New York Fashion Week: Model Casting and What to Wear

When attending your Fashion Week Model Castings in the city be sure to dress the part. Here are some examples of What To Wear Stick to basic colors like Black | Grey | White and Blue or Black bottoms. Designers want to see your underlying figure to help them make their final decisions. 

Bring anything that will make you memorable or stand out from the crowd. I don’t mean a fringe top or bright red lipstick. I am talking about a resume. In the model and fashion world that means a comp card. A composite card is a simple summary of WHO YOU ARE. This can be a simple head shot with your name and model measurements. This will help the designers and casters know how you photograph and give them a quick look at you as a model. 

Make sure your heels are at least 4″ high and a stiletto. Block heels, wedges and platforms are not appropriate BUT if that is all you have, make sure your WALK is so fierce they forget what shoes you are wearing! Most importantly be confident and be FEARLESS! 


When you are going out for castings just like your body, the caster wants to see your FACE. No Makeup Makeup is always best. Concealer, Groomed Brows, Mascara and a Nude Lip is a perfect start, and that’s also where it should end. 

Now that your dressed and your face is lightly beat to perfection. I just want to see you WALK into Fashion Week like its the last of the year, which it is… 



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