Month: February 2014

Polar Vortex Hiatus…


We seem to have a small break in between blizzards here in New York. So I have decided to do an OOTD post. One of my favorite things to blog about are OOTD’s or Outfit of the day posts. I also love to read them. Understanding the thought process behind someone’s reasoning behind putting certain pieces together is very interesting to me. It speaks to their personality and mimics their personal style. I love that someone will look at the same piece and style it in a completely different way.

Some of the items in this OOTD include both new and old pieces. I love how one or two new items can help revamp your whole wardrobe. All of a sudden every outfit has new potential with a new pair of shoes or the addition of a blazer. When I shop, I do not shop for an outfit. I usually shop for interesting pieces to add to my wardrobe. I try to get items that have limitless potential. I like to mix expense with frugality as it balances the look and can make all the pieces seem to share a value.

The old: My H&M hat and sweater if you follow my YouTube channel ” Thee Shopaholic” are old. They were featured in an old Haul video back in late 2012, early 2013. My favorite color is pink. So I was super excited to find a pink blazer in ZARA during the holidays. The new: Last week Old Navy was having a sale on their denim starting at 19 dollars and I picked up this powder blue super soft cropped pair ( ok it’s only cropped on me lol). The shoes are a very common silhouette that can be purchased at various price points depending on your personal preference. Why pay more when you can pay less? Cheesy right??? Hope you enjoyed this and please let me know if you enjoy OOTD’s as much as I do!

The Blazer: ZARA
The Sweater: H&M
Denim: Old Navy
Hat: H&M
Shoes: Payless ( IKR!!! )


Acting on Impulse


So being the shopaholic that I am I often act on impulse and then (seldomly) I end up giving things away that I might not really have wanted/needed. So I have been trying to be good about my shoot first mentality when it comes to shopping… However, sometimes when you wait you end up missing the opportunity completely!!! In the case of this skirt and clutch I really dropped the ball.

The skirt: H&M| Scuba Skirt in Pink went on sale several weeks back and was featured in 2 colors pink shown and black. The skirt retailed for $39.95 and I fell in love… But trying to be a wise shopaholic, I waited. I went to work threw the photo up in Instagram during the holidays and said I would think about it. Sure enough when I got home the skirt was sold out.

The clutch: Markkit| 3D Gold Clutch was featured on Claire Marshall’s YouTube channel in a “What’s in my bag” video. Once again I waited… Sure enough 3 days later payday came around and I was certain that I had to have the clutch as I could not get it out of my mind and once again the clutch was sold out.

My dilemma: Do I continue to be a “wise shopper” and wait to see if I really want an item and risk it selling out? I know what you’re thinking… I could always just buy the item and return it later. But it is that mentality that I have used in the past that has allowed my room to resemble a stock room at H&M or Forever 21. I am stuck between conflicting forces. In any case if you guys know of someone selling the clutch or if you see this skirt is back in stock in a size 12… Please do let me know! Hope you enjoyed the read.

Revlon Lust


I have been loving Revlon lately… They released a Colorburst Matte and Lacquer Balm line with some beautiful shades… I plan on investing on a few (or all) shades from the matte line. The line of mattes is offered in a whopping ten shades and I think they are all super pretty. After watching lots of reviews on the difference between the matte and the lacquer shades swatches and overall experiences of a few people via YouTube I am convinced that the balm matte is for me.
Although the lacquer shades are also pigmented I do not love colored gloss aside from the occasional nude gloss on me. Both options offer moisture and three different types of butter. The Shea, Mango, and Coconut butters make even the matte shades feel super velvety on the lips. The color payoff on the matte shades is impressive. I am not at all surprised as Revlon always does a great job with their lip products and is one of my favorite drugstore brands.
Retailing at about 8-9 dollars each, the balms are very affordable when you consider the quality. There’s always room for the occasional buy one get one (currently offered at Rite Aid) and there are always coupons available in the weekly paper and of course you can print them directly from the revlon website. I hope you guys try the balms and let me know what you think, but first comment below and tell me what shades you will be purchasing or are interested in seeing swatched on me!