True Life: I Can’t Stop Shopping  


Having a few events coming up this weekend coupled with the winter season coming to a close (hopefully) I did some shopping after work last night. I had previously picked up a few items along the way and if you follow me on Instagram (@thee_shopaholic) you probably already know what they are. 

I told you guys about the ZARA sale a few posts back when I talked about outerwear and showed you some of the pieces I was able to get my hands on. I stopped in again a couple of weeks ago and picked up another rain coat two backpacks and a red clutch. I also got two maxi cardigans that I had been eyeing before the season even began. 

ZARA Leather Backpack with metal clasp – $139   $19.99

ZARA Leather Backpack with metal clasp – $139   $19.99

ZARA  Raincoat – $129 now $39.99

I stopped into Forever 21 with very low expectations but ended up scoring two great pieces. I got a lovely cutout top and a long white vest that I can’t wait to style a million and one ways this spring and summer. 

F21 Contemporary Windowpane Floral Crochet Blouse – $22.90

Love21 Longline Collared Vest – $24.90

Finally I went to my second home H&M. I got another jacket and let me tell you the pic from the website does this coat absolutely no justice. The draping and fine details coupled with the fact that the material is super soft makes this piece one of my “Must Haves” for the season. I got two dresses just to freshen up the wardrobe a pir of grey jeans and a grey pencil skirt. Cool greys are a perfect alternative to the black jean for the spring and make for great denim on denim styling.  I have included all photos below as well as pricing if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below. 

H&M Pencil Skirt – $24.95


H&M Grey Skinny Jeans – $19.95

H&M Trend Fitted Dress – $49.95

H&M Sleeveless Dress – $29.95 (I did not purchase the green I have it in a tangerine color but that color is not available on line yet.) check your local H&M 

H&M Long Coat – $59.95 

In the spirit of the changing season I have decided to give away a piece from my favorite store H&M. I have this chunky necklace in a pink/mauve and it is one of my favorites. They recently featured a white marble and silver combination that I think will be stunning for the spring. To enter all you have to do is subscribe to my blog here and then comment “Enter Me” under the photo of the necklace on my Instagram page. The give away will last for one week and I will announce the winner next Sunday, March 8th on my blog and my Instagram page. Good luck and thanks for reading and subscribing. 



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