Month: January 2015

Complementary Colored Chanel

Last night I stopped into midtown Manhattan to see the new arrivals. On my way home I saw the window display outside of Macy’s Herald Square. I had seen the display a few times before but I stopped to actually look at it. The mannequins were standing in front of a “mirror” with their reflection showing the structural design of the outfits they were wearing. The back drop and the outfits complemented each other so well it inspired me to put together some looks of my own using complementary colors.

Some people have issues with wearing colors. The trick is to choose two colors that complement each other well and are easy on the eyes. Bold colors and chunky jewelry were big in the late 80’s and early 90’s so that was the feel I was going for when putting these looks together. Chanel makes the perfect accessories for recreating that vibe so I used some of their pieces as well.

What are complementary colors? First I will start by explaining what the primary colors are. Red, Yellow, and Blue are the three primary colors on the color wheel. When you mix any two of these colors together you get a complementing color (ie. Red + Yellow make Orange and Yellow + Blue make Green). It is important to understand the color wheel and apply it when choosing your colors. You can also pair the primary colors together if you choose the right shade. Blue can be paired with pink (a shade of red) to achieve the same look as well as Yellow and purple (a shade of blue).

Jane Norman Striped Midi Dress – $38
Oscar de la Renta Elite Suede Pumps – $260
Isaac Mizrahi Fern Clutch Leopard – $70
Pre-owned Chanel Gold CC Dangle Clip on Earrings – $430

This classic yellow dress is perfect for a spring or summer event. The simple dress and shoes can always be taken up a notch with a printed bag and gold accessories. When choosing colored footwear I always go for suede. In my opinion it makes the color look richer.

Choies Blue Strapless Ruffle Jumpsuit -$25
Aldo Larerrassa Sandals – $55
Hayley Piped Clutch – $16
Pre-owned Estate Designer Chanel Silver Tone Faux White Pearl CC Logo Clip Earrings -$295

This royal blue jumpsuit is perfect for a date night. Where your hair in a high ponytail and you will have to fight off the stares. If pairing the look with pink heels is a bit frightening keep your accessories simple like I did with the white clutch and stud earrings.

Chicwish Cable Knit Crop Sweater – $45
Vintage 90’s Lee Blue Light Wash High waisted Rise Cut Offs – $40
Pierre Hardy Suede Sandals – $445 (SOLD OUT)
Pre-Owned Vintage Chanel Massive Hoop Dangling Earrings – $2,200

This last look is a true complementary color pairing from the color wheel. This is perfect for an outdoor brunch in the spring. It’s casual and comfortable but not too casual with our green suede sandals. This look isn’t for everyone. I just wanted to demonstrate how you could do a pairing using denim or any other neutral clothing item.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to let me know which of the looks were your favorite. Leave your thoughts about wearing color in the comment section below.


Shopaholic Style Directory : Oyin

Who is Oyin?

My name is rooted in the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, and Oyinkansola (my full name) means “Honey drops in wealth”. For anyone who knows me, they know this to be true. I live for a good laugh and have been told my smile is contagious :). My last name, Akintan, means “The glory never ceases”, a true reflection of my hunger for life, prosperity, and serendipity. With me, you’ll always have a good time!

I studied Industrial Engineering (IE) both in my Bachelors and Masters, working thus far as an Engineer/Analyst in fashion, home décor, and now as a Senior Analyst in a fine jewelry company. I know you’re wondering…umm what? Ok, let me explain it this way… I LOVE math, as well as the underlying creativity embedded in engineering. Fortunately, IE ties this in towards a career in the creative industry. My passion and total commitment to quality reinforces everything that I do in my career. Not just in the technicalities of product development and manufacturing of let’s say your favorite 6-inch heels, but in the systems and support that gets those fabulous heels to your mailbox, right in time for Fashion Week!

Also, my love for creating a well curated space (my apt in Brooklyn is a constantly evolving canvas) has me more recently working with my family for our business, Via-Asha Designs, a home décor and design consultancy for commercial, retail, and independent clients in London, NYC, and DMV.

Black over-sized shift dress | ASOS
Bordeaux ankle-strap platform loafer pumps | Miu Miu
Bag | Kate Spade

Do you consider yourself a shopaholic? (Do you constantly shop all year round, or do you shop in bulk? Ie. once a year or seasonally)

Maybe a little…alright a lot…Ok fine, YES. I shop all year round and focus on investing in a few quality pieces that can take me from season to season. Bulk shopping makes me nervous…

Green Dress | Vintage store in DC (Annie Cream Cheese)
Orange clutch | Primark (London)
Shoes | YSL
Silk scarf | Balenciaga

How would you describe your personal style? What is your favorite style season? (Fall style | coats and sweaters or Summer | flowy dresses and bathing suits etc.)

My style has evolved over the years, but more recently it’s very feminine and classic with a tough edge, mostly in the details. My favorite designers are Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, so there you go!

I am OBSESSED with Fall; the mild temperature, romantic sunsets, and breathtaking colours all reflected in burnt orange, bordeaux, and forest green fashion palettes just makes me oh so happy inside. I love being able to throw on an easy shift dress and over-the-knee boots, or a knit sweater, midi skirt and d’orsay pumps!

Green laser-cut shift dress | (Dress was a gift (from a boutique in SOHO)
Gold pointed wedged pumps | Céline
Necklace and earring set | handmade gift

Where do you go for a day of retail therapy?

Being a British Citizen and spending a major part of my childhood in London, UK, there’s just nothing like a shopping day on Oxford Street. Swooning over their window displays for years as a child, I was fortunate enough to work in Designer Operations at Selfridges & Co. as a teenager, and I still love a good retail therapy session there ‘til this day!

White rabbit fur coat |Calvin Klein
White pants and top | Century 21
Black and silver ombre pumps | Marc Jacobs
Clutch and ear cuff | BCBG

What is your favorite trend? What is your least favorite trend?

My favorite trend is: Monochrome.

My least favorite trend: Uggs. Like, I just can’t.

Lace white collard top | Express
Fishnet skirt | Ann Taylor
Shoes | Fendi

You are traveling out of state to a style conference and the airline has lost your luggage. Your company has given you $200 to purchase an outfit for the presentation as well as something to change into for a dinner party that evening. Where would you go and what would you buy?

Praying to the fashion gods there’s a Century 21 stores in the vicinity you’ll definitely catch me there! I ALWAYS get quality pieces at a steal!

Presentation: Slim fit-ankle cut blazer and pant combo ($75), printed pussy-bow top tucked in ($25), and classic pointed pumps ($50) with slick back hair and nude lip.

Dinner Party: Tuxedo dress ($50) with the same classic pumps from the presentation outfit, pin-up hair and a bold lip.

White skirt | Century 21
White chiffon top |DKNY
Leopard shoes |Brian Atwood
Clutch | BCBG

Where can we find you during fashion week in New York City? What’s your favorite part of the season Fashion Week or Fashion Night Out?

You can find me at a few morning runway shows in between working at the office, and mostly evening collection presentations.

I miss NY Fashion Night Out! It was something my friends and I used to look forward to. The anticipation of fashion week is really the best part.

Chiffon pussy bow top | vintage store in Bromley, London
Snake skin skirt | vintage store in Bromley, London
Textured clutch | BCBG

I hope you guys loved learning a bit more about Oyin on the blog today. I will be adding a lot more people to my Style Directory so be sure to check back here weekly for updates. I am so glad to have her start off the series. Her style is great and her other talents pair with that to make her unique! If you want to stay in touch with Oyin follow her Instagram page @oyincansoda.

Shopaholic Winter Storm Survival Kit

Hey guys… Winter is DEFINITELY here. We have our first official storm of the season and it’s a big one. New York is expecting about one to three feet of snow. If your expecting me to tell you to get fruit flash lights and canned goods you can close this window now! This survival kit is for my snowed in shopaholics. There aren’t any power outages and all of your family members are good. This survival kit is for the shopaholics who just want to avoid complete and utter boredom and cabin fever while you wait for the storm to pass.

As you can see this is not your traditional survival package. But this is what I picked up to wait out the storm. I will start with food. Everyone on social media is showing images of long lines in the grocery store. Guys it’s Monday. You should have done your grocery shopping over the weekend. But who am I to judge. The refrigerator is stocked but you will need some unhealthy snacks to eat while you keep busy.

My favorite sweet is Toffifay it’s a hazelnut caramel chocolate heaven. It’s not for everyone but it’s my all time favorite candy. Spinach dip and chips are so good and won’t pack on too many pounds… Spinach is a vegetable right! Cashews are one of the least healthy nuts but they are oh so delicious. Finally you can make a whole wheat vegetable wrap with avocado, grilled peppers, mango and a sweet chili sauce that will make wonder if meat was ever necessary in life. Wash it down with Moscato… or water if you’re saved.


You’ve got your snacks now it’s time to get comfortable. Get your favorite satin robe. And comfortable undies. Feel free to add slippers or fur adorned heels if your snowed in with bae. Why ruin a great outfit… We are deep in the trenches of cuffing season. But be safe… No babies this summer we need to plan a popping vacation and unfortunately they don’t allow skinny dipping on cruises with children on board.


You’re comfortable you’re fed… Now what? That depends on your attention span. You can curl up with your favorite book or magazine. I picked up Gentlewoman, and Vogue. Fashion week is coming up and I can’t wIt to see what looks the runway will inspire. You can also catch up on emails or read digital downloads of your favorite novel. If you are more interested in writing get your favorite notebook and pen and use the forced “me time” to jot down a poem song or share deepest thoughts. Hopefully the wine will spark a masterpiece. Or the water will get your creative juices flowing if your saved.


If all else fails turn to social media to occupy your time. Search for upcoming social events via Instagram, or promote your own on twitter. If you are a home body then watch movies on Netflix or a tutorial on YouTube. Download new music and relax. Put on a face mask and lay back… Paint your nails, deep condition or steam your hair. Your only as good as the company you keep so why not start with you! Whatever you decide to do while you are stuck in the house I would love to hear about it! Tell me what you did or plan to do in the comments section below. Enjoy your snow days… Juno (the winter storm) is a blessing in disguise as long as you are prepared!


The Inside Scoop on Outside Wear

For those if us that are Fashion conscious outer wear becomes our biggest focus in the colder months. I personally focus less on the outfit itself (not completely… We still have to look good), and more on Coats, boots and hats. Outerwear is usually the most expensive section of a clothing website. Today I’m going to share with you some places you can go to get fashionable outerwear without breaking your piggy bank.

The best time to purchase outerwear is at the end of the season or completely out of the season. Get a leather or fur coat during the summer. Companies will be more willing to bargain when the demand is low. More often than not the trendy pieces will not be around during these times. But you will find a more classic piece that you will probably wear for years to come. I also like to buy coats at the end of the season. If I can restrain myself I will wear them the following fall or winter. This also lessens the need for me to buy a new jacket at the top of the season.

As I mentioned in a previous post there was a huge sale going on at some of my favorite major retailers. Forever 21, H&M and ZARA had great sales over the past holiday weekend. I picked up 3 coats from Forever 21 and one from ZARA.

ZARA Woman Basic Trench Coat– Original Price $149 on sale for $49
It is far to cold for a trench coat now but this will be hard to find for such a great price when Spring begins in the upcoming months.


Bouclé Overcoat – Original Price $62 on sale for $24.99 ( Additional 50% OFF In store only)



This coat is a blogger favorite. I already have two other winter white coats, but what can I say I like what I like. The coat is very warm but only has one hook closure so be sure to get a chunky scarf if it’s cold or windy out.

Paneled Faux Fur Jacket – Original Price $64.90 on sale for $34.99 (Additional 30% online)



This coat is a bit daring and the photos from the website do this coat no justice. The faux leather paneling makes the coat stand out. I am still waiting for this piece to come in the mail and I will be sure to share better pics. The sale is over now and the coat went back up to $49.99 but. Believe me when I tell you if you can get your hands on it, it is a must have.

Faux Shearling Moto Jacket – $49.80



This coat is SO warm! The faux leather is heavy and perfect for transitioning weather. The faux shearling liner is in the body of the jacket as well as inside the sleeves. This piece is not on sale but for less than $50 you can’t go wrong. Thank me later.

Shopaholics Anonymous


So… I have a confession. I spent entirely too much money this weekend. The good news is… Almost everything was on sale!

I went to H&M to check out their new arrivals… As well as browse the sale section. I received their ever evolving magazine in the mail last week and I circled my top 5 picks from their latest additions.

I was able to pick up a few things and I left a few things that I felt could be purchased at anytime. I’m gonna share all of them with you.

Oversized Cotton Shirt – $29.95

I have always loved the classic Shirt Dress. You can’t go wrong with a white dress shirt (pun intended). The boyfriend cut of this piece makes it super sexy, while the loose fit makes the styling possibilities endless. I shared more details in my last post if your interested. I took a peek at the online availability today and the sizes are going fast but if you pop into your local H&M I’m sure you won’t have a problem finding it.

Fitted Dress – $34.95

The next piece is a classic black dress in a super simple silhouette. The cap sleeve and Bodycon style makes it something you can add to your closet and have FOREVER! Pair it with a blazer a cardigan wear it alone with a statement necklace or paired with some pearl or hoop earrings… For $34.95 you really can’t go wrong. I did not get this particular piece because I didn’t have time to try it on but let me know how you like it if you get yours.

Pencil Skirt – $24.95

This next piece has been on my mind for a while now. The grey midi pencil skirt is great for the corporate lady. It’s a step out from the black pencil skirt. If you value variety in your work attire this will double and even triple the possibilities in your wardrobe. Most of the pairings you do with your black pencil skirt will look great with this as well. You can also turn this look into a dress by pairing it with crew neck and turtleneck tops for effortless fashion in the office. The thick stretchy material hugs you in all the right places.

Lace Dress – $59.95

If you don’t work in an office environment and you are a fan of dresses and bold colors you will love this piece. There’s no stretch but this lace dress is going to go flying off the shelves soon. It’s something you definitely have to try on but I love the color and lace dresses are my favorite kind of “lady-sexy.”

Ribbed Jersey Skirt – $49.95
The last piece I love is this burgundy zip front midi skirt. It is very versatile and can be dressed up or down. It’s trendy with the zipper but I think it adds character to any outfit. I love midi skirts and I think I may be building a collection.

If you had to pick one of my top five which would you be most eager to try? Let me know down in the comment section. Happy Shopping!

Wardrobe Planning


I had an interesting conversation with celebrity stylist Marcus Blassingame last week at Bianca Golden’s Model Workshop. We are talking about fashion and styling and he brought up a great point. Whether you are a stylist, style enthusiast or just like to dress well you are pretty much always planning your wardrobe. If you like to dress well you might plan an outfit days before if you have a big event coming up. If you are a style enthusiast you might plan your outfits weeks before to stay on trend or maintain your unique fashion sense. But as a stylist you are either three months ahead or 100-300 years behind.


Today I am only going to go forward about 3 months. The winter is moving along quite smoothly and the items I told you to add to your wardrobe for the fall should still be translating through this season with the addition of a nice warm coat. The temperatures have been brutal. But I’m sure you are still turning heads with your chunky sweaters and over-the-knee-boots and fedoras.

I have some good news. Spring is almost here! More importantly Fashion Week is almost back in New York City. Even though Fall Fashion is showcased in February I wanted to show you some pieces that will prepare you for the coming Spring. (Did I lose you?) if you go into your favorite retail locations right now you will notice that EVERYTHING is on sale. Ever wonder why stores always seem to have sales at the same time? It’s not because they want you to spend all your money; although it is helpful. They need to clear space for the incoming Spring fashion.


Most retailers pull items inspired by the runway or celebrity style. I was out shopping yesterday and today looking for style predictions for the Spring and I came back to report them to you.


The shirt dress. This is going to be a must have this Spring. If you stick to basic colors (white, chambray) the styling possibilities are endless. This is a timeless piece so invest well.


But if you don’t want to break the bank with all the winter sale shopping you have been doing pop in to H&M. They have an affordable loose fitting shirt dress. At only $29.95 even if you hate the style next year you won’t lose out on much money.


It runs big so take that into consideration when choosing a size if you’re shopping online. The style is supposed to fit loose so don’t go down too many sizes. I know this post is a little long winded so I will close here. Let me know in the comment section if you would like me to show you some ways to style this piece. Hope this was helpful.

Ways to Wear Pink Tweed

I had the pleasure of going thrifting with a friend this past Tuesday. I HAD to stop into my favorite lower Manhattan thrift store “NoRelationVintage.” I tried on a million things but thankfully I only left with two. I purchased a fabulous pink tweed skirt and a purple marble pencil skirt. Today I will show you three ways I would wear the pink skirt.

One of my new rules for shopping in the new year is that I have to be able to style it in at least three different ways. I love buying unique pieces but to avoid one wear pieces that get stuck in my closet forever!!! I want to invest in multi use pieces only.


Turtleneck – HM
Necklace – ALDO
Boots – ZARA (more…)

Depop Shops Worth the Hype

If I convinced you to download the Depop App yesterday then you are going to need some people to follow. I would not be a true shopaholic if I didn’t tell you guys where to shop once you opened your own store.

I’m going to quickly share some of my favorite Depop shops to follow. I Initially opened my Depop shop when I found out that Shirley B. Eniang, blogger and simple style enthusiast announced that she was clearing out her wardrobe and would be selling items via this new app. At first I was hesitant because I had heard of other apps before. One was Poshmark where people would sell things but I just didn’t get it. Why not just sell stuff on eBay or Amazon. But I get it. Why get lost in a sea of sellers and sell things to complete strangers when you can buy from people you already follow and love.


So sure enough I downloaded the app and followed her. But Shirley’s following is so great that by the time I made up my mind everything was pretty much sold out. So I left the app alone for a little while. Now she is getting rid of a lot of beauty items so be sure to check out her page before it’s too late.


Next person that brought me back to the app was my mentor Mia Ray. Mia also a chic style enthusiast and has a lot of great pieces in her closet. So I immediately rushed over to see what she was selling.


Mia has some great pieces in her shop and she even got a few pieces from my closet as well! I will share some of my favorites from her shop for you guys to see.








If you follow her blog Confessions of a Glamaholic or are a fan of her online store Glamaholic Lifestyle but you don’t mind a small glue stain or loose thread on one of her glam totes then Depop will be your best friend she allows you to purchase them at a heavily discounted price. The bags come in two color options but if you want one from her shop you have to watch her page like a hawk because the pieces go very quickly.



My next shop belongs to style maven Cris Cavallari. If you follow her style you need to follow her shop. Who better to purchase from than an actual stylist. She ships sales once a week (say that five times fast) and the pieces are great! If you follow her there tell her I sent you! If you just want to shop here is a peek at some of my favorite pieces.




Finally there is Brit’s shop! Brittni definitely has good taste and she is not a shy buyer or seller! A fashion enthusiast with a great closet and great for you ladies that are interested in buying shoes.





A shop you guys need to look out for is called @couturegalore. I have personally seen the pieces she is about to put in the shop and I can assure you she is a trusted seller with great items that are well taken care of. She is new to Depop so show her page some love.




I would live it if you guys would share some of your favorite Depop shops with me! I love expanding my social networks and I would love to expand my wardrobe! In the comments below tell me what items you wish someone would sell in their shops because you can’t find it in stores anywhere.

Depop Shop in Your Pocket


When you have as many clothes as I do you must constantly get rid of them to restore balance to the shopping universe. But this single digit weather is not a desirable circumstance for selling clothes on your front lawn. Maybe you don’t even have a front lawn. Either way yard sales are cost effective but not practical. With the age of growing technology and social-preneuership there are many apps available to make “out with the old and in with the new” easily accessible. I spoke about the Depop app in a previous post (There’s an App For That) and it is still one of my favorites.


Depop Market is available for iOS and android and places a store front right in your pocket. You simply take a photo and upload. You choose the price and you are done! Don’t forget to add the shipping price! I learned that the hard way and had to send some items out for free.

You can link the income to your bank or PayPal account and you are in business. Payments can be made using Debit, credit or PayPal transfers and Depop takes a small commission of sales and that is the only fee.


To promote your sale and tell your friends and followers about your business all you have to do is share the photo to your twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can even have your own sales and coupon codes to help your customers save money and promote good business practices.


When someone makes a purchase from your shop your officially your own boss! I find PayPal and USPS to be the easiest and safest ways to process payments and ship packages.

You can pay for the shipping labels with the money from the sale directly through PayPal and print shipping labels from your computer. I even took it upon my self to stock pile priority shipping labels at home and even got a role of packaging tape so I would not have to spend time going to the post office and waiting on those long lines.


My Depop has been up for a while and I have quite a few followers but if you are new to the app I will leave some photos below showing what my page looks like to make it easier to find me.
My username is: @jessicatheeshopaholic


For those of you that are still not convinced on the app I have listed a bunch of items that are still for sale so you can see. If you are interested in purchasing but do not wish to download the app for whatever reason feel free to email me. Send all inquiries to: (
Please leave item description in the subject section of the email and allow 2-3 business days for a response. There are many other items in the shop but I want to leave some pieces exclusive to the shop app.

White Scale Top – Medium $15

HM Pink Pleated Skirt – Large $20

Earrings – One Size $40

ASOS Dress – Size 12 $20

ASOS Green Stripe Pencil Skirt – Size 12 $20

Rihanna Sweatshirt – Unisex Medium $35

ASOS Floral Pencil Skirt- Size 12 $20

HM Dress with Tulle- Medium $15

HM Floral Crop Pants – Size 14 $20

Orange Transparent Box Clutch- $35

Camel Mock turtleneck asymmetrical maxi sweater- Large $35

HM Sequin Velvet Dress – Size 10 $60

Chartreuse Blouse- Size Large $22

Statement Earrings- $10

Peach Sandals- Size 11 $25

ASOS tribal sleeveless dress- Size 12 $25

I would love to follow you guys on Depop! Be sure to leave your account names in the comment section. Tomorrow on my blog I will share some of my favorite people to follow on Depop. Happy Shopping!

PS. Comment on any item in the Depop shop “Shop in Your Pocket” for $5 off your purchase. (Valid the entire month of January, only good for use one time per customer)

Detail Report

You guys know I love a good detail. I like to consider details to be things that you can add to ANY outfit to bring it to the next level. This can be a hat, a necklace or a killer pair of heels. This post is going to be all about accessories. On Sunday I went to my favorite cultural venue… the mall!

My first stop was -you guessed it- H&M. I spotted a gorgeous winter white two-piece set that I just had to have. It was only 49.95 total! I couldn’t find a link to the website but check your local H&M for availability. I also spotted a cool grey hat to add to my collection. The hat was also $24.95. I’m not sure if the items haven’t made it to the site yet or if they are already sold out but if you find a link let me know. It should not be hard to find in store because they had a bunch yesterday.






My last stop was ALDO shoe store. Anyone that follows me on social media knows I love a statement item! Before all the insta-boutiques came to be I would always get my pieces from ALDO or ALDO Accessories. This particular silver piece called the Cotham Necklace is available for $40. The necklace is made very well and will be a part of my collection for a long time. I am definitely a happy shopper.


I could not wait to wear the necklace to work today so I created a look inspired but the hat and necklace.






Grey Top Hat- H&M
Blush Blazer- ZARA (Spring 2014)
White Top- H&M basic tank dress tucked in to pants.
Grey Pants- Oldnavy (about 10 years old)
Leopard Kitten Heel Shoes- Topshop (2-3 years old)

I would love to know where you guys shop for your “details!”I could not find any of the direct links to what I specifically purchased but I did link some comparable items from the same retailers for those interested. Hopefully this gave you guys some inspiration. Talk to you again soon!