New York Fashion Week: Charles Miller

I made the mistake of working going to school and doing fashion week everyday for seven days. What was I thinking!?! So now that I have loosened the reigns and Fashion week is off into London I decided to share some nuggets from the past week that I feel are blog worthy. I will do a full New York Fashion Week series until you guys are all caught up. 

My first stop was the Charles Miller Denim show at the Prince George Gallery. I love simple shows that allow you to appreciate craftsmanship and focus on the design instead of getting lost in the sauce. I don’t like when designers over style the runway. From a stylists perspective if a designer gives me a clean canvas it allows my mind room to put forth my own creativity. It takes a brave and confident soul to style the runway so simply. I loved it!

The models were barefoot and shirtless. But that was only one of the reasons that I loved the show. This was one of the the first fashion week events that featured both a runway presentation and an installation AT THE SAME TIME! I love installations essentially they are a live photograph of a designers vision. 

The installations featured both men’s and women’s denim collections. All of the models were in the best physical conditions and the pieces looked great on them. 

I look my eyes off all the gorgeous men for a few minutes to get a closer look at the women’s denim.


I would love to be able to create a denim story for my style portfolio using his pieces. The denim quality and craft looked amazing in person. 

I don’t think it had anything at all to do with the amazing bodies that were wearing them. Until next time. I can’t wait to see what Charles Miller has in store next! 


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