Leather and Chiffon

Leather and Chiffon

     I just wanted to pop in quickly and thank everyone for checking out my blog! I am working on bringing you guys some new content. I did a shoot today that I hope you guys will enjoy featuring a very good friend of mine (I am sure you will be grateful to get a quick break from me)! I wanted to share my OOTD with you guys for some style-spiration! I got the inspiration for this outfit from Claire Marshall’s Haul & Lookbook featuring the Runway Bandits! I loved the idea of the softness of the free-flowing shift dress juxtaposed against the tough ruggedness of the leather jacket. I paired it with my favorite pair of minimal heels that I Can’t seem to leave the house without! Where did I go??? I went to church, The European Wax Center and then had dinner with some friends after the shoot! It should be up tomorrow!



IMG_2820 IMG_2833


What I’m wearing:
Lime Green Shift Dress| H&M
Leather Jacket| H&M
Earrings: A Local NYC Boutique
Shoes: Roxx Boutique
Watch: Michael Kors


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