The Renny Vasquez Smokey Eye


So ever since I attend the “Beauty and the Beat” class with Renny Vasquez and Tatiana Ward I have been practicing my Renny Vasquez smokey eye. In order for me to practice the look as Renny instructed I decided to purchase the items and do it using the same tools he did. When Renny tells you to buy something you buy it!!! So I have since been posting my new purchases on Instagram hence this new blog post. You guys requested that I share Renny’s list so here it is!!! Make sure you have a pen and paper ready along withy your debit cards it’s going to be good!

Renny’s List to create a smokey eye:

After applying your moisturizer or primer of choice he recommended the AJ Crimson foundation for dry skin. Both Renny and Tatiana used their Black Opal foundation palettes for their demonstrations.


He urged us to use the same foundation formulation for foundation highlighting and contour for maximum flawless foundation application and to avoid lines of demarcation that can sometimes occur in photos with flash photography.

Into the Black Opal foundation he mixed in a little Nars- Laguna illuminator for that second skin finish.


To blend the foundation Renny told us to get our pens and write down the names of two of his favorite brushes the MAC 128, and the Cover FX 160 respectively.



He set the foundation under the eyes with a translucent powder from MAC using Sigmas e25 brush to blend effortlessly.


On to the eyes:

To create a natural groomed brow Renny recommended 3 products depending on your hair color and skin tone, MAC brow pencil in Spiked/Stud for women with dark hair and Anastasia Beverly Hills Pencil in Caramel for blondes.


MAC brow pencils in Spiked and Stud


Anastasia Brow Pencil in Caramel

To make your smokey eyes appear darker he told us to lighten the brows a bit using MAC’s brow gel in Girl/Boy


For the blackest black smokey eye Renny suggested Inglot’s eyeshadow in 63.


To begin the eye he warmed the crease using the Nars eyeshadow duo in Cordura.


The Cheeks:

Renny has worked with many women of color and notable celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Brandy Norwood. Being a woman of color I know how hard it can be to find a contour color that works for our skin. Renny used Fashion Fair Pressed powder in Sable and Kola to create a rich barely there contour that was sure to make someone ask you if you had been hitting the gym.


He finished the cheeks with a warm orangey/peach blush and AJ Crimson Neutral Matte Powder and went on to highlight the cheek bone with Fashion Fair highlighter in Golden Lights. He also suggested Melanie Mills Gleam in Deep Gold.


To finish off the look he popped on his favorite lashes MAC 35 and Red Cherry 523 and the model looked amazing! 20140403-112958.jpg

Finish the look with your favorite nude lipstick and you are done! My favorites are MAC’s Taupe, Spirit, Yash, to name a few.

If you have any further questions feel free to leave them in the comment section! Happy Shopping!!!


First Attempt


Second Attempt



  1. I love his work and I am trying to learn on my own. Gonna get the 128 brush and watch some application videos. I saw this post about 2 weeks ago and the brush wasn’t available but now it is. I am assuming it’s part of the permanent line up now.

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