Month: February 2015

True Life: I Can’t Stop Shopping  


Having a few events coming up this weekend coupled with the winter season coming to a close (hopefully) I did some shopping after work last night. I had previously picked up a few items along the way and if you follow me on Instagram (@thee_shopaholic) you probably already know what they are. 

I told you guys about the ZARA sale a few posts back when I talked about outerwear and showed you some of the pieces I was able to get my hands on. I stopped in again a couple of weeks ago and picked up another rain coat two backpacks and a red clutch. I also got two maxi cardigans that I had been eyeing before the season even began. 

ZARA Leather Backpack with metal clasp – $139   $19.99

ZARA Leather Backpack with metal clasp – $139   $19.99

ZARA  Raincoat – $129 now $39.99

I stopped into Forever 21 with very low expectations but ended up scoring two great pieces. I got a lovely cutout top and a long white vest that I can’t wait to style a million and one ways this spring and summer. 

F21 Contemporary Windowpane Floral Crochet Blouse – $22.90

Love21 Longline Collared Vest – $24.90

Finally I went to my second home H&M. I got another jacket and let me tell you the pic from the website does this coat absolutely no justice. The draping and fine details coupled with the fact that the material is super soft makes this piece one of my “Must Haves” for the season. I got two dresses just to freshen up the wardrobe a pir of grey jeans and a grey pencil skirt. Cool greys are a perfect alternative to the black jean for the spring and make for great denim on denim styling.  I have included all photos below as well as pricing if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below. 

H&M Pencil Skirt – $24.95


H&M Grey Skinny Jeans – $19.95

H&M Trend Fitted Dress – $49.95

H&M Sleeveless Dress – $29.95 (I did not purchase the green I have it in a tangerine color but that color is not available on line yet.) check your local H&M 

H&M Long Coat – $59.95 

In the spirit of the changing season I have decided to give away a piece from my favorite store H&M. I have this chunky necklace in a pink/mauve and it is one of my favorites. They recently featured a white marble and silver combination that I think will be stunning for the spring. To enter all you have to do is subscribe to my blog here and then comment “Enter Me” under the photo of the necklace on my Instagram page. The give away will last for one week and I will announce the winner next Sunday, March 8th on my blog and my Instagram page. Good luck and thanks for reading and subscribing. 


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week : New York

Fashion Week is over in New York and London Fashion Week is in full swing. I am still reeling from my experience this past week. I have lived in New York all of my life but I have never been to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week before this year. I had been to many fashion shows but never a grand show like the one they do at Lincoln Center.

The Idea of Fashion week started back in 1943 and was held under white tents in Bryant Park. This made it possible for fashion journalists to showcase American designers. In 2010 the tents were moved to Lincoln Center. The admission to shows at New York Fashion Week is typically by invitation only. I never thought I would be able to go to a show much less receive and invite!

I hosted a Fashion Night Out Dinner this season and met a group of women from Michigan who were in town to see the shows. They were not the most fashionable but they did work in the retail industry. This sparked something inside of me. How could they come all the way from Michigan and see a show and I was right down the road and didn’t even try!

I had previously tried to gain tickets before the season began with no luck. I read blogs and did my research. Unfortunately again I reached a dead end. By the middle of the week I had lost all hope to attend a coveted show. Then I received a message from a very good friend. You guys may remember meeting Oyin the first entry into my style directory column.

Not only did I get to see a show at Lincoln Center I got into two shows! It was everything and more! I can’t even begin to express in words the emotions I felt sitting alongside the massive runway. I couldn’t even soak everything in and we were off to our next show!

I look forward to attending more shows in the future and never intend to miss another show ever again! I want to thank Oyin again for extending the invitation. I hope you guys enjoyed the recaps I was able to share in my two previous posts on Erin Fetherston and the iiJin Collections for Fall/Winter 2015. Hopefully I will be able to cover more shows soon! My next big show will be London Fashion week, it has definitely been added to my bucket list!


Iijin Collection NYFW 2015

I had the pleasure of attending my second show of the season featuring Iijin . The word iiJin means “precious” in Korean. The design team at iiJin believes that everyone should have fun expressing themselves through fashion. The iiJin collection fuses the Grunge rocker attitude with a Glam sensibility, which makes the line perfect for the daring fashionistas.

The collection is inspired by the music icons of the 1990’s Grunge Rock movement when trendsetters like Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain expressed their personal style and individuality through their style and sound.

iiJin is famous for their Invisible Wedge Shoes, which are a favorite of the biggest stars in the industry. Iijin has gifted their shoes to stars Randy Jackson, Mario Lopez, Lil Mama, Brandy, Chaka Khan, Fonzworth Bentley, and NBA legend John Salley! Iijin has also been featured on “The Insider”, E!’s My Style and Perez Hilton’s fashion site

I must admit I am new to the brand. But their street style edge kept my interest that night. The wedge sneakers, tartan patterns and leather made the show memorable. The tribalesque sequin pieces were fun and I could definitely see them on funky urban socialites. I have shared some of my favorite images from the show at Lincoln Center down below. Please let me know which of the looks were your favorite!





























The Erin Fetherson Collection

Erin Fetherston is an American designer from San Francisco, California. She attended Parson’s school of Design in Paris. Her collections feature feminine, romantic, and flirty pieces for the pretty fashionistas. Fetherston is one of the most successful and celebrated young designers in New York and at 33 I don’t think that is a bad title to have. I had the pleasure of attending her show at Lincoln Center last night and the pieces were absolutely stunning.

The runway was adorned with shades of pink and burgundy, white floral pieces started the show and ended with shades of teal and emerald. The pieces reminded me of Charolette from Sex in the City and I feel they were designed for the posh New Yorker who wants to be a “lady” first. The silhouettes were simple with intricate details and definitely kept you attention all the way down the long Lincoln Center runways.

Some of my favorite pieces from the collection were the long flowing burgundy dresses and the eye catching golden overcoats with glimmering details. Fetherston definitely put her Parisian flair into her collection and brought it straight to the New York runway. I will share all of the images I was able to capture below and I can’t wait to see what Fetherston has in store for the next show.













































Everyday People NYC


I apologize for being MIA last week but I was so busy making sure that I tackled every event this past weekend. I will give you guys a full recap soon enough, but I wanted to share my experience with the Everyday People brunch first.


The Host Roblè Ali, more commonly known as chef Roblè celebrity chef and reality tv star (as seen on Bravo tv) was the host. The event was a wonderful experience to say the least. The everyday people brunch is always a good time from what I have heard, but this was my first experience and I have to agree.




The Brunch menu was delicious and featured a new menu item. Roblè turned waffle fries into a delectable potato hash turned up with caramelized onions and poblano peppers, paprika, black pepper and parsley.


The beautiful Japan native DJ Haruka Salt rocked the house. She kept the floor shaking beneath us and the vibe intense with the latest hits.


After Haruka $alt set the mood Roblè came out and interrupted the show. Every brunch features a live guest performance and this one was no different. The fabulous London songstress Estelle surprised the crowd and rocked the lower east side with some of her greatest hits.


I’m all about style and fashion. In the heart of Fashion week in New York City Estelle did not disappoint! She came on stage wearing the most beautiful over the knee boots. Black leather lace ups and music made for a great Saturday.


I look forward to attending many more brunches in the future and can’t wait to see what’s next! I want to give a special thanks to Roblè’s sister Justine for her hospitality during the brunch. I met her at a photo shoot and she is such a sweet girl. I love being in the presence of beautiful Everyday People.


Previous Everyday Brunch Shot

TP of Blk ID Twins

Karreuche and Company

Estelle and Friends

One of the most fashionable outfits

From Left to Right (Chef Roblè, Justine, ShaunDRoss)

Everyday People
All images taken from Everyday People Blog, Roblè’s Instagram, Justine’s Instagram, Goggle images And my personal camera.

Tech Savvy Tuesdays

I’m writing this post on Tuesday but it probably won’t be up until tomorrow. I am not the most tech savvy person in the world but I do like to get cool gadgets. I will share my helpful tips on techie business.

The selfie has been a thing that most people have grown accustomed to doing. People almost never use the camera lens on the back of their phone anymore. For those of you that have been living under a rock. A Selfie- by definition- is a picture taken with a camera, cellphone, or electronic device; of one’s self by one’s self.

If you are someone who takes selfies a lot you will understand that sometimes it’s difficult to capture more than just your face, especially if your arms are short. So some kind soul invented a contraption that makes it easier for selfie junkies like myself.

The selfie stick is essentially a mono pod with a detachable mount to hold your smart phone or small digital camera. The mount is slightly pliable and will fit most average sized devices. The extender allows you to take great group photos without cutting someone’s head off. Pretty cool right? Most of them can be found on Amazon or EBay and range from 4-20 dollars depending. I hope you guys get one so your selfies can be poppin too!

I would love to see your selfies. If you get a Selfie Stick or monopod be sure to take a difficult shot and post it on Instagram. Be sure to use the hashtag “#ShopaholicSelfie” so I can see!

Bluetooth Wired Extendable Handheld Selfie Stick Monopod For IPhone Samsung HTC – $7.59

The Jewelry Box

If you have been following me for a while, you know I love accessories. I can go to the mall and walk out without a shoe or any clothes but I must peruse the accessories. My favorite places to find them are usually ALDO Accessories (especially for necklaces) and the costume jewelry kiosks within the mall. On Friday I found a great piece in H&M.

H&M has recently updated their accessories and I am loving their pieces. My favorite is a pair of mirrored earrings. I love statement necklaces but I have been slacking on my big earrings since my hair has gotten a little longer. These are gaudy yet sleek. I think paired with a short haircut or a sleek ponytail anyone can pull them off.

I was even more excited when I saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers Shirley B. Eniang featured them in her latest Haul Video on her YouTube channel (I shared some of the images from her video above be sure to check it out) This is my latest addition to my “Jewelry Box” I will have more of these posts as I expand my collection. Let me know if you want to see more of these posts by hitting the like button. The link to purchase the earrings are down below. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


H&M mirror earrings Gold/Silver – $12.95