Shopaholic Style Directory: Mirza 


 Mirza is a human being, that believes in the power of self and the abilities of each individual human being. He is a lover of all, of God’s creations and believes that we can all coexist in peace. 

I askedMirza if he considers himself a shopaholic… 

“I do not consider myself a shopaholic, because then I would be admitting to being addicted to shopping. I can walk into a store and just simply browse without it having any effect  on my shopping desires. My shopping extends to the back of the stores to look at the sale rack heavily in every store. I love the seven dollar sweaters, ten dollar jeans and five dollar t shirts.” 


 Mirza believes that every season carries it’s own energy and colors. He appreciates every season for the style and trends that they bring. Spring and summer stand out the most I his opinion. His style is comfortable, and he believes the comfort directly relates to wearing less during the warmer months. ” I appreciate light jackets, oversized sweaters, jean shorts, crew necks etc. my style is more about what I have to bring to the table besides the clothes.” He also feels that accessories play a role and things like a good book, or a nice wallet and sunglasses, beaded necklaces and his camera are useful accessories. 


 When I asked him where he loves to shop, he first talked about his love of making clothes and garment stores where he could find fabric to make his pieces. As far as retail is concerned H&M clothing fits him well and ZARA because of their store etiquette. The open space and clutter free environment are to his liking. I can’t help but agree. 


 As far as trends go Mirza favors oversized tops and being comfortable. “I feel everyone has the right to express themselves  and I enjoy seeing creation in every way. Trends are a way to express yourself in your own way and I encourage everyone to use trends  as a tool to bring out your own look,not just rock the trend the same way everyone else is.” 

Style Directory Question of the month: 


You are traveling out of state to a style conference and the airline has lost your luggage. Your company has given you $200 to purchase an outfit for the presentation as well as something to change into for a dinner party that evening. Where would you go and what would you buy? 



Shoes and a tie from Macy*s because you can always find something proper there on sale. Suit I would most likely put something together from ZARA and H&M. Jacket and shirt H&M and the pants from ZARA. Evening dinner party would have to be Forver21 Men; single serving store. Everything in there almost always serves a single purpose, but you can always find something that will fit the purpose. 


 I ended this quick interview by asking him how he balances his personal life and his business, and which of the two takes up the most of his time. He lovingly responded, stating that his personal life was his business. “I am constantly learning. I am a father and I think that takes up the largest percentage of my week. If I cannot be myself in the business that I am in, then I have no business being in it.” 


 I chose Mirza as a fitting individual for this style directory feature because he is a true style director. He is a free spirit and a unique style creator. I was glad that he allowed me to share a part of his style with all of you. I also decided to give a different take on this interview do let me know if you like this delivery better than the previous entries. Until next time, be true to yourself and own your style. 


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