A Week in My Work Wardrobe

So a couple weeks a go I got a promotion at work that requires me to switch from my usual care free work attire. Those of you that know me personally are aware if the fact that I wear scrubs at work. We are allowed to wear “Civilian” clothing into the office but we change upon entry. This has made it very easy for me to wear whatever I want and occasionally post an interesting OOTD or two for you guys. But since my position has changed slightly, I now have to wear business casual clothing. This inspired me to post some of the outfits I was able to come up with in the last two weeks.


The first day in was a bit hit or miss for me. I had not worn business casual since leaving the bank years ago; but, for the most part business dress is pretty self explanatory. On my first day I wore a navy blue long sleeved mock turtleneck blouse with leather appliqué and a printed navy blue and pink cropped dress pant. To accent the pink in the pants I put on a pink suede flat in a similar shade. My bosses were not too happy with the pants but they loved the top (which I thought was so weird) and she told me to wear solid bottoms and stick to neutral colors. So I’m going to share with you five days of business attire that met the needs while still remaining fashionable. The best part is I didn’t have to buy anything!



Mondays can be dreadful depending on wear you work. My weekends are almost always busy so I really hate getting out of bed on Monday mornings. I kept it low key with an over sized Grey chiffon top which I buttoned half way and tied in a knot above my belly button over a matching grey pencil skirt. I finished the look with a pair of white open toe lace up booties to tie in the white polka dots on the shirt. My boss was pleased with neutrals and I received lots of compliments.



Tuesdays are usually my best days. There’s a cute guy that works on Tuesdays so I usually put in a bit more effort. This blue and pink blazer and slacks combo seemed a bit dull and typical, so I decided to incorporate a printed shoe. This kept the look interesting without going over the top. This is my favorite look of the week.



Hump day. The week is almost over so I decided to test the waters with print again. I slowly bring in a bold print with a cardigan. But I kept the rest of the look simple with a white v neck t-shirt and a red pencil skirt. Simple black flats finish off the look and keep it from looking over done and office appropriate.



On Thursdays my favorite Tuesday coworker is back in the office again so I decided to go with an all black look. Black is instantly sleek, sliming and flattering on everyone. The blazer covers the crop top ensuring that no skin is exposed but makes it easy to transition the look from day to night by removing one layer. So if he asks me out for drinks I’ll be ready to go with these black heels.



On Friday I put on an easy dress and heel with a simple black blazer. This look is super comfortable and also transitions well for any plans that may come up that evening with my friends. The houndstooth print is super appropriate for the office and fun for the bar or dinner. The bright clutch makes it fun and adds interest to the outfit out of the office. I hope these looks inspire your work attire. If you recreate any of the looks be sure to post pictures on social media and tag me!



Saturday was super chill and I stayed in bed all day sending emails and preparing for my event Shopaholics Anonymous that’s coming up this weekend.



I decided to share my business casual Sunday outfit with you guys. I took out my red pencil skirt once again for church on Sunday. I decided to create a monochromatic look similar to Mondays work fit. But since I wanted to make it more church oriented I decided to pair the look with some pointed pumps with an ankle strap. Perfect for a Sunday brunch that followed shortly after.

Which look was your favorite?
Which of these looks will you be trying in the office next week?

Signed- Thee Shopaholic.


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