Depop Shop in Your Pocket


When you have as many clothes as I do you must constantly get rid of them to restore balance to the shopping universe. But this single digit weather is not a desirable circumstance for selling clothes on your front lawn. Maybe you don’t even have a front lawn. Either way yard sales are cost effective but not practical. With the age of growing technology and social-preneuership there are many apps available to make “out with the old and in with the new” easily accessible. I spoke about the Depop app in a previous post (There’s an App For That) and it is still one of my favorites.


Depop Market is available for iOS and android and places a store front right in your pocket. You simply take a photo and upload. You choose the price and you are done! Don’t forget to add the shipping price! I learned that the hard way and had to send some items out for free.

You can link the income to your bank or PayPal account and you are in business. Payments can be made using Debit, credit or PayPal transfers and Depop takes a small commission of sales and that is the only fee.


To promote your sale and tell your friends and followers about your business all you have to do is share the photo to your twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can even have your own sales and coupon codes to help your customers save money and promote good business practices.


When someone makes a purchase from your shop your officially your own boss! I find PayPal and USPS to be the easiest and safest ways to process payments and ship packages.

You can pay for the shipping labels with the money from the sale directly through PayPal and print shipping labels from your computer. I even took it upon my self to stock pile priority shipping labels at home and even got a role of packaging tape so I would not have to spend time going to the post office and waiting on those long lines.


My Depop has been up for a while and I have quite a few followers but if you are new to the app I will leave some photos below showing what my page looks like to make it easier to find me.
My username is: @jessicatheeshopaholic


For those of you that are still not convinced on the app I have listed a bunch of items that are still for sale so you can see. If you are interested in purchasing but do not wish to download the app for whatever reason feel free to email me. Send all inquiries to: (
Please leave item description in the subject section of the email and allow 2-3 business days for a response. There are many other items in the shop but I want to leave some pieces exclusive to the shop app.

White Scale Top – Medium $15

HM Pink Pleated Skirt – Large $20

Earrings – One Size $40

ASOS Dress – Size 12 $20

ASOS Green Stripe Pencil Skirt – Size 12 $20

Rihanna Sweatshirt – Unisex Medium $35

ASOS Floral Pencil Skirt- Size 12 $20

HM Dress with Tulle- Medium $15

HM Floral Crop Pants – Size 14 $20

Orange Transparent Box Clutch- $35

Camel Mock turtleneck asymmetrical maxi sweater- Large $35

HM Sequin Velvet Dress – Size 10 $60

Chartreuse Blouse- Size Large $22

Statement Earrings- $10

Peach Sandals- Size 11 $25

ASOS tribal sleeveless dress- Size 12 $25

I would love to follow you guys on Depop! Be sure to leave your account names in the comment section. Tomorrow on my blog I will share some of my favorite people to follow on Depop. Happy Shopping!

PS. Comment on any item in the Depop shop “Shop in Your Pocket” for $5 off your purchase. (Valid the entire month of January, only good for use one time per customer)



  1. Thanks for this quick overview of Depop. I just decided to try my luck and created a Depop, Instagram and Twitter accounts under the name @hello2goodbuys. I’m really excited and can use all the help I can find! Please follow me! 😉

  2. Love the review of depop; I’ve been interested in how it compares to other apps. My depop is @depapaya I’d love to check out yours!

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