Celebrity Looks For Less


I’ve been in a funk lately and was in need of some deep retail therapy so I did what any shopaholic loves to do… I went to the mall. My Gold Metallic Aldo sandals took me to my favorite store H&M. I almost always get inspired to recreate celebrity looks or tweak them and make them my own. But any true style enthusiast knows sometimes you can do that with things already in your closet, while other times you just need to purchase some key pieces to really make the look parallel the style vision. I didn’t go to the mall with that purpose in mind today but when I got home I realized That is exactly what happened.

One of the first items I picked up at H&M was a pale pink tutu (ballerina inspired dress). This dress immediately made me think of the opening credits to Sex in the City. The H&M stock site photo does the dress no justice. Even though it is not quite as fluffy as Carrie’s because it doesn’t have the tiers I feel it’s much more wearable.


H&M Pink Tule Dress- $39.95

Every woman needs a LBD (little black dress) but it’s the summer time so why not get a little white dress as well! Gabrielle Union is always wearing white so effortlessly. No matter what your silhouette I believe there is a dress for everyone. For me I like to stick to the most basic dress story’s that can be dressed up or down for maximum styling capability. Shirley (from Shirley’s Wardrobe) recently did a wardrobe clear out and she inspired me to add the LWD to my wardrobe.


H&M Basic White Dress- $12.95

I have been looking for the perfect red tartan shirt FOREVER!!! So after I left H&M I stumbled into Forever 21. The stores are beginning to get in their fall items for back to school (I know hopefully in the not so near future) and there it was. I am ready to give you guys some Beyonce cut off shorts and plaid shirt realness! And it was on SALE!


Forever 21 Plaid Button Blouse- $12

On my way to the fitting room to try on my plaid shirt I came across the cliche American flag denim shorts that became super popular after Beyonce’s Party video when the stylist placed the ever so chic Solange’s Knowles in them. Initially when I saw them in TopShop they retailed for $60 dollars and I didn’t feel they were worth the coin. So I was excited to finally get my hands on a pair for less than a third of the cost. I they were in my size so I tried them on. I’m sure you guys know what happened in the end.


American Flag Shorts- $19.80

The shorts that I tried on in the fitting room didn’t quite fit me so I had to peruse the store to find a bigger size and I came across this Tupac cutoff sweatshirt in bright yellow. I love the cutoff top trend, especially when it’s paired with high-waisted bottoms. Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are the queens of the crop top so I was happy to get my hands on this fun one!


When do you start shopping for your fall style? Comment below.
If you’re still looking for some summer pieces feel free to check out my Depop Market (username: JessicaTheeShopaholic) Happy Shopping!


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