Month: March 2014

Are Makeup Classes Worth the Hype?


I attended a makeup class last weekend hosted by noted makeup artists Renny Vasquez and Tatiana Ward, otherwise know as “Beat Face Honey.” For the past couple of years makeup classes have become very popular among the beauty community. For a long time and to this day many people have been able to sign on to the internet and watch a video on YouTube to learn how to make their eyebrows look presentable or to master the steps needed to create a simple smokey eye.

Those who one day aspire to become a makeup artist or simply wants to make a bit of extra money doing makeup for her friends and family knows the value of these classes. Sometimes watching tutorials via the internet are just not enough. Rome wasn’t built in a day and no one wakes up knowing everything there is to know about makeup application. So in comes the genius idea for some makeup artists who have notoriety and have become successful in their own right; to teach some of the tips and tricks they used to get ahead in their careers.

The first I heard of an actual makeup class came via my social media access from makeup artist Alexandra Butler (themuaalex on Instagram). Alexandra offered a class a few hours long geared towards the makeup basics of how to highlight and contour the face, how to groom eyebrows, and how to blend eyeshadow looks on various different models. She targeted major US cities and went across the country teaching women how to create “A Beautiful Face.” I was unable to attend Alex’s first round of classes when she came to New York City last year because it sold out in a matter of hours and by the time I caught wind of the opening I had missed the opportunity. But I was excited to hear that she would be in town for another event ( I Love My Fro Presents WERK) where she was looking for face models to teach some of her class material. I jumped at the opportunity and even managed to get painted by her.

This year Alex offered two classes: A Beautiful Face 101, and A Beautiful Face 102. 101 is a basic training class and is necessary to proceed to 102. In the beginner class you observe her makeup application and are allowed to have questions answered and of course leave with various makeup and beauty tools all included in the package price. 102 is a bit more advanced and the attendees are required to bring some of their own makeup kit tools as well their own model and the attendee has hands on learning under Alex’s supervision. I think this is wonderful and applaud her for doing something that really is not done among makeup artists. No one wants to share their know-how for whatever reason. But anyone who is anyone knows that the beauty industry is not a monopoly… One can only benefit from sharing information. The client learns and the artist is compensated; therefore it is a win, win. I really wanted to attend the 102 class with Alex but since I had not formally attended her 101 class the previous year I decided to try a different approach.


I had long since been a subscriber to Tatiana Ward’s YouTube channel (BeatFaceHoney) and heard of some of her success and trials. So I was super excited to hear that she would be venturing on a new journey with celebrity makeup artist Renny Vasquez. I am ashamed to say that I had not heard of him before this, and have since known a name I will never forget. I attended the class where we sat for two hours with each artist respectively and learned all they were willing to share. Tatiana did her popular cut-crease and Renny did a smokey eye with highlight and contour. These two artists not only shared their artistry knowledge at the end of the class they opened their hearts and gave several ladies encouraging words and inspiring stories. I learned a lot of great tips from Renny. If I had to give any complaints about the Beauty and the Beat classes hosted by the duo it would be that Tatiana did not seem to have a lot of product knowledge and missed a lot of questions the audience had towards women of color. She also has to be mindful of word choice when it comes to speaking in front of a mixed crowd. All in all I give both classes my stamp of approval. If I had to recommend one over the other I would not be able to. Both classes offer different things and everyone should be able to benefit greatly!

What do you look for in a makeup class if you have ever considered attending one? Comment below.


Who is Thee Shopaholic?

A long time ago i made the decision to start a YouTube channel. I had been an avid YouTube watcher for quite sometime before I decided to make my own channel. I was a little apprehensive at first because like most people I have quite a few insecurities and making yourself more visual has a tendency to amplify those insecurities. Looking into a walking talking mirror of yourself can be a little intimidating. But I moved forward and mustered up some much needed confidence and filmed a quick intro.
At the time I had quite a few people in my life that were very encouraging. My interests if you can’t already tell by the name of this blog are shopping and fashion. I wanted my channel to reflect my interests. I also wanted it to be versatile and reflect my daily life and important information feel will be relevant to my audience. I subscribe to over 50 different YouTube channels but some of them stand out to me more than others. I drew my biggest inspiration from those channels. Shirley B. Eniang is a well known UK blogger and vlogger. I love the structure and content of her blogs and her channel content is always clear direct and to the point with just enough rambling to welcome her audience to her personality. Lisa Eldridge, Wendy’s Lookbook and Claire Marshall have an excellent technique and format and I hope to be as efficient as them one day.
I have put together some clips of highlights on my YouTube journey and I hope you guys enjoy it! More so I hope it motivates you to head over to my channel and Subscribe for more videos to come! If you have any questions for me please feel free to comment below! I appreciate all of you for taking time out of your day to read this!

A Royal OOTD


In rebellion against the continuing Polar Vortex I have decided to don this funky outfit of the day with royal blues refreshing whites and a burst of spring coral! I must say I read Shirley B Eniang’s blog post a while back where she had done an outdoor OOTD with no help at all! Usually Shirley, author of the blog “Shirley’s Wardrobe” once known as “” employs the help of her younger sister Kezia to shoot the photos for her blog, especially the ones done outdoors. But when I found out she took the photos herself and they came out great I was even more inspired!

Shirley is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to blogging! A lot of beauty gurus hold the title of inspiring me to start my YouTube channel, but Shirley and Wendy (author of Wendy’s Lookbook) have inspired me to start this blog. I digress… ANYHOO I did my research and discovered that Shirley uses a remote to snap the images from her camera and came across my first dilemma. I do not have a remote for my camera and remotes can be quite pricey. Not to mention I wanted to take the pictures right away and did not want to belabor an excuse to procrastinate. So I considered the self timer option on the camera. BINGO! I set the timer ran across the room and struck a pose! Hope you like the images, I had a lot of fun doing it and it wasn’t that hard at all! I’m sure I will get better with time and eventually I will spring for the remote.

The Tea:
Jumpsuit: Rainbow| Royal Blue
Blazer: Tahari| White
Shoes: ShopRoxx| Coral
Earrings: No.5| Local Accessory Boutique

If you would like to win the pair of the shoes from this OOTD tag me in your best OOTD photo on Instagram (@thee_shopaholic) The photo must be new! NO OLD PICS!!! Be sure to tag me so I can see the pictures in my tagged photos so they don’t get lost. Comment below this post and say “Enter Me” The giveaway ends next Friday March 14th. GOOD LUCK!
FinePrint: You must subscribe to this blog and be a follower of my Instagram in order to be eligible for the giveaway. Giveaway prize is subject to size availability on the day the winner is announced. The shoe also comes in black so be aware of that as a second option if the coral color is sold out on the 14th of March. The shoe will be ordered directly from the site on that day and mailed to the corresponding winners address.

Tall Girl Problems


So, if you follow me on Instagram (thee_shopaholic) you probably already know that I have been trying to revamp my shoe collection for the spring and summer. I am going to Mexico for Spring break so what better excuse to go shopping! For those of you that don’t know, I have big feet (insert sad face) so it is quite an ordeal for me to find shoes at the last minute. I often find myself buying shoes that I don’t need at the time for fear that when the time comes I won’t have the options. If a shoe fits, I buy it! Sometimes I buy it in all the colors!!! So I’m sure you can understand my new found love for a small, but growing franchise boutique called ShopRoxx.

Because I have a big foot (size 11) I often find that some shoes don’t fit as they should. This happens to people no matter what their shoe size is. Are you a size 7? Have you ever had to go a half size up or down because of the way a shoe fits? Have you ever had to go a WHOLE size up because of how a shoe fits? Well when you wear a size 11 you don’t have that second option because there often isn’t a size up. Of course when you consider some higher end brands like Christian Louboutin you know that sometimes that option is there. But who wants to spend a $1000 on a pair of shoes EVERYTIME!!! Not this frugal shopaholic.

ShopRoxx shoes just seem to always fit! And they are affordable! Any tall girl with a larger foot will testify that finding shoes isn’t easy.Finding cheap shoes is MUCH harder. So anytime I get the chance I pop into ShopRoxx located in Jamaica, NY and I see what new styles are in stock. I have to act quickly because often times for whatever reason my size is never in abundance. In the photo above you will find some of my latest purchases from ShopRoxx as well as some summer and Spring trend inspiration.

The first pair of shoes top left were purchased at ShopRoxx a few months ago. I was looking for a red pair of simple one-strap sandals with a bit of uniqueness about them. These “Strap My Chain Sandals” in the color Red are no longer available on the site but they do come in other colors, namely black and leopard print. So be sure to check it out if you like. If we continue across the top of the page to the right you will find a pair of green strappy sandals. These sandals can be found at NET-A-PORTER and retail for $695 by the brand Nicholas Kirkwood but ShopRoxx has an identical dupe in the colors Salmon and Black and they are only $27! The last pair of shoes at the top right once again are ShopRoxx and I must admit they are the least comfortable of the six, but I love the color and the heel height. Not to mention I love the wider ankle strap as it makes for more interesting outfit posts. They come in three colors bright pink (pictured), a black and a white.

Directly below that you will find a pair of shoes that flooded the social media networks at the end of 2013. These shoes were sold at ZARA but I missed out on getting my hands on them. Imagine my surprise when ShopRoxx added these dupes to their collection! They are still available and come in a Nude and a Blue shade if you already have the black ones and are looking for something a little different. Continuing clockwise you will find a colorful and Spring appropriate pair of Steve Madden heels. These minimal style heels juxtaposed against a bold print make for a very interesting shoe to add to a girls collection if I do say so myself. But retailing at $99 I didn’t feel they were timeless enough to make such an investment. I found a comparable pair with a considerably shorter heel at Payless a few weeks ago and I am satisfied with the compromise considering they were only $24 (YES I’m CHEAP but efficient). Last but not least I’m certain any shoe lover is familiar with the last pair at the bottom left the same story applies to the bottom right, originally sold at ZARA and available now at ShopRoxx for $30. I hope you found some Shoe-spiration in this post and if you find a pair of shoes that you love over at send me a photo or tag me on Instagram and tell them Thee Shopaholic sent you! Happy Shopping!!!