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Shopaholic Style Directory: Kerry Fiona


Who is Kerry Fiona?

      I am a Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger at, as well as a Beauty Consultant at Sephora.


Do you consider yourself a shopaholic?     

     Once upon I time I used to do some heavy damage, now I’m more of a conservative shopper in the sense that I am more conscious of what I buy, like what purpose would it serve in my life. Budget friendly shopper is my thing and I am cool with that.


How would you describe your personal style? What is your favorite style season?

     My style would be a cross between Solange and Rihanna. Very sexy, daring & bold with a heavy emphasis on color & prints.

     My favorite season would have to be summer, I’m a huge fan of wearing less and going bra less. So maxi & flowy dresses, cut off or distress shorts they’re simple and easy to style.



Where do you choose to go for a day of retail therapy? 
     I honestly go online, I love to shop online because I find the cutest things online and nine times of ten there is a sale happening which is a major plus. Some of my favorite stores to shop online are Choies, forever21, shoedazzle, & nasty gyal just to some a few.



What is your favorite trend? What is your least favorite trend?

     I don’t have a favorite trend at the moment, anything that promotes confidence and staying true to self is my kind of trend.

      My least favorite trend is the floppy hat trend, I just think a hat like that is not necessary for every occasion and/or outfit. it’s normally worn wrong and unflattering on most folks, it can ruin a perfectly great attire, Sorry not sorry.



 You are traveling out of state to a style conference and the airline has lost your luggage. Your company has given you $200 to purchase an outfit for the presentation as well as something to change into for a dinner party that evening. Where would you go and what would you buy?

      Oh no, that’s tragic. I would definitely hit forever21 and H&M because they’re so commercial, you can find either store in any city, state and most countries. I would purchase a few under garments to get me through the weekend. 

I would then purchase:

 blazer ( blue, black or white)

Faux leather skater skirt, preferably black short or long

Stripe top ( because I’m obsessed with stripes and they look good with anything)

Plain tee

Chambray shirt

White Button down shirt

Denim skinny leg jeans

Something leopard print ( shoe or bag) because Leopard is my kind of neutral accent color

Denim or bomber jacket

A Simple LBD

Tons of accessories to add bling to any look



Being a self employed beauty blogger can be challenging; how do you balance time with your 9 to 5? Where do you hope to take your career in the beauty and fashion industry?

     Being a beauty blogger is extremely challenging, especially for someone like myself that is employed full-time. I don’t necessary have a 9-5, more so I have a 7-3, 1-10, 3-9, and or 11-8 so it’s extremely hard at times to find some sort of balance. I try my best to prioritize and schedule my posts. 

     I typically would set aside a day and do all my product shots, write about each at the and then schedule posts on when I want them to launch. Now, I even try to have a set day for when my post goes out for example (Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Sundays) So people can know when to expect my posts. Advice: figure out a routine and stick to it no matter what.



     I want Fionakmylifemystyle to fall in the ranks with other top beauty sites. I want it to be the go to beauty authority when it comes to products reviews, trending beauty, and styling.








Kwen: The Unequivoval Beauty | Fashion Show

I had the pleasure of planning a fashion show at the end of Fashion Week. A super talented woman by the name of Kira Nacole launched a line of beautiful garments for the end of 2015. The collection featured an array of beautiful colors and prints that were just breath taking! 

It is always so refreshing to have supportive people around you that are always willing to lend a helping hand, and Kira had all hands on deck. 

We had a 9am call time and the girls began prepping hair and makeup to compliment the beautiful pieces tags would be worn that day. We had 3 makeup artists and two hair stylists on our team and they did an amazing job. 


Talibah (aka Tilly) lead hair stylist prepping the model (Ashley) for the signature High top knot look. 

Kerry prepping skin on Model Serèe. 

Ace prepping model Justine right before the walk. 

I didn’t get to see the actual show because I was working behind the scenes but I was able to capture some amazing images of the girls while we were waiting for the show to begin. 


Model Rita.  
Model Aria.  

Model: Sowaan   

Model: Ashley

Model Carlene   

Model Justine   

Model Shawntell  

Model Serèe  

Model Michele Jasmin

  Model Genevieve. 


I was so glad to be surrounded my this team of extraordinary women.  They helped make Kira’s show a huge success. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Kira Nacole.  

I want to thank all of the models for their excellent work and positive attitude throughout this whole process.  


I would like to thank the hair team and Barbie extensions for sponsoring the hair for our models during the show.

I also want to take this time to thank all of the attendees and guests that were able to come out and support Kira for her show. 






I included a bunch of behind the scenes images for you’re viewing pleasure! 


New York Fashion Week: What I Wore

You guys would not let me forget to complete my Fashion Week Series… I see your comments messages and tweets. The next stop is the train of what I actually wore. I attended shows six out of the seven days of the official fashion week! 

  Day One: Charles Miller

I wore a H&M trend, striped shirt dress as a duster. The sequined t-shirt I wore underneath was also from H&M and I have had it for years! For accessories I wore a pair of plum chunky heels I purchased on DEPOP. They are from Nine West and matched the look perfectly. I wore my June by June Ambrose handbag and my H&M wide brim fedora. I finished off the look with a dark lip and this easily became one of my personal favorite looks. 

Day Two: Shaun D Ross  
The next stop was the Shaun D Ross Presentation. I was surprised to learn that he had a collection for fashion week. Shaun is a well known model in the fashion world and I was intrigued to see what he was showing. Stay tuned for the details of that! 

I never wear black but I fell in love with this jumpsuit style. If you guessed H&M, you are correct. I did not opt for the jumpsuit but instead purchased the blouse. I am tall so I wanted the option to purchase a well tailored pant that would suit me better. 

This look was all about accessories so I paired my red bohobazaar suede fringe  clutch with fuzzy heels and another H&M wide brim fedora! I just love a good hat! 

Day Three: Essence Street Style Block Party 
The next day was Sunday. I had a long list go shoes to attend but instead I decided to stick around at the Essence Street Style Block Party. Arryles and Ron Bass were presenting their new collections plus it was a great opportunity to mix and mingle with a few people I hadn’t seen in a while. 

I wore a bright coral jumpsuit from Roxx  by Hotpoint that I had purchased last summer. I was going to be doing a lot of walking so I paired the look with my gold ALDO flat sandals and a huge statement necklace that wasn’t a necklace at all. If you read my previous Fashion Week post on accessories you already know the deal. 

Day Four: Fashion Night Out  
On Sunday I rested in the morning and attended the Fashion Night Out Party hosted by a few fashion bloggers and notable style influencers. I wanted something casual minimally chic and no fuss. I paired this Snake print longline blazer that I purchased from the K&G Store with jeans and a t-shirt. I kept the palette neutral with Greta and black boots to keep the focus on the jacket piece. This is something I could definitely wear again.

On the fifth day I took a seat on the fashion bench to rest and recharge. I pretty much went to work and came home to turn in early. 

Day Six: Angela Simmons (Fail) 

The fifth day… Was the day that I was MOST looking forward to. I have been following Angela Simmons fashion long before there was a template drafted for the Instagram app. I am a huge fan of her business as well as her style. Although I tried my best to leave work early and take a cab to the venue at Kia Style 360 I was unsuccessful in attending the show. I even set aside what I thought was my best look. 

I paired a sleeveless coat with this monochromatic Kim K style look. I paired a turtleneck and maxi pencil skirt which I purchased from a store in Queens, New York called “Tick Tock” with my Forever 21 vest. I wore my new favorite statement piece once again and decided to wear my mini fro. I didn’t get into the show but I looked amazing! If I do say so myself.

 Day Seven: Tumbler & Tipsy 

The final day I was so tired! I didn’t prep the night before, I over slept and woke up late. When I looked at my clothing rack I saw stripes. I decided to play into the theme and paired all of my black and white pieces together. 

The shirt dress and blouse are from Rainbow. I again wore the shirt open in a duster style and paired the sheer blouse with a assymetrical striped skirt from H&M. 

All the looks from this fashion week came from old and new pieces that I styled together to make one cohesive look. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. 













Let me know in the comments below which of these looks was your favorite. 

If you like any of the looks don’t hesitate to share them with a friend. Until next time. Happy Shopping! 

Target Collaboration: Adam Lippes 

      Just a few days ago a friend of mine and I were wondering what this seasons Target collaboration was going to be. I want to finish out my Fashion week series; however, I would not be a good friend if I didn’t pop in to share some time sensitive information with my Shopaholics. 

Adam Lippes is an American fashion designer who became prominent at Oscar de la Renta and has had his own company since 2004. If you read my previous post on my latest fashion finds you already know this fall is all about plaid, especially buffalo plaid. This is the focus of the design collab Lippes has for target this year. 

     I love sleek plaid. It is classic in design and bold at the same time. I am definitely going to be taking a few pieces home from the collection set to release this weekend. Lippes offers great pieces for the office or the minimalist shopaholic. 

My favorite piece from the collection is this sleek shirt dress! I love pieces that can be styled a number of ways and that is no secret. This is a dress I am sure will remain in my collection for years to come. If targets fashion collaborations in the past speak to the quality of items I know this is a wellade collection of sustainable materials. 

I have been absolutely obsessed with the duster, gilet, or longline vest trend. This patterned piece has my name all over it! Set your calendars for September 27th! 


      The collection like the ones in the past will feature both men’s and women’s fashion. I feel this is a completely wearable collection no matter what trends you do or do not follow. 

     He also is offering accessories as well as home goods so if fashion isn’t your forte you might enjoy blankets or cutlery. 

     I am excited about this collaboration! I am not sure if I will be participating from the comfort of my home or via IRL. But I will be sure to keep you guys posted on where I will be on Sunday! I will share some additional photos below! Happy Shopping! 


Shopaholic Cart Confession: New In Store


     On my way in to the office I stopped in to the mall to see if anything sparked my interest. I found a few fabulous pieces and I just wanted to quickly share them with you. In an attempt to curb my impulsive shopping tendencies I will let you guys tell me which pieces I should go back for. 


     My first stop was ALDO Accessories. There are just a few of these accessory only stores here in New York and most of them can be found pretty close to the ALDO Shoes store. I don’t usually gravitate towards bracelets but I love the weight of this one… The chunky, yet sleek design makes the piece look expensive. I definitely love this one.


     I’m sure all of my shopaholics have a variation of this necklace. I love this particular color story because it is great paired with my favorite warm neutrals for the autumn season. This can add glam to a casual look and take a simple black office dress into a dinner date or drinks with the girls. To buy or not to buy? 


     I used to love big statement earrings but lately I haven’t been wearing any earrings at all. When I do it has definitely been these “ear jackets.” They are basically a small stud with a descending assortment of stones or pearls surrounding the base of the earlobe (almost like a half moon or halo). 


     I usually find these in a wide variety at ALDO. If you have an accessory location near you be sure to pop in and see what they have. If you don’t have an accessory location near you I am sure the shoe store has some of these styles as well.


     If I can’t find a hat that I love it’s a sad day. I love this faux leather and leopard variation! I am definitely going to Add this to Cart! I can’t wait to show you guys this gem! This is definitely a MUST HAVE. 


     I love this patterned dress from H&M. It is just cute and comfortable and can be styled in so many ways. Throw on a blazer and flats for the office or thigh high boots and a red lip for date night. I love the simple pattern and I live for black and white. 

     I don’t really gravitate towards graphic t shirts but there’s something about a graphic sweatshirt that gets me coming back every fall. The zipper details at the front make this piece great for layering over dresses and tops in the colder months or you can just unzip and wear with cutoff shorts on a cool summer night. 

     Ponchos and giant scarves are a must for transitioning through a season. You might not need a jacket at the warmest parts of the day in September, but in the nights and early morning (commuters can attest to the fact) it’s definitely getting cold. Keep this in your bag so you don’t get sick. Get a cool pattern like this buffalo plaid or a hounds tooth… Because comfort should also be chic. 

     Speaking of buffalo plaid… I have noticed a few of my favorite style influencers have picked up this jumpsuit from Forever 21. I love one and done pieces especially for a lazy day of fall style. Don’t get me wrong this can give you a months worth of outfits if you play your pieces right. I might add this one to the collection. 

     This last F21 piece is perfect for the simple lady. It is from their Contemporary line and comes in camel (shown) burgundy (behind) and black (not shown). I love the peekaboo cleavage detail and center slit at the front. So sexy! I think for $19 I may pick up all three. 

I would love to know what you thought of my picks! In the comments below let me know which of these I should and should not add to cart! Thanks for reading! 

New York Fashion Week: Model Casting and What to Wear

When attending your Fashion Week Model Castings in the city be sure to dress the part. Here are some examples of What To Wear Stick to basic colors like Black | Grey | White and Blue or Black bottoms. Designers want to see your underlying figure to help them make their final decisions. 

Bring anything that will make you memorable or stand out from the crowd. I don’t mean a fringe top or bright red lipstick. I am talking about a resume. In the model and fashion world that means a comp card. A composite card is a simple summary of WHO YOU ARE. This can be a simple head shot with your name and model measurements. This will help the designers and casters know how you photograph and give them a quick look at you as a model. 

Make sure your heels are at least 4″ high and a stiletto. Block heels, wedges and platforms are not appropriate BUT if that is all you have, make sure your WALK is so fierce they forget what shoes you are wearing! Most importantly be confident and be FEARLESS! 


When you are going out for castings just like your body, the caster wants to see your FACE. No Makeup Makeup is always best. Concealer, Groomed Brows, Mascara and a Nude Lip is a perfect start, and that’s also where it should end. 

Now that your dressed and your face is lightly beat to perfection. I just want to see you WALK into Fashion Week like its the last of the year, which it is… 


Shopaholic Cart Confession

I was going to space put these posts, in order to give you guys a chance to catch up as well as keep my Fashion Week Posts together… but I received a large number of requests to share where I found my latest #ShopaholicCartConfession. 

The autumn season will be here before you know it. One of my favorite fall accessories has to be the boots! Once I fall in love with a pair of shoes I usually wear them into the ground. I am working on building a good variety so some of my personal faves can get a break. 

These boots remind me of a similar pair carried by ALDO last fall. I couldn’t get them because they were sold out in my size (story of my life). The only difference was the ALDO versions were over the knee and didn’t leave the lace detail at the back heel. 

I know you guys are here for the details so I will share! Unfortunately right now this is a local boutique buy for my New York City shopaholics. I purchased them on Thursday  at a shoe boutique in Queens New York, called “Don’t Panic Shoes and Boots.” 

Lace Detail Calf Boot – $29.00 (Not Available Online) 

If you live in New York and are able to get your hands on them be sure to tag me in your photos! Happy Shopping! 

Don’t Panic Shoes and Boots 

16409 Jamaica Avenue 

Jamaica, New York 11432 

New York Fashion Week: Charles Miller

I made the mistake of working going to school and doing fashion week everyday for seven days. What was I thinking!?! So now that I have loosened the reigns and Fashion week is off into London I decided to share some nuggets from the past week that I feel are blog worthy. I will do a full New York Fashion Week series until you guys are all caught up. 

My first stop was the Charles Miller Denim show at the Prince George Gallery. I love simple shows that allow you to appreciate craftsmanship and focus on the design instead of getting lost in the sauce. I don’t like when designers over style the runway. From a stylists perspective if a designer gives me a clean canvas it allows my mind room to put forth my own creativity. It takes a brave and confident soul to style the runway so simply. I loved it!

The models were barefoot and shirtless. But that was only one of the reasons that I loved the show. This was one of the the first fashion week events that featured both a runway presentation and an installation AT THE SAME TIME! I love installations essentially they are a live photograph of a designers vision. 

The installations featured both men’s and women’s denim collections. All of the models were in the best physical conditions and the pieces looked great on them. 

I look my eyes off all the gorgeous men for a few minutes to get a closer look at the women’s denim.


I would love to be able to create a denim story for my style portfolio using his pieces. The denim quality and craft looked amazing in person. 

I don’t think it had anything at all to do with the amazing bodies that were wearing them. Until next time. I can’t wait to see what Charles Miller has in store next! 

New York Fashion Week: Shopaholic EXCESSories

I am sure that none of you are unaware of the fact that I love accessories. Since I have been old enough to work for my own money and was able to travel to the mall on my own; the one thing I couldn’t leave  without was an accessory. I have dedicated a hashtag to my collection of pieces and entitled it ShopaholicEXCESSories. My pieces are always excessive, over the top and statement making. 

For fashion week I had to highlight that with the looks I put together to attend the shows. I shared all of my looks on social media for the six out of seven days I attended Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer  of 2016. I decided to share some of the details of my two favorite looks. 


I rarely if ever, wear black. I picked up this fabulous cape blouse at my favorite H&M location. This piece also came in a jumpsuit option but since I am tall, I opted for the blouse instead. This also allows me to be able to style this piece in numerous ways. I still mimicked the jumpsuit by pairing it with a simple black pant. 

I will get to the point because I know you guys are here for the accessories. I wish I could just give you guys a magical link to wear I purchased these fluffy shoes but there isn’t one. Fringe and fluff is definitely on trend for the past few seasons. I personally have been searching for a pair of fur sandals for quite sometime. My biggest problem is my shoe size. I just couldn’t find it! 

So, I ended up just doing it myself! I already owned a pair of red heeled sandals and I just picked up a red foxtail at a fabric store in the Fashion District here in New York and just went to work! Everyone loved it so much I ended up wearing them twice that week. 

This next look is super simple! I decided to do a neutral monochromatic look and paired it with an unconventional accessory. I can’t take any credit for the idea because I stole it (the idea not the accessory) from my style-influencer “Cris Cavallari” she paired a similar tassel style accessory a few weeks prior and I just loved the look! 

I chose this curtain tassel in particular because the colors mimic that which you would see on your normal statement piece. You kind of know it’s a curtain tassel but the color pallet makes you question its purpose. Is it a curtain tassel or a necklace? 

I never take fashion too seriously because trends come and go! I always try to have fun when it comes to style! I hope you all will do the same!  


What to Wear During Fashion Week

If you are like me and you have no clue what you will be rocking at runway shows this season; then, you are in luck. I decided to compile some style-spiration. Most of my inspiration comes from the actual streets of New York; however, there are several ways you can gather creativity without staring at people. I picked up every fashion magazine ever written… In hopes of finding THEE perfect look. 

Before I can browse a magazine I have to first have an idea of the kind of girl I want to be during fashion week. In my mind there are three types of fashionistas. During the fashion holiday season that is Fashion Week, you will find categories of women. 

The Minimalist. 

  This chic street gal loves clean lines and simple accessories. The pieces she chooses are usually well tailored, and made of the best fabrics. She might get a statement shoe like the lady on the far right or a structured bag like the beauty on the far left. On a good day she may also step out of the box and don a chunky statement necklace (after all it is NYFW). 

The Trend-Setter. 

These style goddesses are usually wearing the latest style trends and know exactly what is hot and what is NOT. Trendy style seekers are usually mixing their old and new pieces to create unique and interesting trend stories. Maybe the printed pants you bought last year would go well with the statement blouse you got in this years ZARA Sale; why not sweeten the deal and wear your moms vintage heels circa 1986. 

The Show Stopper (Avante garde) 

If it hasn’t been seen before, these women probably know exactly where it exists or where to have it made. They coexist in circles that house designers, a seamstress, and a boutique owner all of whom like to use her as their muse. These women style these pieces in a way that make you feel like you could never afford their street style swag. Thinking outside of the box is so last year… These women are now using the box as a clutch and creating next years trend.

Once you have figured out the kind of essence you want to bring to the sides of the runway this year, find out what pieces you need to make that happen. Search your favorite magazine and try to find looks that are similar to your style animal. The magazines are great because for the most part they will tell you exactly where you need to go, to purchase that piece. 

Maybe you aren’t a fan of magazines. Maybe some blogger came to your local CVS and bought up all of the good ones. Social media is a great place to find motivation to put your best style forward.

Just like the magazines your favorite style blogger is usually more than willing to share where they snagged their great pieces (if you ask nicely). 

Keep in mind you might not be able to get exactly what you are looking for. The vest might be sold out, the dress might be back ordered and the perfect shoe might not be available in your size. I always tell my clients not to marry the image but more-so the concept. If you like the look of a vest or blazer with one solid color story inside and a simple black or nude shoe; then, go with that. The theory is what you should be looking for when you set out to make your purchases or shop your closet.

You also want to keep in mind that the overall silouhette is important. Take into consideration what shapes and styles are best for your body type. Once you have decided what your final purchases are going to be, you can style them. Pay attention to complementary colors and don’t over do it. 

I hope these tips where helpful… I will end it here because I feel you ladies are now ready to shop. I hope to see you guys out and about this fashion season. Until next time. Happy Shopping!