The Jewelry Box

If you have been following me for a while, you know I love accessories. I can go to the mall and walk out without a shoe or any clothes but I must peruse the accessories. My favorite places to find them are usually ALDO Accessories (especially for necklaces) and the costume jewelry kiosks within the mall. On Friday I found a great piece in H&M.

H&M has recently updated their accessories and I am loving their pieces. My favorite is a pair of mirrored earrings. I love statement necklaces but I have been slacking on my big earrings since my hair has gotten a little longer. These are gaudy yet sleek. I think paired with a short haircut or a sleek ponytail anyone can pull them off.

I was even more excited when I saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers Shirley B. Eniang featured them in her latest Haul Video on her YouTube channel (I shared some of the images from her video above be sure to check it out) This is my latest addition to my “Jewelry Box” I will have more of these posts as I expand my collection. Let me know if you want to see more of these posts by hitting the like button. The link to purchase the earrings are down below. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


H&M mirror earrings Gold/Silver – $12.95


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