June’s Closet Cleansing: June Ambrose

June Ambrose hosted her second Annual Closet clear-out in New York this weekend. I missed the first one last year and swore it would never happen again! I had a blast chatting with the fashion force and shopping through her past fashion choices. 

Ambrose, costume designer, celebrity stylist and author of Effortless Style is well known to the fashion world as the Muva of style. More recently June has brought us collections of her own fashion via HSN. When she announced that she was having another closet cleanse, I had to head down to see what I could get my hands on. 

If you were not aware of the sale you must live under a social rock with no wifi connection! June made several announcements leading up to the sale date via her social media platforms. Several of my fashion friends also made me aware of the sale via word-of-mouth. 

The fashion Muva also left hints as the days got closer as to specific items that would be available during the sale.

Once I arrived at the boutique location I was not surprised to find that there was an enthusiastic line filled with fashionistas ready to shop! 

I was also excited to see that June’s most precious bug, daughter Summer Hope Chamblin was present and selling refreshing organic lemonade and cupcakes fashioned after mini hamburgers. 

After supporting the young entrepreneur-ess and purchasing drinks for all of my friends I was definitely ready to shop. 

I was also excited to see familiar faces on the line. 


Once inside I found June to be such a gracious host. She was personable and made the time to speak to and assist everyone with their purchases and final decisions. 
When I spied these Gold Gladiators from her HSN collection I just knew I had to have them. They are a great decorative piece to put up in my room and I am sure I will be able to use them to style upcoming shoots. 

I also wanted to get one werable piece that I would be able to take out and about. I love this pewter bag also from her collection. I wore it out in to the city today and received lots of compliments.  
I am so glad I was able to attend this years closet cleansing and look forward to more in the future! 

I am happy with my purchases!  

I’m happy June was able to share this experience with her June Bugs and let us shop her past.   

Great Food.  

Great drinks.

Great Fashion.   Signing out from the Juniverse.  Until next time… Happy Shopping! 


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