New York Fashion Week: Shopaholic EXCESSories

I am sure that none of you are unaware of the fact that I love accessories. Since I have been old enough to work for my own money and was able to travel to the mall on my own; the one thing I couldn’t leave  without was an accessory. I have dedicated a hashtag to my collection of pieces and entitled it ShopaholicEXCESSories. My pieces are always excessive, over the top and statement making. 

For fashion week I had to highlight that with the looks I put together to attend the shows. I shared all of my looks on social media for the six out of seven days I attended Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer  of 2016. I decided to share some of the details of my two favorite looks. 


I rarely if ever, wear black. I picked up this fabulous cape blouse at my favorite H&M location. This piece also came in a jumpsuit option but since I am tall, I opted for the blouse instead. This also allows me to be able to style this piece in numerous ways. I still mimicked the jumpsuit by pairing it with a simple black pant. 

I will get to the point because I know you guys are here for the accessories. I wish I could just give you guys a magical link to wear I purchased these fluffy shoes but there isn’t one. Fringe and fluff is definitely on trend for the past few seasons. I personally have been searching for a pair of fur sandals for quite sometime. My biggest problem is my shoe size. I just couldn’t find it! 

So, I ended up just doing it myself! I already owned a pair of red heeled sandals and I just picked up a red foxtail at a fabric store in the Fashion District here in New York and just went to work! Everyone loved it so much I ended up wearing them twice that week. 

This next look is super simple! I decided to do a neutral monochromatic look and paired it with an unconventional accessory. I can’t take any credit for the idea because I stole it (the idea not the accessory) from my style-influencer “Cris Cavallari” she paired a similar tassel style accessory a few weeks prior and I just loved the look! 

I chose this curtain tassel in particular because the colors mimic that which you would see on your normal statement piece. You kind of know it’s a curtain tassel but the color pallet makes you question its purpose. Is it a curtain tassel or a necklace? 

I never take fashion too seriously because trends come and go! I always try to have fun when it comes to style! I hope you all will do the same!  



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