Month: March 2015

Fringe Benefits


Spring is finally here; even though New York has not gotten the memo. Today I’m going to share the latest Spring trend. Festival season is approaching and events like Coachella are right around the corner. If you have browsed your favorite urban retailers you probably already know that Fringe is back. I’m gonna share a little history and then show you how to put a modern spin on it so people won’t think you’re just stuck in the past. 


Native American tribes of the Plains created garments with fringe, which served as a type of gutter that repelled rainwater from the wearer. Fringe was a border or edge of hanging threads, cords, or strips, and was often found on garments made from suede, leather, and buckskin. 


Fringe first became a decorative fashion embellishment in the 1920s as part of the flapper look, a popular dress style for women. Skirts suddenly rose above the knee for the first time in Western history, and fringe was used to add a bit of length to the daring styles.


 The use of Native American fringe was an outgrowth of the hippie movement of the late 1960s, a youth movement that stressed the rejection of mainstream values and a relaxation of moral standards and personal conduct. 


   If social oppression isn’t at the top of your political agenda and you just want to know how to wear fringe and make a statement without upsetting your ancestors your safest bet is to go with a clutch. 


If you are more of a free spirit then maybe a fringe kimono is more your speed. There are tons of styles available and paired with jeans and a t shirt or your brightest pair of Disco pants you will be sure to turn heads while listening to your favorite band or relaxing with your friends on the grasslands. 


A bold color is a great way to do modern fringe. The Spring  and summer are the perfect time to pick up a bright pink bag.


The bucket bag is also a returning trend. Kill two birds with one stone with this fringe option.  If the bolder styles are a little intimidating start smaller with this petite suede fringe purse. The delicate gold chain detail makes it ideal for a date or Sunday brunch.


Brosia Love: Want List

    Ambroisa Malbrough is an Arizona based Jewelry Designer, as well as a beauty and style enthusiast. She is known in the beauty, fashion and hair community as a minimalist; but she definitely has her own style. Brosia Love is where you will find items that she would wear herself because the pieces speak to her simple and timeless style. She hand selects jewelry from small online designers as well as the pieces she makes herself. 

Ambrosia Malbrough

     Style changes everyday, so her shop is constantly changing and bringing fresh new pieces with each season. The shop is mainly known for hand made Faceted Stud Earrings that the owner prides herself on making each season. These are one of the most requested pieces from her shop to-date. Back in 2011 when the site was first launched originally as BL Boutique, there were a few hand made styles along with partnered pieces from other companies. Finally in 2014 the “Boutique” was dropped and the shop is now known simply as Brosia Love. 


     I had purchased pieces from Ambrosia in the past. The customer service was exceptional and the packaging was superb. Many small boutique  companies; especially ones run on a smaller scale usually skimp on the extras like packaging and speedy service. I was pleased to find she treated her customers just as she would want to be treated.


     I purchased a pair of facet earrings in support of breast cancer. My mother passed from this disease and I was thrilled that Ambroisa was bringing awareness in such a great way. I also purchased two necklaces and I was more than happy with what I recieved. 

Facets Designed for Breast Cancer

     I recently broke one of my necklaces and ended up on the BrosiaLoveUSA Instagram page and found out that she had recently added new pieces to the shop. I was so thrilled and can’t wait to make a purchase… (On pay day of course!) If you guys have been reading for a while you will know that I try not to purchase things impulsively. I usually wait until payday to see if I still feel the same about a piece. I don’t doubt that on Thursday I will be stopping into Brosia Love and adding these pieces to my collection. 

Thee Shopaholic Want List :

Hamsa Drop Necklace – $18

Sunil Necklace – $25

Raise The Bar Necklace – $20

In order to keep Brosia Love Fresh and unique Ambrosia keeps the quantities of her pieces very limited. The pieces usually sell very quickly and usually don’t return with the exception of the facets in certain color options. So if you are interested in buying I suggest you head over and make your selections while you can. Be sure to leave one of each for me… 

Here are some pieces that I have missed out on in the past… 

Limited Archives

If you do end up purchasing something from the shop be sure to tell her I sent you. I’m sure you guys would love the pieces just as much as I do! 

Learn More To Earn More 

Last week I pre-ordered my copy of Myleik Teele’s “Learn More to Earn More” Journal. I am constantly trying to better myself. I want to be more organized and arrange my thoughts in a way that makes it easier to execute them. I know you guys are probably wondering what the journal is going to do to help that, and that is what made me decide to share this post with all of you. 

Myleik is an entrepreneur and considerably the Oprah Winfrey of my generation (if you ask me). She is a go getter and has worn many hats in her career. You guys may know her as the owner and CEO of curlBOX a natural hair product subscription service. For years Myleik has been producing podcasts (Myleik Taught You) where she gives insight on how to channel your inner CEO. The casts vary from how to approach a mentor, to tips on how to stop procrastinating and exercises on how to get things done. She has encapsuled her thoughts and other helpful things inside of a Journal and made it available to all of us. 

I always knew about Myleik’s podcasts but I had never tuned into a podcast before and wasn’t sure how it worked. After I purchased my copy of the journal; I went ahead and downloaded the podcast app and looked up her channel. I wanted to make sure that I was prepared for all the journal had to offer and I began listening to the podcasts beginning with the very first one. I took out my note pad and began noting down key points that stood out to me. I will share one of my favorite quotes of hers with you guys

“The only difference between where you are right now and where you will be next year, is the people you meet and the books you read.”
                                                                             – Myleik Teele

 After siting through hours of podcasts my Myleik marathon was complete. I am totally ready for all this journal has to offer. If you have already purchased the journal but haven’t checked out the podcasts I do urge you to do so. You won’t be disappointed.  If you haven’t purchased the book and are still on the fence about purchasing the seminars will definitely tip the scale in her favor. They aren’t long at all (usually not more than 10 minutes) and are pack with a wealth of information for the go-getter.

According to the site the journal contains instructions on how Myleik was able to write her way to success. It is said to be a perfect way to capture and organize your own thoughts and dreams allowing over 150 pages so you can write a success of your own. The journal is available now for Pre-Order for only $20 and ships in April. 

Shopaholic Style Directory : Traci

Traci Mari Smith is someone multiple lives, a mother, employee, and entrepreneur. Working as a fraud analyst by day and fashion blogger by night, while juggling all three lives, as she chases her dreams. Her driven and bubbly attitude attracts positive people, as she strives to be surrounded by anything she can learn from with substance

“I probably would consider myself a shopaholic, especially since I started my blog. I am always looking for pieces to wear next, but most of my shopping hauls come from thrift stores, so they don’t damage my pocket. Before the blog I would shop more for seasons or occasions.”

“I would describe my style to be sophisticated, edgy, and quirky. I love to turn fun quirky looks into classic pieces by toning them down with classic cut pants and skirts. I love polka dots, fur, and fun feminine colors. My favorite style season would be Fall for me. I love layers and fall colors the most. I also love how fall is the only season with the least amount of rules. Spring is a close second, if we can get past all of the pastels thrown in our face.”

“My day to day retail shopping is truly the thrift store. I live right around the corner from a few of my favorite thrift stores, so I pop in a few days out of the week. If I am not in the thrift store, I go to Nordstom’s, Dillards, or Macys. Department stores are the best because it is a one stop shop, I usually don’t have a lot of time to go from store to store.”

“My favorite trend at the moment is the whole 90’s grunge everyone seems to be doing now and monochromatic looks. I love the 90’s! My least favorite trend right now is the whole bodycon crop top Instagram chick. There just isn’t any inspiration and I bored with it.”

▫️You are traveling out of state to a style conference and the airline has lost your luggage. Your company has given you $200 to purchase an outfit for the presentation as well as something to change into for a dinner party that evening. Where would you go and what would you buy?

“I personally would go to the thrift store first, believe it or not, I find most of my looks there in a matter of minutes. I would go for a monochrome look, so whichever color pants or skirt I could find, just find a matching color top or different shade top. Like grey with black or nude with brown. If the thrift store doesn’t carry it, I know the department store would. Saving me time and money for a pair of solid pumps for both events.

I would wear the monochrome suit for the presentation and a full skirt and top for the dinner party, wearing the blazer I hoped to score at the thrift store.”

“I get most of my inspiration for looks from street style looks and art pieces. Street style around the world helps give me confidence to mix things and do things that are true to my style and not what they put in the stores to force trends on me. Again thrift stores give me inspiration because there are just so many different things in there from all generations.

My ultimate goal with my blog is to be able to assist other women with confidence and make a little money along the way. I personally would love to start designing clothes for the not so average woman. We see magazines, TV, and social media and forget about the normal woman. I only measure to five feet, with large breast, and short torso. So it is nice to showcase my personal style on the normal woman and custom make pieces for them. Being a positive role model to women and their inspiration.”