No Basics Brunch 



Yesterday I attended the No Basics Brunch in Harlem New York. The event, hosted by the likes of stylists Legondary Damon and Ty Hunter alongside Fashion Blogger Claire Sulmers and Fashion Designer Laquan Smith was a huge success. The event had perfect Spring weather and set the stage for all the fashion that visited. The theme of the brunch was “No Basics” and that theme was executed by all of the New York socialites in attendance. 


If you have ever been to Harlem and visited The Corner Social you know the food was great. The event offered a pre-fixie brunch menu and Mimosas. Good food and amazing sound by one of the most sought after DJ’s Olivia Dope made for a super epic Saturday brunch to say the least. 


DJ – Olivia Dope

If you follow the fashion world in New York or you just love brunch. You missed a great time. I was able to capture some great highlights for those of you that were not able to attend. In the comments below tell me what “No Basics” means to you! 


Hosts and Friends – Laquan Smith, Sir John, Bevy Smith, Claire Sulmers, Legendary Damon, Ty Hunter.  (Left to right) 

Personal Trainer Jamar Dunn, and Legendary Damon.


Christina Jo Saunders.


Madison Jaye, Ifueko, Pilar Scratch. 


Creator of Midget Giraffe, Zuvaa Kelechi and Laquan Smith.


Fashion Blogger Suliann, (right)  and friend Brea Pipkins (left).


Nines ha Roberson owner of online fashion boutique (right) and owner of Wonderland Productions Inc. (left)


Marsha, Personal Shopper and Stylist (left) and fashion designer Kira Nacole (right). 


Host and Fashion Blogger Claire Sulmers, and Makeup Artist, Ace. 


Midget Giraffe. 








Host Legendary Damon.


Fashion Lifestyle Blogger Jessica, and Ashley Ryles owner of Arryles Boutique.



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