Trend Spotting 

 I had a very chilled Sunday in Brooklyn and I decided to shoot a quick Outfit of the Day. I love prints and I love color so this colorful leopard jumpsuit was right up my alley! I paired it with a comfortable block heeled lace up sandal and a bright clutch. The summer sun in Dumbo was the perfect back drop. 

 The outfit was very bold. This was perfect for my new funky frohawk. I enjoyed a quick brunch in Williamsburg and headed downtown by the promenade for popular shopping and a nice walk. I love the architecture in Williamsburg. Every corner was a perfect back drop for a great photo!   

 The streets in Brooklyn are beautiful; especially in the summer. I love coming down just to people watch. The city can be so peaceful on Sunday afternoons when people aren’t rushing off to work and school. 


 Lets get down to business I know you guys are here for the details. Every great outfit has great accessories. I paired my Jumpsuit with this statement necklace from H&M. The piece isn’t listed on the website, but feel free to check your local flagship H&M location to find it. The clutch I have had for about a year or so and it is from an online boutique called ROXX.  


My heels are also from ROXX and were also purchased last summer.


The jumpsuit is so comfortable and a lot of you have already mentioned purchasing it and wearing it this past week! Like the necklace this Jumpsuit is not listed on the H&M website but you should not have a problem finding it in your local H&M stores. I purchased it recently but they were going fast. 


I hope you enjoyed this quick Outfit. I would love to hear what you guys did this weekend! Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what you did! Until next time. 


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