The Inside Scoop on Outside Wear

For those if us that are Fashion conscious outer wear becomes our biggest focus in the colder months. I personally focus less on the outfit itself (not completely… We still have to look good), and more on Coats, boots and hats. Outerwear is usually the most expensive section of a clothing website. Today I’m going to share with you some places you can go to get fashionable outerwear without breaking your piggy bank.

The best time to purchase outerwear is at the end of the season or completely out of the season. Get a leather or fur coat during the summer. Companies will be more willing to bargain when the demand is low. More often than not the trendy pieces will not be around during these times. But you will find a more classic piece that you will probably wear for years to come. I also like to buy coats at the end of the season. If I can restrain myself I will wear them the following fall or winter. This also lessens the need for me to buy a new jacket at the top of the season.

As I mentioned in a previous post there was a huge sale going on at some of my favorite major retailers. Forever 21, H&M and ZARA had great sales over the past holiday weekend. I picked up 3 coats from Forever 21 and one from ZARA.

ZARA Woman Basic Trench Coat– Original Price $149 on sale for $49
It is far to cold for a trench coat now but this will be hard to find for such a great price when Spring begins in the upcoming months.


Bouclé Overcoat – Original Price $62 on sale for $24.99 ( Additional 50% OFF In store only)



This coat is a blogger favorite. I already have two other winter white coats, but what can I say I like what I like. The coat is very warm but only has one hook closure so be sure to get a chunky scarf if it’s cold or windy out.

Paneled Faux Fur Jacket – Original Price $64.90 on sale for $34.99 (Additional 30% online)



This coat is a bit daring and the photos from the website do this coat no justice. The faux leather paneling makes the coat stand out. I am still waiting for this piece to come in the mail and I will be sure to share better pics. The sale is over now and the coat went back up to $49.99 but. Believe me when I tell you if you can get your hands on it, it is a must have.

Faux Shearling Moto Jacket – $49.80



This coat is SO warm! The faux leather is heavy and perfect for transitioning weather. The faux shearling liner is in the body of the jacket as well as inside the sleeves. This piece is not on sale but for less than $50 you can’t go wrong. Thank me later.


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