Month: June 2014

Wednesday Wisdom

It’s Wednesday (Hump day) and I am here to give you guys some tips on being your fabulous self this summer. We should all be switching to a lighter makeup routine, prepping our hair and skin for tanning at the beach and looking chic at day parties brunches and pool parties. I’m going to give you guys some tips on doing just that.


In the summer my sensitive skin is just crying for attention so I have to switch up my routine a bit. This Aveeno Skin Relief body wash is excellent and so soothing on the skin. For my face I have been loving Neutrogena Naturals skin care line in combination with my Proactiv facial scrubbing brush. For moisture I finish off with my boots extracts body butter and my favorite scents so far are the Vanilla and Coconut. To keep smelling good in the heat I throw my Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb rollerball in my bag and I’m out the door!

Makeup Changes
It’s about to get really hot and in some places it’s hot already! So no one wants to have a sweaty face full of makeup. In place of my black Opal foundation stick I am excited to try Laura Mercier’s Tinted moisturizer in Mocha with a clean brow a little contour (I have been loving Mac’s blunt) and lots if mascara. This look can be paired with any lip color. The bolder the better but nudes are always timeless and effortless. For day events find your favorite highlighting powder but be careful at night if your taking photos you may come across as overly greasy.


Tanning and skin protection
I hope that all of my shopaholics are wearing sun protection all year round. But we need to dial up the power as the sun is sticking around for much longer and well into the night. Find a light sunscreen to place underneath your makeup and do not “Fake and Bake”! The suns rays are harsh enough. But if you got really pale this winter you can fake it til you make it with Jergens Natural Glow skin lotion. But if you are reach to lay on the beach and get your Kardashian tan on make sure you exfoliate first! It helps with peeling and helps your skin tan more evenly. You can make your own scrub with a little honey a natural oil and some brown sugar. Comment down below if you would like to see a scrub tutorial and be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with my blog!




Whether you have natural, relaxed, curly, straight, or color treated hair you need to protect your strands from the suns harsh rays. Some of us will be spending a lot of time at the beach and I learned a tip from Taren Guy’s (Natural Hair Guru) salon series. When you are entering the pool or ocean saturate your hair. Like a sponge soaking wet hair can not absorb as much salt water or chlorine. I have heard in the past that you should also use conditioner but the stylist made a valid point that the conditioner may get into your eyes and cause irritation… And we don’t want that! What tips and tricks do you live by in the summer time? Comment below!



There’s an App for That

Hello guys I’m back! For tonight’s tech Tuesdays inspired by Maya Washington (Shameless Maya) I have decided to talk about my favorite iPhone apps. In this modern age of technology there is literally an app for everything! As technology continues to progress we have moved from computers to laptops and now the smart phone has pretty much become a pocket computer. But if you can remember back when smart phones first began popping up and you were able to get your hands on one and you went to your favorite site you often found the site either didn’t load properly, you weren’t able to view the entire browser all at once or the links were disabled. Then there might have been a question at the bottom of the screen that read “View Mobile Site” which was an early attempt to provide a site that made it easy to browse the site in question from your mobile phone.

Then some genius decided to make the app. I won’t go into detail on the science behind the app, short for application and you guys know I can talk… But instead I will quickly share my favorite apps with you guys by category.

First we will start with my favorite Fashion apps:

This app literally has the wardrobe of the entire internet universe all in one place if they sell it Shopstyle probably has it to and you can shop right through the site by size color and keyword. It’s the personal shopper you always wanted but could never afford!


If you follow me on Instagram (@thee_shopaholic) you have seen me use this app to post an outfit on an invisible person… This has quickly become my favorite app to use for OOTDs and I feel every fashion blogger should have this.



Do I need to explain… (I didn’t think so)


I use this app to check updates to ZARA’s inventory. There aren’t that many ZARA locations so instead of tracking all the way to the city or out on the island of NYC I check the app and save myself the leg work… Sometimes I even purchase right online! ZARA’s packaging is amazing!


iPhoneography apps:

Pic Stitch
Great for posting multiple photos… Can’t decide on a selfie… Post them all with this app!



Insta collage
If you don’t like the standard white borders of Pic Stitch then this app is for you you can make the borders as big or small as you want or you can “86” the borders all together!


Pic Play Post
If you’ve ever seen someone post to Instagram a photo that was kind of like pic stitch but it had pictures and then maybe a video or moving image in one of the borders? Well they were probably using this app.


Have you ever taken a photo that you wanted to pits to Instagram but it was too long, and you didn’t want to crop it? Thank me later



Funky Fonts
A lot of photo frame apps have standard fonts that you can use if you want to write on your photos. But if you are as addicted to Instagram as I am then you have probably used them all already. Funky fonts has a lot of cool fonts to make posting pics twice as fun!



If you don’t have this app… then I have nothing left to say to you!!! Download it now! (Well what are you still doing here) and then follow me! @thee_shopaholic I promise to always keep you entertained


These apps are all about productivity:

This is the app I am currently using to post this blog… If you like to read blogs or you have a wordpress blog of your own then this app makes it much easier to read blogs post blogs check your stats and check your notifications.


A girls gotta eat! Sometimes that requires ordering takeout! Seamless gives you access to everything in your area that delivers food right to your door! The next time you order something think of me!


I love this app. It stores your drugstore and supermarket coupons. It stores your concert and airplane tickets! It stores everything! Try it!


Mobile banking:
Make transfers check your account balance and see how much money you have left to go shopping!


These last few apps will keep you ENTERTAINED when your Instagram timeline is drier than Russy Simmons’ lips:

Orange is the New Black is set debut their second season on Friday June 6th. You now have all of today and tomorrow to catch up on what happened on the first season. But why haven’t you seen it already? Have you been living under a rock?


Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelor/Bachelorette… Watch it online so you don’t have to rush home to watch it when it airs and leave more room in your DVR to catch up with the last season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


Last but CERTAINLY not least!

I have a channel on YouTube and if you search Thee Shopaholic or click the link >>>> to My Channel you will find my videos there! Be sure to subscribe because I have great things planned for you guys over there.


I hope you guys learned something today! Let me know what apps you downloaded! Comment below and tell me what your favorite Apps are! Subscribe to my blog because I will be blogging everyday this month! There should be a button on the bottom right somewhere! I appreciate all of you for reading!

What’s in my Makeup Bag


To kick of this blogging marathon I have decided to start makeup Monday with a “Whats in My Makeup Bag” post. I have loved makeup for about 10 years now, and I started experimenting with makeup when I began to work at the bank years ago. Something about sitting behind a glass and only being seen from the chest up made me want to enhance my appearance. So I began to gather some drug store items like Maybelline, Revlon and beauty supply brands like Kiss and LA Colors. I would sit on the train and paint my face (tastefully of course) at 6 am and arrive at the bank ready to take on the world.

I think doing my makeup on the New York City subway prepared me to minimize my travel items and prevent loss in order to maximize the potential of the items in my bag. I have had tons of spills, cracks and breaks and learned a lot from my mistakes. My daily makeup routine is fairly simple and I hope to share that with you all this month. Comment below if you guys want to see that for the first Thursday Tutorial and don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date. I have been loving MAC for their mini travel containers that allow me to carry a little product at a time and not loose entire pots of loose powder which has happened many times before.


Every great face starts with a strong base and I like to start all my looks with a combination of MAC Oil Control Lotion and Benefits Porefessional.


My skin lacks moisture due to bad skincare practices and not moisturizing my face as I should. When I first started to wear foundation I found that by the end of the night I was shinning like the sun (and not in a good way). The oil control lotion has quickly become a favorite of mine. I find I have to blot a lot less and it does not break out my skin by closing off my pores completely like some home remedy pore blocking techniques (milk of magnesia for example). Benefits Porefessional is a great pro balm to smooth and diminish the appearance of large pores under my foundation.

My face product of choice is Black Opal’s Stick Foundation.


I have a lot of hyper pigmentation on my skin so I am not blessed to be one of those beauty enthusiasts that only wears a mineralized setting powder. I also don’t want to look like I’m wearing a mask and I feel like Black Opal does just that. It covers a lot with very little. I use it to shape my brows highlight under my eyes and all over my face mixed with a little Nars liquid Bronzer in Laguna to achieve a flawless (or close enough) canvas.


The two shades that I use are HazelNut (and sometimes Beautiful Bronze) and I highlight with Rich Caramel. A tip I learned from attending Renny Vasquez’s makeup class was to use the same product to achieve a look. That means if you are using a cream highlight and all over your face you should also be using a cream foundation (preferably the same brand). This has helped a lot with blending and not achieving raccoon eyes. To set under my eyes I usually go with MAC’s Prep and Prime and use a little Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Topaz to restore color.



I set the rest of my face with MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Dark Deep.


My favorite Blush at the moment is MAC’s Love Joy and I contour with a few things but in my makeup bag right now I am using BlackRadiance Pressed Powder in Ebony.



My favorite highlighter if all time is MAC IRRIDESCENT loose powder in Golden Bronze. To deepen the crease of my eyes I have been loving the NARS Cordura eyeshadow duo, the rich chocolates really warm up my eyes and give me that sun kissed glow for the Spring and coming Summer.



Benefits They’re real mascara has been great and even helped me to not feel the need for false lashes it’s great at defining and separating and lasts all day.


I’ve been using MACs eyebrow pencil in spiked for ages but I ran out so currently in my bag I am using a cheap dark brown pencil. Last but not least is my favorite cheap nude lipstick by NK (or Nikka K) in Natural that was recommended to me by Alex the MUA. The actual makeup bag is a leopard print Steve Madden bag I picked up from Marshall’s for $10. What is in your makeup bag? Comment below! Don’t forget to subscribe!



Happy Bloggerversary Thee Shopaholic!


It’s so crazy to think that I have had a blog for six months!!! To celebrate I have decided to blog everyday for the month of June. I started my blog back in November right around my birthday and so far I am close to 4,000 views. I appreciate everyone who takes time out of their day to read my blog and share it with others. I think blogging everyday will also help me to learn my audiences interests. I have taken last week off so there were no blog updates (but feel free to stay up to date by following me on Instagram @thee_shopaholic.) and I took the time to organize how I wanted to share this with you all and also make it enjoyable. Make sure to subscribe to the blog below on the bottom right to see what I have planned for you guys.

The blog will feature an OOTD (outfit of the day) every Sunday, Makeup tips and tricks on Monday, on Tuesdays I will talk about things and people that inspire me as well as technology and things that I wanted you guys to try out. Wednesdays I will be sharing my wisdom with you guys so you can have great hair skin and nails this summer. Thursdays are going to be a little tricky and I am going to attempt to do 4 tutorials for you this month. Depending on how much time I have to devote towards the tutorials they may be in the form of video or simple steps with photos. Fridays will be devoted to my latest fashion finds and Saturdays will be all about selfies… this will be a weeks reflection and summary for those that didn’t have time to catch up during the week.

Let me know if there is anything that you would like me to feature on the blog this month and I will be sure to include it! The blogs that receive the most interest will help me to decide what you guys actually want to see. It’s June first and it’s also a Sunday so to kick off this Blog marathon I have decided to start off with Sundays OOTD. This particular OOTD features 2 outfits that I have worn in the past 3 days. I went to a meet and greet for Macy*s “Next Style Star” hosted by YouTube’s The Platform, Maya Washington ( Shameless Maya) and Raye Boyce (ItsMyRayeRaye). I decided to go with denim on denim and flats since the event was sure to include a long line and lots of standing. The second look was a simple scuba t-shirt and jeans for my little cousins 4th Birthday Party. I hope you guys enjoy and make sure to subscribe to remain up to date on what I have lined up for you guys!


Top: H&M
Jeans: Oldnavy
Belt: Topshop
Blazer: Forever 21
Shoes: NineWest
Bag: Dooney and Burke




Top: J Brand
Leather Jacket: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden
Watch: Michael Kors