Depop Shops Worth the Hype

If I convinced you to download the Depop App yesterday then you are going to need some people to follow. I would not be a true shopaholic if I didn’t tell you guys where to shop once you opened your own store.

I’m going to quickly share some of my favorite Depop shops to follow. I Initially opened my Depop shop when I found out that Shirley B. Eniang, blogger and simple style enthusiast announced that she was clearing out her wardrobe and would be selling items via this new app. At first I was hesitant because I had heard of other apps before. One was Poshmark where people would sell things but I just didn’t get it. Why not just sell stuff on eBay or Amazon. But I get it. Why get lost in a sea of sellers and sell things to complete strangers when you can buy from people you already follow and love.


So sure enough I downloaded the app and followed her. But Shirley’s following is so great that by the time I made up my mind everything was pretty much sold out. So I left the app alone for a little while. Now she is getting rid of a lot of beauty items so be sure to check out her page before it’s too late.


Next person that brought me back to the app was my mentor Mia Ray. Mia also a chic style enthusiast and has a lot of great pieces in her closet. So I immediately rushed over to see what she was selling.


Mia has some great pieces in her shop and she even got a few pieces from my closet as well! I will share some of my favorites from her shop for you guys to see.








If you follow her blog Confessions of a Glamaholic or are a fan of her online store Glamaholic Lifestyle but you don’t mind a small glue stain or loose thread on one of her glam totes then Depop will be your best friend she allows you to purchase them at a heavily discounted price. The bags come in two color options but if you want one from her shop you have to watch her page like a hawk because the pieces go very quickly.



My next shop belongs to style maven Cris Cavallari. If you follow her style you need to follow her shop. Who better to purchase from than an actual stylist. She ships sales once a week (say that five times fast) and the pieces are great! If you follow her there tell her I sent you! If you just want to shop here is a peek at some of my favorite pieces.




Finally there is Brit’s shop! Brittni definitely has good taste and she is not a shy buyer or seller! A fashion enthusiast with a great closet and great for you ladies that are interested in buying shoes.





A shop you guys need to look out for is called @couturegalore. I have personally seen the pieces she is about to put in the shop and I can assure you she is a trusted seller with great items that are well taken care of. She is new to Depop so show her page some love.




I would live it if you guys would share some of your favorite Depop shops with me! I love expanding my social networks and I would love to expand my wardrobe! In the comments below tell me what items you wish someone would sell in their shops because you can’t find it in stores anywhere.


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