A Royal OOTD


In rebellion against the continuing Polar Vortex I have decided to don this funky outfit of the day with royal blues refreshing whites and a burst of spring coral! I must say I read Shirley B Eniang’s blog post a while back where she had done an outdoor OOTD with no help at all! Usually Shirley, author of the blog “Shirley’s Wardrobe” once known as “Meek-N-Mild.com” employs the help of her younger sister Kezia to shoot the photos for her blog, especially the ones done outdoors. But when I found out she took the photos herself and they came out great I was even more inspired!

Shirley is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to blogging! A lot of beauty gurus hold the title of inspiring me to start my YouTube channel, but Shirley and Wendy (author of Wendy’s Lookbook) have inspired me to start this blog. I digress… ANYHOO I did my research and discovered that Shirley uses a remote to snap the images from her camera and came across my first dilemma. I do not have a remote for my camera and remotes can be quite pricey. Not to mention I wanted to take the pictures right away and did not want to belabor an excuse to procrastinate. So I considered the self timer option on the camera. BINGO! I set the timer ran across the room and struck a pose! Hope you like the images, I had a lot of fun doing it and it wasn’t that hard at all! I’m sure I will get better with time and eventually I will spring for the remote.

The Tea:
Jumpsuit: Rainbow| Royal Blue
Blazer: Tahari| White
Shoes: ShopRoxx| Coral
Earrings: No.5| Local Accessory Boutique

If you would like to win the pair of the shoes from this OOTD tag me in your best OOTD photo on Instagram (@thee_shopaholic) The photo must be new! NO OLD PICS!!! Be sure to tag me so I can see the pictures in my tagged photos so they don’t get lost. Comment below this post and say “Enter Me” The giveaway ends next Friday March 14th. GOOD LUCK!
FinePrint: You must subscribe to this blog and be a follower of my Instagram in order to be eligible for the giveaway. Giveaway prize is subject to size availability on the day the winner is announced. The shoe also comes in black so be aware of that as a second option if the coral color is sold out on the 14th of March. The shoe will be ordered directly from the site on that day and mailed to the corresponding winners address.


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