What to Wear During Fashion Week

If you are like me and you have no clue what you will be rocking at runway shows this season; then, you are in luck. I decided to compile some style-spiration. Most of my inspiration comes from the actual streets of New York; however, there are several ways you can gather creativity without staring at people. I picked up every fashion magazine ever written… In hopes of finding THEE perfect look. 

Before I can browse a magazine I have to first have an idea of the kind of girl I want to be during fashion week. In my mind there are three types of fashionistas. During the fashion holiday season that is Fashion Week, you will find categories of women. 

The Minimalist. 

  This chic street gal loves clean lines and simple accessories. The pieces she chooses are usually well tailored, and made of the best fabrics. She might get a statement shoe like the lady on the far right or a structured bag like the beauty on the far left. On a good day she may also step out of the box and don a chunky statement necklace (after all it is NYFW). 

The Trend-Setter. 

These style goddesses are usually wearing the latest style trends and know exactly what is hot and what is NOT. Trendy style seekers are usually mixing their old and new pieces to create unique and interesting trend stories. Maybe the printed pants you bought last year would go well with the statement blouse you got in this years ZARA Sale; why not sweeten the deal and wear your moms vintage heels circa 1986. 

The Show Stopper (Avante garde) 

If it hasn’t been seen before, these women probably know exactly where it exists or where to have it made. They coexist in circles that house designers, a seamstress, and a boutique owner all of whom like to use her as their muse. These women style these pieces in a way that make you feel like you could never afford their street style swag. Thinking outside of the box is so last year… These women are now using the box as a clutch and creating next years trend.

Once you have figured out the kind of essence you want to bring to the sides of the runway this year, find out what pieces you need to make that happen. Search your favorite magazine and try to find looks that are similar to your style animal. The magazines are great because for the most part they will tell you exactly where you need to go, to purchase that piece. 

Maybe you aren’t a fan of magazines. Maybe some blogger came to your local CVS and bought up all of the good ones. Social media is a great place to find motivation to put your best style forward.

Just like the magazines your favorite style blogger is usually more than willing to share where they snagged their great pieces (if you ask nicely). 

Keep in mind you might not be able to get exactly what you are looking for. The vest might be sold out, the dress might be back ordered and the perfect shoe might not be available in your size. I always tell my clients not to marry the image but more-so the concept. If you like the look of a vest or blazer with one solid color story inside and a simple black or nude shoe; then, go with that. The theory is what you should be looking for when you set out to make your purchases or shop your closet.

You also want to keep in mind that the overall silouhette is important. Take into consideration what shapes and styles are best for your body type. Once you have decided what your final purchases are going to be, you can style them. Pay attention to complementary colors and don’t over do it. 

I hope these tips where helpful… I will end it here because I feel you ladies are now ready to shop. I hope to see you guys out and about this fashion season. Until next time. Happy Shopping! 


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