Shopaholic Winter Storm Survival Kit

Hey guys… Winter is DEFINITELY here. We have our first official storm of the season and it’s a big one. New York is expecting about one to three feet of snow. If your expecting me to tell you to get fruit flash lights and canned goods you can close this window now! This survival kit is for my snowed in shopaholics. There aren’t any power outages and all of your family members are good. This survival kit is for the shopaholics who just want to avoid complete and utter boredom and cabin fever while you wait for the storm to pass.

As you can see this is not your traditional survival package. But this is what I picked up to wait out the storm. I will start with food. Everyone on social media is showing images of long lines in the grocery store. Guys it’s Monday. You should have done your grocery shopping over the weekend. But who am I to judge. The refrigerator is stocked but you will need some unhealthy snacks to eat while you keep busy.

My favorite sweet is Toffifay it’s a hazelnut caramel chocolate heaven. It’s not for everyone but it’s my all time favorite candy. Spinach dip and chips are so good and won’t pack on too many pounds… Spinach is a vegetable right! Cashews are one of the least healthy nuts but they are oh so delicious. Finally you can make a whole wheat vegetable wrap with avocado, grilled peppers, mango and a sweet chili sauce that will make wonder if meat was ever necessary in life. Wash it down with Moscato… or water if you’re saved.


You’ve got your snacks now it’s time to get comfortable. Get your favorite satin robe. And comfortable undies. Feel free to add slippers or fur adorned heels if your snowed in with bae. Why ruin a great outfit… We are deep in the trenches of cuffing season. But be safe… No babies this summer we need to plan a popping vacation and unfortunately they don’t allow skinny dipping on cruises with children on board.


You’re comfortable you’re fed… Now what? That depends on your attention span. You can curl up with your favorite book or magazine. I picked up Gentlewoman, and Vogue. Fashion week is coming up and I can’t wIt to see what looks the runway will inspire. You can also catch up on emails or read digital downloads of your favorite novel. If you are more interested in writing get your favorite notebook and pen and use the forced “me time” to jot down a poem song or share deepest thoughts. Hopefully the wine will spark a masterpiece. Or the water will get your creative juices flowing if your saved.


If all else fails turn to social media to occupy your time. Search for upcoming social events via Instagram, or promote your own on twitter. If you are a home body then watch movies on Netflix or a tutorial on YouTube. Download new music and relax. Put on a face mask and lay back… Paint your nails, deep condition or steam your hair. Your only as good as the company you keep so why not start with you! Whatever you decide to do while you are stuck in the house I would love to hear about it! Tell me what you did or plan to do in the comments section below. Enjoy your snow days… Juno (the winter storm) is a blessing in disguise as long as you are prepared!



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