Shopaholic Style Directory: Kerry Fiona


Who is Kerry Fiona?

      I am a Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger at, as well as a Beauty Consultant at Sephora.


Do you consider yourself a shopaholic?     

     Once upon I time I used to do some heavy damage, now I’m more of a conservative shopper in the sense that I am more conscious of what I buy, like what purpose would it serve in my life. Budget friendly shopper is my thing and I am cool with that.


How would you describe your personal style? What is your favorite style season?

     My style would be a cross between Solange and Rihanna. Very sexy, daring & bold with a heavy emphasis on color & prints.

     My favorite season would have to be summer, I’m a huge fan of wearing less and going bra less. So maxi & flowy dresses, cut off or distress shorts they’re simple and easy to style.



Where do you choose to go for a day of retail therapy? 
     I honestly go online, I love to shop online because I find the cutest things online and nine times of ten there is a sale happening which is a major plus. Some of my favorite stores to shop online are Choies, forever21, shoedazzle, & nasty gyal just to some a few.



What is your favorite trend? What is your least favorite trend?

     I don’t have a favorite trend at the moment, anything that promotes confidence and staying true to self is my kind of trend.

      My least favorite trend is the floppy hat trend, I just think a hat like that is not necessary for every occasion and/or outfit. it’s normally worn wrong and unflattering on most folks, it can ruin a perfectly great attire, Sorry not sorry.



 You are traveling out of state to a style conference and the airline has lost your luggage. Your company has given you $200 to purchase an outfit for the presentation as well as something to change into for a dinner party that evening. Where would you go and what would you buy?

      Oh no, that’s tragic. I would definitely hit forever21 and H&M because they’re so commercial, you can find either store in any city, state and most countries. I would purchase a few under garments to get me through the weekend. 

I would then purchase:

 blazer ( blue, black or white)

Faux leather skater skirt, preferably black short or long

Stripe top ( because I’m obsessed with stripes and they look good with anything)

Plain tee

Chambray shirt

White Button down shirt

Denim skinny leg jeans

Something leopard print ( shoe or bag) because Leopard is my kind of neutral accent color

Denim or bomber jacket

A Simple LBD

Tons of accessories to add bling to any look



Being a self employed beauty blogger can be challenging; how do you balance time with your 9 to 5? Where do you hope to take your career in the beauty and fashion industry?

     Being a beauty blogger is extremely challenging, especially for someone like myself that is employed full-time. I don’t necessary have a 9-5, more so I have a 7-3, 1-10, 3-9, and or 11-8 so it’s extremely hard at times to find some sort of balance. I try my best to prioritize and schedule my posts. 

     I typically would set aside a day and do all my product shots, write about each at the and then schedule posts on when I want them to launch. Now, I even try to have a set day for when my post goes out for example (Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Sundays) So people can know when to expect my posts. Advice: figure out a routine and stick to it no matter what.



     I want Fionakmylifemystyle to fall in the ranks with other top beauty sites. I want it to be the go to beauty authority when it comes to products reviews, trending beauty, and styling.








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