Good Things Come To Those Who Wait


I first spotted this fabulous Pink PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) pencil skirt on Ciara and Kim Kardashian (seen wearing the nude version) late last year. Instantly I fell in love but I didn’t pursue it which is so unlike me. More often than not if the source is not given right away and I dont have a successful google search I usually let it go. But Shirley B Eniang made a haul video over on her self entitled YouTube channel earlier this year and sourced them on for somewhere between 50-70 dollars. I immediately ran over to asos to #AddToCart! But when I got to the site to do my homework I wasn’t to sure of the skirt.

The skirt looked rather stiff and I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off! I really wanted to recreate the look that Ciara wore with the monochrome sweater and minimal heels. I found a similar sweater from the HM Lana Del Ray Collection two winters ago and only needed the skirt to complete the look:




Needless to say I didn’t end up purchasing the skirt and had since forgotten about it. So as I was checking my YouTube subscriptions yesterday imagine my surprise when I spotted the skirt once again in a haul video on Shirley’s channel! Did she buy the skirt twice???

Well it turns out that she too was not happy with the fit of the Asos version and had since found a more flattering silhouette from MissGuided! I immediately came to the conclusion that my wardrobe would not be complete with out it… The skirt was also a lot cheaper pricing at only $35.98! The icing on the cake they ship for Free!!! I tried to head over to to find a coupon but was unsuccessful. But at the end of the day I was satisfied with my purchase and I can not wait for it to arrive. Shirley has a huge following and I had to make my move before the skirt sold out… So if you are interested please check it out too!

Pink PVC Pencil Skirt

Pink PVC skirt, Back View.

Left: White PVC Pencil Skirt Right: Kim Kardashian in White PVC Skirt

Far Right: Kim Kardashian in nude PVC

Oxblood PVC outfit pairing inspired by look.

Ciara in original post which inspired my purchase!


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