Brosia Love: Want List

    Ambroisa Malbrough is an Arizona based Jewelry Designer, as well as a beauty and style enthusiast. She is known in the beauty, fashion and hair community as a minimalist; but she definitely has her own style. Brosia Love is where you will find items that she would wear herself because the pieces speak to her simple and timeless style. She hand selects jewelry from small online designers as well as the pieces she makes herself. 

Ambrosia Malbrough

     Style changes everyday, so her shop is constantly changing and bringing fresh new pieces with each season. The shop is mainly known for hand made Faceted Stud Earrings that the owner prides herself on making each season. These are one of the most requested pieces from her shop to-date. Back in 2011 when the site was first launched originally as BL Boutique, there were a few hand made styles along with partnered pieces from other companies. Finally in 2014 the “Boutique” was dropped and the shop is now known simply as Brosia Love. 


     I had purchased pieces from Ambrosia in the past. The customer service was exceptional and the packaging was superb. Many small boutique  companies; especially ones run on a smaller scale usually skimp on the extras like packaging and speedy service. I was pleased to find she treated her customers just as she would want to be treated.


     I purchased a pair of facet earrings in support of breast cancer. My mother passed from this disease and I was thrilled that Ambroisa was bringing awareness in such a great way. I also purchased two necklaces and I was more than happy with what I recieved. 

Facets Designed for Breast Cancer

     I recently broke one of my necklaces and ended up on the BrosiaLoveUSA Instagram page and found out that she had recently added new pieces to the shop. I was so thrilled and can’t wait to make a purchase… (On pay day of course!) If you guys have been reading for a while you will know that I try not to purchase things impulsively. I usually wait until payday to see if I still feel the same about a piece. I don’t doubt that on Thursday I will be stopping into Brosia Love and adding these pieces to my collection. 

Thee Shopaholic Want List :

Hamsa Drop Necklace – $18

Sunil Necklace – $25

Raise The Bar Necklace – $20

In order to keep Brosia Love Fresh and unique Ambrosia keeps the quantities of her pieces very limited. The pieces usually sell very quickly and usually don’t return with the exception of the facets in certain color options. So if you are interested in buying I suggest you head over and make your selections while you can. Be sure to leave one of each for me… 

Here are some pieces that I have missed out on in the past… 

Limited Archives

If you do end up purchasing something from the shop be sure to tell her I sent you. I’m sure you guys would love the pieces just as much as I do! 


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