook featuring the Runway Bandits! I loved the idea of the softness of the free-flowing shift dress juxtaposed against the tough ruggedness of the leather jacket. I paired it with my favorite pair of minimal heels that I Can’t seem to leave the house without! Where did I go??? I went to church, The European Wax Center and then had dinner with some friends after the shoot! It should be up tomorrow!



IMG_2820 IMG_2833


What I’m wearing:
Lime Green Shift Dress| H&M
Leather Jacket| H&M
Earrings: A Local NYC Boutique
Shoes: Roxx Boutique
Watch: Michael Kors

How to Depot MAC Lipstick and Concealer

How to Depot MAC Lipstick and Concealer

IMG_2682 IMG_2690




How much are the duo palette containers? $8 US

How much are the square tray inserts? $2 US

Where are do you buy the 12/24 square tray inserts, I have never seen them at the MAC counters? The inserts can be purchased at any MAC Pro counter or

Can you only put MAC lipsticks/concealers in the palettes? You can mix and match brands to your liking and fill the pans with whatever you like! Be sure to label the trays accordingly to prevent allergic reactions some clients may have to specific brand ingredients!

IMG_2691 IMG_2743 IMG_2749

I got the idea for this from Beat Face Honey or Tatiana Ward to depot my MAC, NARS, and other brands of lipstick concealer and foundation sticks. At first I must admit it was a little intimidating to have to take on the task of de-potting 24 concealers, 24 tubes of lipstick and thankfully my foundation sticks have not been ordered yet. The hardest part for me was having to crush some of the signature bullets from the RiRiHearts MAC collection.

At first I watched a couple of tutorials on how to depot lipsticks using the Lighter and Spoon technique. I removed the lipstick from the bullet (I started with Silly because it is my least favorite pink lipstick for myself so if it was a Fail i wouldn’t be too upset) I placed the lipstick in the spoon and began to move it in circular motions over a lit candle. Now for a couple of eyeshadows this is quite fine. Pros: The melting process does take some time and it ensures that the product is smooth and evenly distributed into the tray. Cons: I find that quite a bit of product (a substantial amount of product) is wasted still coating the spoon after it is poured into the tray.

My next move for the sake of time (I had to go to work and of course for the sake of my overall sanity) i decided to remove all of the lipsticks from the bullets simultaneously after which I crushed and smoothed as best i could with a clean spatula cleaning with 91 proof alcohol and makeup remover wipes before moving on to the next shade.

After I removed all of the lipsticks i was willing to place in the trays I was ready for step 2. Melting.
Disclaimer: If you were really in a rush like me and you want to melt two trays at a a time… DONT! 1. Having two trays in the microwave is actually slower than one. The heat has to be distributed into both trays over a larger surface area causing the need for more heating time. 2. REMOVE THE TRAYS FROM THE DUO OUTER CASING!!! (I learned this the hard way and I actually ended up melting the outer case a little) 3. Pay close attention to the trays in the microwave ( I recommend stopping the microwave in 10 second intervals) the times may vary for your Matte/ Satin/ Sheer-tone shades but should NOT EXCEED 1 minute. If the lipstick still has not melted after one minute i will not melt in the microwave and you risk burning the lipstick (you will notice it start to boil) and this may also change the formulation of the lipstick and cause the base products to separate. If you insist that the Matte shades ( shades that take the longest to melt) are smoothed out in your palette then go back to the lighter/candle/spoon method.

Allow the lipsticks to harden a little before removing the trays from the microwave… this will also prevent harm to yourself and prevent accidents such as spills and overflow from one tray to the next in terms of adjacent colors. If you have the extra cooling time pop the trays into the refrigerator NOT THE FREEZER!!! (Freezing the products directly after the heat of the microwave may cause some formulations to dry out and become brittle. After about 15-20 minutes when you are sure that the products are back to solid state you are sure to be able to enjoy your conveniently stored lipstick, concealers and cream foundations.

To hide the imperfections made by my mistakes and burns I decided to decorate the outside of the case with some of my favorite neon nail lacquers:

IMG_2667 IMG_2673


I labeled the backs of the trays for easy replacing and memory:


IMG_2694 IMG_2693


After I completed my depotting I took some of the empty bullets Back to MAC for their plastics return program: (For every 6 empty containers lipstick bullets, eyeshoadow containers, foundation containers, etc. you get a free lipstick container at participating Macy’s counters and a free lipstick, eyeshadow or lip glass at MAC stores.)




I ended up getting Spirit and Flat Out Fabulous for FREE!!! They didn’t have Taupe so i will be heading to another MAC counter soon to add that to my collection with the rest of my empties!

I hope you found this helpful! If you try this technique be sure to upload pics to Instagram and tag me @thee_shopaholic.

First OOTD of 2014

First OOTD of 2014

IMG_1318                IMG_1316

This OOTD is long overdue as i am sure you can tell from the leaves on the ground and the lack of outerwear. It is painstakingly cold here in NYC. But I decided to post this last look from my Fall shoot with photographer Dezirae B. I hope you enjoy!

I have been gone from here for a little while e and since I am still new to the blogging world I figured I would give you guys tons to read at the close of the first full week in January!

What I’m wearing:
Hat: H&M
Necklace: Random Boutique in Queens Center Mall… the same boutique where i purchased thee statement necklace in the “White After Labor Day” post. I don’t think they have an actual name but if i go back and see them again and they do have a name i will be sure to update you guys!
Top: White off-the-shoulder Crop Top| ASOS
Cardigan: Forever 21
Skirt: Genuine Leather Pencil Midi | Thrifted: No Relation Vintage

White After Labor Day

IMG_2583  IMG_2545   IMG_2580IMG_2623  IMG_2539    IMG_2529

When it comes to fashion I am definitely a rule breaker! I wanted to wear this winter white Tahari pant suit i got a few months ago from K&G for the first Sunday of the year. I went to church and then I got a mani pedi with Christina. We ate Thai food and could not leave without getting some fried ice-cream! Happy New Year everyone.

What I’m wearing:
Necklace: Boutique Accessory Stand in Queens Center Mall
White T-shirt: Basic White V-neck Express

White Suit: Tahari

Nails: Essie Blanc

Give Away Time

Give Away Time


To apologize for my absence and to show how much I have missed you guys, I have decided to host my first ever giveaway here on my blog of a few of my favorite things!

The Lash: Love & Beauty by Forever21 is a very dramatic lash sure to revamp any fabulous night out when it comes to lashes, I love drama!

Lips: OCC Liptar isn’t the easiest thing in the world to master but once you get the hang of it, it is sure to turn heads in 2014! Animae is one of thee hottest colors OCC has to offer… You heard it here first.

Hair Spray: Bumble and Bumble makes some of the best holding sprays and this surf spray is excellent for tousled beachy waves… If you win I would love to hear how much you like it! Be sure to add while hair is still damp for bigger waves! The mist is great for adding texture.

Eyes: MICAbella Cosmetics has some beautiful vibrant loose pigments that I love to use on the eyes! This pigment like most can be used for many different purposes. Mix with gloss for the lips or sheer over the cheeks for a punch of color! Add a little or a lot to your favorite clear polish and coat your nails in this vibrant pink called “Resonance.”

Nails: I used to hate blue and green nail polish because being a woman of color i didn’t think they flattered my skin tone. But the key to finding the right shade is trial and error. For richer skin tones in the winter months I love the powdery blue pastels and this NYX Girls nail lacquer in “Hot Blue” is one of my faves.

Curly Girls & Guys: I have had the pleasure to attend many Natural hair events for curls and coils. along my journey I came across a gem. ‘Cashmere Curl Jelly’ by Curls provides amazing slip and curl definition. Like the bumble and bumble spray you want to apply it to wet hair to soften, moisturize and define your curls. Thank me later!

Rules for the Giveaway are simple:
1. Subscribe to my blog (Must*)
2. Follow me on Instagram @thee_shopaholic (Must*)
3. Comment on this post and simply say enter me (Must*)
4. If you really want to win!!! Repost this photo on Instagram and tag me @thee_shopaholic Hashtag #TheShopaholicGiveawayTime (Extra Entry)
5. If you really really want to win!!! Repost your favorite photo of me and tag me @thee_shopaholic Hashtag #TheeShopaholicGiveawayTime (Extra Entry)

OPEN TO US Followers/Subscribers ONLY! 🙂

Don’t have Instagram? No worries I will have many more giveaways in the near future.

The Giveaway ends in one week!
The winner will be announced on January 18th on my Instagram ONLY!