No Animals at the Beach

I hope everyone enjoyed their long holiday weekend. I had a girls day at the beach. I decided to quickly share my look and some tips for safe tanning this summer!!!   

I love mixing prints! I paired my leopard one piece swimsuit with a bright floral kimono. A huge sun hat protected my face from the harsh rays of the sun. 

The beach was quiet and the weather was perfect! We ended up staying for hours. My skin is very sensitive and although I don’t mind soaking up a good tan I do want to protect my skin from weeks of itching and looking like crocodile couture. Always remember to exfoliate thoroughly to prevent peeling and a patchy tan. 

 Holidays should never be spent alone, so my friend Pascal came along for the ride! Her bubbly personality and vibe made for great company! She was frolicking through the beach and I just had to capture it to show you guys! 

Another reason you shouldn’t go to the beach alone… Who’s gonna put sun tan lotion on your back? No one wants their skin to look like elephants in the Sahara! 

Light layers are great for the beach but will not completely protect you from the suns’ harsh Rays… Be sure to cover all the bases…. or in this case cover all your tigers (lol).

I picked up a bottle of SPF spray with 100 protection. This will affect the level of color uptake while on the beach, so if your main goal is to increase your melanin production for the day then you can always go with something with a lower SPF count.

The Look: 

Hat: My friend Pascal’s Closet

Swimsuit: TJ Maxx

Kimono: Forever 21

I would love to hear you you guys spent your weekend! Tell me all about it in the comments below! Until next time! xoxo 

More Candid shots: 





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