Month: September 2014

Fall into Fashion

I have been gathering a list of things I need to add to my fall/autumn fashion wardrobe. I have a lot of clothes. This allows me to not have to pick up too many things and be a smarter shopper with the changing seasons. I decided to share some of what I consider to be essentials in the hopes that you guys can gain some inspiration.

I attended the Aldo A-List event on Sunday evening and one particular item stood out to me the most for the whole night. Aldo has recently revamped their fall line and included some coveted genuine leather handbags. I have my eyes set on a pair of printed flats. If you follow my fashion sense at all you can come to the conclusion that I love two things… Animal print and Pink. These flats are super comfortable and a must have for the fall. They also come in Natural (beige), a black and white marble print which is equally gorgeous, cognac, navy (more royal in person) and black.


Olyvia ballerina flats with Metallic trim detail in Brown(multi) $70

Every woman should have a structured leather handbag. Since we are still in Aldo I decided to talk about the bag now. Ostwald Helgason x Aldo Rise have collaborated on a line for fall fashion 2014 with Aldo and I love their top-handled carryall in classic maroon. The bag features distressed matte gold hardware, pockets front and back, and room for just about anything!


Lily handbag in Bordeaux $85

We never really had a warm summer… But, fall is definitely here. It’s time to take your outerwear out of storage. If you don’t have a coat yet you might want to head over to H&M. I spotted a chic wool blended coat with a pile collar and imitation leather sleeves. I love the combination of materials and I’m sure if you can get your hands on it you will definitely turn heads this fall.


Coat with Pile Collar in Dark Blue $99

Sweater weather is definitely in full swing. If you aren’t one to layer then you should definitely try to start dressing warmer with sweaters. I found a great jewel tone cable knit sweater at H&M. The slight metallic finish makes the chunky relaxed sweater perfect for a night out for Drinks with the girls after work or a date with the mister. I have a style prediction that this Forrest Green will be big this winter.


Pattern-knit Sweater in Teal $49.95

No matter what the season hats are one of my favorite accessories. I love the power a hat has to completely change an outfit. I have began collecting a series of interesting hats and I gasped when I spotted this fabulous hat from H&M. I can’t wait to style it!


Finally from H&M I ordered this Faux Leather circle skirt. The schoolgirl style pleats give the black leather skirt lots of attitude. Coming in two options of a black and light blue I decided to go with the black. I have a feeling that this skirt will be in my wardrobe for a longtime.


I am a tall girl as I have stated in earlier posts. Therefore I find riding boots to be super flattering on my long legs and tall frame. I stumbled on these amazing oxblood riding boots by Alberto Fasciani but they are way out of my price range right now. Hopefully I am able to get my hands on something similar soon. If I do I will be sure to share it with all of you. But for now we can just sit here and admire these.


Top Strap Leather Riding Boots $1,115

Everyone needs to have one great statement accessory that can be paired with everything!!! Try to stick to natural metal tones and clear jewel stones or something that will accent your personal style. On my wish list is a statement necklace from This beautiful piece will be worn until the wheels fall off…


Vintage Oversized Necklace $60

What is your favorite fall item of clothing? What are you excited to wear this season? Be sure to comment and keep the conversation going.


One Nude is Not Like the Other


I’m going to preface this post by saying this information is especially for women of darker complexions; however, everyone should be able to learn something from this. I think as a society we tend to make generalizations all the time. There is a certain standard of beauty that has been forced upon us by the media. Straight nose, long hair, beautiful fair skin and ample assets to name a few. These are all generalizations. The one I am going to talk about today is the word Nude. Nude by fashions’ definition refers to a shade ranging from off-white to a pink champagne color.

Although “nude” means naked, the fashion world uses the term to describe a distinct color. Someone may need to wear something “nude” underneath sheer clothing conceal undergarments or under low-cut garments where underwear needs to be discrete. Nude shoes are often used to elongate the legs of someone in a formal gown. Nude lipstick is used to play down over the top eye makeup or overly colorful outfits. But if you consider the color by fashions definition it’s only “nude” if you’re a pale skinned Caucasian. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that nude by reasons definition is any color that when worn can blend into the wearers skin tone and be almost untraceable. But we aren’t talking reason. We are talking about generalizations.


As I stated earlier one nude is not like the other. I constantly see women of darker complexions at makeup counters trying on nude shades of lipstick and I watch them as they apply the pale, milky, and creamy colors on their lips and I cringe. How can I blame them. Open any magazine to a Maybelline advertisement for nude lipstick and the shades don’t vary at all. There you will find a field of tan, beige, sand, and creamy champagne and one or two browns that are almost always out of stock if they are even stocked to begin with.


Please understand that if you want nude lips for a smokey eye, a nude heel to wear with your white dress, or nude underwear for your chiffon blouse it does exist. I urge you to save some of the information in this post. This issue has been on my mind for weeks but it is not until I saw a post on Instagram (@tokenbrowngirl) about a range of undergarments by a brand called Nubian Skin that I felt compelled to write this post.


After reading up more about why Nubian skin decided to start this undertaking I became a true believer. Although Women of color do just as much, if not more spending as any other demographic; our needs are not catered too as much as they should be.


Back Story:
So I went to BeautyCon a few moths back and there was a BareMinerals Shop at the event. Bare Minerals had recently launched a new foundation formula, and they were giving away full sized promotional samples to anyone who got their shade matched. They were offering a whopping twenty shades and I was so excited to be able to try it. As I got closer and closer to the front of the line I realized that of the twenty shades only three or four looked like they may have used melanin as one of the ingredients. Yet still I continued to wait. When I finally made it to the front of the line I was informed that their darkest shade was out of stock. I still informed the representative that I would still like to be color matched so I could purchase the foundation at a later date. After trying the foundation we concluded that their darkest shade was still too light. He then informed me that even if he had the shade available he would not be able to give me a free bottle because the shade didn’t match. I won’t share the thoughts that were going through my mind… I’ll just get back to my blog post.

Needless to say I agree with Nubian Skin. Our demographic is under served. Nubian Skin products won’t be available for another four weeks but be sure to follow their blog and or follow their social media page (Instagram: @nubianskin) for more details and specific dates. The link to the site is also located there.


The popular brand Christian Louboutin released a collection of their popular nude heels for a limited time in a wide range of “nude” colors…


Most of the shades in question have long since sold out. My question is simple. Why should my shade of skin be “limited edition.” No one wants to look like Tyrone Biggums (at least I hope they don’t) unless it’s Halloween. More companies like Nubian Skin need to offer products to cater to women of all skin tones. When you search nude in the sleepwear section of a website I don’t want to see a bunch of beige and tan. Whether it is makeup, shoes, underwear or nail polish. One nude is not like the other.







Companies like Nubian Skin, Black Opal, and Fashion Fair offer great makeup and lingerie options for women of color.

Where do you buy your undergarments?

Back to School Essentials


The summer is almost officially over now… even though this week long New York heat wave is saying otherwise. Almost all of the students in the universe have gone back to school. I am popping in really quickly to share some back to school essentials for you ladies to check off your list. This is not something that you guys have to feel the need to go out and buy. These are just some inspirational looks that I put together in my head. Take note of the structural combinations and do not worry about the actual pieces. If you see a pair of burgundy boots know that any boots of the same shade and style will recreate the same effect.

As the leaves begin to fall and the sun sets sooner the nights will get cold. Every fashionista needs a sensible jacket. Depending on your sense of style this can be a leather jacket, a quilted liner coat, or a classic trench.



If you live in a slightly warmer climate and don’t quite need to get your outerwear out of storage just yet you may just need to stock up on some good quality cardigans to keep you comfortable in air conditioned libraries and classrooms. Over sized “grandpa” cardigans or “boyfriend” blazers are a great and easy way to make it appear that you put in way more effort than you actually did. You can go bold with prints or get a comfy/chunky knit.



You may be pulling all-nighters writing papers and studying for exams. This may make it difficult to construct a chic outfit early in the morning. Stock up on one-and-done pieces like jumpsuits and simple dresses that make snooze-button mornings less damaging on your classroom attendance. Stick to solid colors that make it easier to repeat outfits and style in multiple ways. Throw a chunky sweatshirt or denim shirt over a jersey dress to wear it as a skirt. Add a pair of jeans to the same dress and you have a long sleeved top. The possibilities are endless but less apparent if you stick to neutral colors like black, blues and grey.



The absolute basics of any casual wardrobe stand on the foundation of a great pair of denim pants and a white t-shirt. Make sure you find the right silhouette for your body type and don’t break the bank! H&M offer a great range of denim and sizes range from 24-36.



To complete the looks make sure you have a great back pack and sensible shoes. Heels are always great but not at all practical for the classroom. Instead invest in a sensible flat, comfortable sneakers and a good pair of boots.

20140902-231212-83532624.jpg<br /

What did you wear on your first day back in class? Comment below! Did you post a picture? Tag me on social media. (Instagram: @thee_shopaholic) (Twitter: @Shopaholic411)