Shopaholic Cart Confession

I was going to space put these posts, in order to give you guys a chance to catch up as well as keep my Fashion Week Posts together… but I received a large number of requests to share where I found my latest #ShopaholicCartConfession. 

The autumn season will be here before you know it. One of my favorite fall accessories has to be the boots! Once I fall in love with a pair of shoes I usually wear them into the ground. I am working on building a good variety so some of my personal faves can get a break. 

These boots remind me of a similar pair carried by ALDO last fall. I couldn’t get them because they were sold out in my size (story of my life). The only difference was the ALDO versions were over the knee and didn’t leave the lace detail at the back heel. 

I know you guys are here for the details so I will share! Unfortunately right now this is a local boutique buy for my New York City shopaholics. I purchased them on Thursday  at a shoe boutique in Queens New York, called “Don’t Panic Shoes and Boots.” 

Lace Detail Calf Boot – $29.00 (Not Available Online) 

If you live in New York and are able to get your hands on them be sure to tag me in your photos! Happy Shopping! 

Don’t Panic Shoes and Boots 

16409 Jamaica Avenue 

Jamaica, New York 11432 


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