Love Culture Meet and Greet





On Friday I attended a meet and greet in Queens Center Mall hosted by Missy Lyn (also known as Start2finishmua on Instagram and YouTube) and Anitra (aka Nitraab) I arrived at the mall a little early because I wanted to pick up a few things as the meet up was set to begin at 5pm. I walked around Love Culture (a clothing store similar to Forever 21/ Charolette Russe) but I didn’t see anything that I had to have. They had lots of trendy pieces but I have enough clothes so I decided to just walk around and wait for the girls to arrive.

Missy and Anitra arrived shortly after and immediately began to interact with the other girls. Both ladies were approachable and super sweet! Anitra seemed a little more reserved and not her usual bubbly self but I chalked it up to a combination of jet lag and her being a little busy and wanting to get to speak to everyone. Missy was very easy to talk to and it felt like I was talking to my sister or best friend. I gravitated towards her and her positive spirit and kind words of encouragement.

The store Love Culture offered a 20% discount to all who attended the meet and greet for all merchandise in the store and many of the girls took advantage of that. Towards the end of the meet and greet the ladies had a raffle drawing for dinner in the city. There were a total of 4 drawings and each winner was allowed to bring a friend. I never win things like this and from the very beginning I had asked Missy if all of us (well anyone who wanted to…) would be able to attend the dinner even if we didn’t win. Usually I would never ask this but for some reason I genuinely wanted to spend more time with the ladies I had met that day and didn’t mind paying for my own dinner. Needless to say Missy and Anitra were very accommodating. We ended up at Benjamin Steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan and talked well into the night. The girls were truly inspiring and offered kind words of encouragement to all of us.

Although I felt kind of like a pest for tagging along, whether or not the girls felt that way they did not let on in the least and I appreciate that. (I’m such a YouTube groupie…) I would love to support anything these ladies do in NYC in the future as it was a pleasure meeting them this past weekend. I hope to see them BOTH at BeautyCon next month so stay tuned…

I know for sure Missy and another young lady TrillestAttraction (on YT) have already posted footage from the meet and greet so I will post the links for that as soon as I can… If you notice in Missy’s footage I was recording as well so stay tuned for that over on my YT channel Thee Shopaholic (post should be live in the morning)!

Meet and Greet Starts at 07:45 🙂

Have you ever met anyone important to you, actors, YT personalities, or motivational speakers??? Tell me about it in the comment section!


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