Acting on Impulse II 

  If you have been following the blog for a while, you will know that I spoke about impulse buying months ago. I really don’t like to do it because often I get home and regret buying something. The magical lights in retail settings can play tricks on you and make you feel like you need something when you don’t. I really have to make clear decisions especially when it comes to shoes because I wear a larger size. They do not produce too many of the “special” sizes in the fashion world. Size 5 and size 11’s are normally produced in rare quantities. So when it comes to shoes that I really love I just shoot first and ask questions later.

  After leaving the office today I stumbled into my favorite IG boutique and local retailer ROXX. I usually go in there once in a while to see their new arrivals and I was pleasantly surprised when I found these Tassel heels. They come in two different options but I had to get the black and multi pair. I can’t wait to wear them this summer! I had to come and share them with you while they were still fresh and available to purchase! If you get them let me know! I would also love to see the pics on Instagram so be sure to tag me! 



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