Wednesday Wisdom

It’s Wednesday (Hump day) and I am here to give you guys some tips on being your fabulous self this summer. We should all be switching to a lighter makeup routine, prepping our hair and skin for tanning at the beach and looking chic at day parties brunches and pool parties. I’m going to give you guys some tips on doing just that.


In the summer my sensitive skin is just crying for attention so I have to switch up my routine a bit. This Aveeno Skin Relief body wash is excellent and so soothing on the skin. For my face I have been loving Neutrogena Naturals skin care line in combination with my Proactiv facial scrubbing brush. For moisture I finish off with my boots extracts body butter and my favorite scents so far are the Vanilla and Coconut. To keep smelling good in the heat I throw my Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb rollerball in my bag and I’m out the door!

Makeup Changes
It’s about to get really hot and in some places it’s hot already! So no one wants to have a sweaty face full of makeup. In place of my black Opal foundation stick I am excited to try Laura Mercier’s Tinted moisturizer in Mocha with a clean brow a little contour (I have been loving Mac’s blunt) and lots if mascara. This look can be paired with any lip color. The bolder the better but nudes are always timeless and effortless. For day events find your favorite highlighting powder but be careful at night if your taking photos you may come across as overly greasy.


Tanning and skin protection
I hope that all of my shopaholics are wearing sun protection all year round. But we need to dial up the power as the sun is sticking around for much longer and well into the night. Find a light sunscreen to place underneath your makeup and do not “Fake and Bake”! The suns rays are harsh enough. But if you got really pale this winter you can fake it til you make it with Jergens Natural Glow skin lotion. But if you are reach to lay on the beach and get your Kardashian tan on make sure you exfoliate first! It helps with peeling and helps your skin tan more evenly. You can make your own scrub with a little honey a natural oil and some brown sugar. Comment down below if you would like to see a scrub tutorial and be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with my blog!




Whether you have natural, relaxed, curly, straight, or color treated hair you need to protect your strands from the suns harsh rays. Some of us will be spending a lot of time at the beach and I learned a tip from Taren Guy’s (Natural Hair Guru) salon series. When you are entering the pool or ocean saturate your hair. Like a sponge soaking wet hair can not absorb as much salt water or chlorine. I have heard in the past that you should also use conditioner but the stylist made a valid point that the conditioner may get into your eyes and cause irritation… And we don’t want that! What tips and tricks do you live by in the summer time? Comment below!



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