Everyday People NYC


I apologize for being MIA last week but I was so busy making sure that I tackled every event this past weekend. I will give you guys a full recap soon enough, but I wanted to share my experience with the Everyday People brunch first.


The Host Roblè Ali, more commonly known as chef Roblè celebrity chef and reality tv star (as seen on Bravo tv) was the host. The event was a wonderful experience to say the least. The everyday people brunch is always a good time from what I have heard, but this was my first experience and I have to agree.




The Brunch menu was delicious and featured a new menu item. Roblè turned waffle fries into a delectable potato hash turned up with caramelized onions and poblano peppers, paprika, black pepper and parsley.


The beautiful Japan native DJ Haruka Salt rocked the house. She kept the floor shaking beneath us and the vibe intense with the latest hits.


After Haruka $alt set the mood Roblè came out and interrupted the show. Every brunch features a live guest performance and this one was no different. The fabulous London songstress Estelle surprised the crowd and rocked the lower east side with some of her greatest hits.


I’m all about style and fashion. In the heart of Fashion week in New York City Estelle did not disappoint! She came on stage wearing the most beautiful over the knee boots. Black leather lace ups and music made for a great Saturday.


I look forward to attending many more brunches in the future and can’t wait to see what’s next! I want to give a special thanks to Roblè’s sister Justine for her hospitality during the brunch. I met her at a photo shoot and she is such a sweet girl. I love being in the presence of beautiful Everyday People.


Previous Everyday Brunch Shot

TP of Blk ID Twins

Karreuche and Company

Estelle and Friends

One of the most fashionable outfits

From Left to Right (Chef Roblè, Justine, ShaunDRoss)

Everyday People
All images taken from Everyday People Blog, Roblè’s Instagram, Justine’s Instagram, Goggle images And my personal camera.


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