The QUEEN SERIES Extravaganza

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Queen Series Extravaganza. This was a women’s empowerment conference held by three fabulous women of The Queen Collective. Formed in January of 2015 in Brooklyn New York, The Queen Collective was joined by Jessica Edouard, Denequa Williams And Dazia Wallerson. These women are all African/Caribbean-American writers and community activists dedicated to the empowerment of disadvantaged communities in the grater New York area.

Jessica Edouard of QUEEN Things

Denequa Williams of StrippedByHD

Dazia Wallerson (SapoDILLA)

The purpose of the Queen Series is to initiate the conversation about womanhood. The goal is to spark consciousness about systems of discrimination and self-worth. These women opened up the floor for women to speak freely about their fears and struggles in becoming a black woman in America.


The event, hosted by the beautiful Endeshia Bryan began at twelve on Saturday afternoon. There were two key note speakers, Keisha Charmaine youtuber and CEO of Love Light Locs; and Ieasha Ramsay, Published wardrobe stylist philanthropist and New York based Jill of all trades. These women gave inspiring insight to things that have helped them along their journeys of self acceptance and success in a modern world.

Endeshia Bryan – Host of the event and co-owner of Striped by HD

Keisha Charmaine

Ieasha Ramsay

The night wasn’t all about business as we did have the pleasure of being blessed with some talent. I sat and listened to a beautiful song from talented singer and song writer and a spoken word piece from Briana. I shared the full videos on my Facebook page of both performances. Both of the pieces tied in beautifully to the theme of the evening. Oya’s 6am (song) and Brianna’s  Honest (spoken word) were clearly inspired by self empowerment and self acceptance.

SINGER  Oya Noire- Song (6 AM)

Brianna – Spoken Word (Honest)

You guys know that I love to shop and there were definitely fabulous items to purchase at the event. There were several vendor tables and fashion, right up my alley. I was happy to find that all were local black owned businesses that catered to products that we all use everyday.

NUS – Natural Makeup and beauty products

RAW Handbags- New handbag designer who just started her company this year

Beautiful hand made beaded jewelry

Head wrap designer

Every good event has prizes to give away to their attendees and this event was no different. I was ready to purchase my raffle ticket and had one specific prize in mind. There was a beautiful tribal beaded necklace that was handmade in Kenya. This piece was donated by a local sponsor “Tafari Tribe Shop.” I purchased my raffle ticket as soon as I arrived and kept my fingers crossed.


There were other prizes being raffled as well but I had tunnel vision for this beautiful statement necklace. It was time to select the winner for the necklace and i tried my best to keep my spirits positive and my bag ready to be filled.



I didn’t end up winning the necklace; however, I was so happy for the winner as it was her birthday and she had sang a beautiful song earlier that day. That was more than luck and I am glad she was blessed on her special day. Each guest went home with their own gift bag and I would have loved to share images but unfortunately my bag was stolen by another guest at the event, but from what I did see the gift bag was packed with hair and beauty products.


The event could not be complete without food! I would have shared a photo but I was too busy stuffing my face. I will say that there might have been, macaroni and cheese, barbecue chicken, fried chicken, cocktail patties, rice, sangria, and rum punch, if alcohol does not thrill you you may have tried the delicious coconut water; to say the least. I will not go on as I am sure I have made someone hungry. This event was packed with food, shopping, inspiration, giveaways and good fun.



It would not be a true Shopaholic event post without sharing my fashion favorites of the night! I won’t go into detail about the individual looks as this post is already super long… I will just share the images here for you to admire.







These women did a great job putting this event together. This was a free event and I had more fun than I have had at somem really expensive events in the past! I look forward to wiring with these ladies again very soon and I look forward to the next annual Queen Series Extravaganza!









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