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Shopaholic Style Directory: Ren Gray


I’m a brown girl that was born and raised in the South Bronx. I come from a single parent household and have always had aspirations of being successful. I’ve attained a Master’s degree in Public Administration with specialization in Human Resources and have always had the desire to give back to my community. I chose a career path in higher education, where I can help students who are accompanied by lower incomes receive financial assistance to achieve their educational goals. Although the sense of fulfillment I feel is immeasurable, I have always expressed my passion for fashion and therefore, recently created.                     

T H E G R A Y S T Y L E, my very own fashion blog.


If I can sum up my personal style in one word, it would be SERIOUS. I love pieces that are structured and defined in its shape. Although I like patterns and color schemes, nothing screams a woman about her business more than solid colors. It is a commanding force in any room and I find it very elegant. If there is one quote that would say sums up what I try to exude in the pieces I wear, it would be the words of Karl Lagerfeld, “A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul”. 



I am indeed a shopaholic. My mom says I have a serious problem, because I continue to buy items and I’m a homebody –lol. I seriously have items I bought years ago and still have yet to wear, tags and all.


I would have to say the Fall season is my favorite style season. I love the idea of layers and layers of clothing, boyfriend jeans, big sweaters, leather jackets, leather pants, fur, suede and I can’t forget over the knee boots… no greater combination.


To be quite honest, I get anxiety when shopping in stores with tons of people. I’m an online shopper; I’m that girl. Eighty percent of my entire closet is from Asos; skirts, dresses, white button down shirts, scarves shoes you name it or see it it’s probably from Asos. If I’m not shopping online, Zara it is. What girl doesn’t love Zara? It gives me that classic working woman feel. It’s so chic.

I like timeless pieces that are classic. I tend to deviate from the more trendy pieces because I am a saver. I shop smarter, not harder.


As far as my style inspiration, I have to give credit to MiraSlavaDuma, Instyle Editor, Kahlana Barfield Brown, Solange Knowles and Christine Centenera. They are all such classy stylish women.



The Full Disclothesure 

When someone shops as much as I do you learn the business very quickly. I have shopped many boutiques over the years and I know what I like. When it comes to boutique fashion originality is the goal. I will shop from a certain boutique usually because they provide affordable trendy fashion and make it easily accessible to the buyer. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Tamika at a private dinner in lower Manhattan a few weeks ago. Tamika is the owner of Disclothesure LLC and a wonderful wardrobe and fashion stylist. I was immediately drawn to her and could tell she took her business very seriously. 

Tamika’s boutique is very refreshing. I have not seen most of her collection anywhere and I love every piece! The collection is affordable and does not look like your typical boutique-wear. 

The pieces were styled and photographed beautifully and I can not wait to shop the collection! I have also attached a few of my favorite looks along with some images I felt you ladies definitely need to see! I hope you all love the shop as much as I do and as always, Happy Shopping! 


Shopaholic Cart Confession: Mini Haul Part Deaux

So I have a confession. I let my friend Kerry talk me into going shopping again this weekend. I had every intention of behaving myself but I did not succeed. My name is Jessica and I am a shopaholic. We ended up at every Forever 21 location on the west side of Manhattan, and after the third location; I just couldn’t resist. 

Classic Bomber Jacket – $34.90

I have been eyeing this green bomber jacket for a long time. I have been waiting for a new and exciting color like burgundy, hot pink, or even a patterned option. With no luck I have only been able to find it in black and green (pictured) I opted for the men’s jacket since I am 5’10 and have really long arms. I picked up a large and it fit to my liking. I am sure that I will have this jacket for seasons to come. I also can’t wait to show you how I style it. 

You Are What You Wear Dress – $17.90

I also purchased this graphic print dress. I do strongly agree that you are what you wear. Fashion makes a statement, but sometimes the statement is just way to obvious. I will have a lot of fun with this dress.

Distressed Denim Pencil Skirt -$24.90

 Finally I got my hands on this distressed denim pencil dress. The length is perfect for a tall girl and I love the ripped detail down the front of the skirt. This is edgy and sexy with a juxtaposed long length. Perfect for fall and winter styling with boots and sweaters. 

I think I did good. Not too much damage and I got good pieces. Let me know what you find in Forever 21 and Happy Shopping! 

Shopaholic Cart Confession: Mini Haul 

I am always accused of not sharing my new buys in a timely manner. I am here with a mini fashion haul of some purchases I made last night! I stopped in to Oldnavy yesterday after work. The huge 50% off clearance sign drew me in. 

The first thing I picked up was this cute graphic t-shirt “Black is the new Black” for the low price of three dollars. I would pair this with a pair of leather pants and a black blazer just to play with the texture. But it is just a t so the styling possibilities are endless. 

Next I grabbed these striped trousers. Burgundy navy and white striped for when I am feeling preppy. These pants come in various prints and colors, but in store only this option is on sale. For seven dollars I decided to just throw it in the bag. I love the material, it is very well made and you can’t beat the price. Pair with any of the accent colors and a neutral shoe for the fall. 

I just love free flowing shirt dresses. They are great for the summer for a no fuss outfit of the day. Transition this piece into the fall and winter by layering over a denim shirt and pair with knee high boots or over a chunky sweater. This dress was an online return and I took it home for just seven dollars. 

I picked up three belts simply because I don’t have any. I am almost completely satisfied with my wardrobe and now I am working towards finishing pieces like belts and other purpose filled items. 

I picked up this black pony hair belt and the leopard one above it. They were not on sale but I did need them. You win some you loose some but you should always shop smart. 

The last belt I picked up I could not find online. I found this similar style on google. Just imagine a skinny black leather belt with round gold studs and a sleeker buckle. This was a quick and successful trip to Oldnavy. Let me know if you would like me to share more one store hauls like this in the future! Happy Shopping! 

Shopaholic Styles The Fashion Icons: Halloween Ideas

Now that we have all seen a million and one makeup tutorials on disgusting zombies and other undead creatures… I have decided to give you some ideas on how to go glam for Halloween. I have picked four iconic women from the past and present and I’m going to show you how to recreate their looks for Halloween. 

Diana Ross. 

Ross is an iconic singer, actress, song writer and just beautiful woman. At the young age of seventy-one it is safe to say she has worn it all! I chose this particular look because it embodies her elegance and at the same time risqué demeanor. This look is simple and beautiful. 
Pair a low cut jumpsuit with a plush fur jacket and accessorize how you see fit. Fish net head pieces are everywhere this year so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one. Vintage style earrings and strappy sandals to finish the look. If you feel your waist is getting lost in the look add a waist cinching embellished belt. Halloween doesn’t always have to be tacky or full of gore. 

Marilyn Monroe. 

Everyone knows this woman. Marilyn represents this unattainable standard of beauty and was the Kim Kardashian of the 50s. This photo is one of her most recognizable images to date. Other than her torrid affair with the president of the United States and her acting career, she was known far and wide as America’s Sweet Heart. Ok if you ignore the drugs and alcohol and sleeping around you have to admit this is a Halloween costume that is easily identifiable. If you don’t want to get the cheap ruffle dress from party city here is a chic alternative. 

Pair a sweet mini dress in winter white with a pair of flesh tone heels. I chose this sheath dress because of the flirty Ruffles at the base. If the look is too simple you can always pair with a bling statement necklace. Do not forget the signature red lip and mole. Find a blonde wig and you’re set! 

Audrey Hepburn. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the fashionista fairy tale on film. Audrey Hepburns little black dress is timeless and definitely worthy of recreating for Halloween. I love the hats from this era. This is easily one of my most favorite looks. 

The hat and pearls are a must. Take this look all the way with a pair of satin gloves that come all the way to the elbow. This look is simple chic and if you ask me can still be worn after Halloween. 

Jessica Rabbit. 

Ok so this last look was just an extra imaginary icon I decided to add just for fun. Jessica Rabbit was a sexy trollop with a dope outfit. Wife of Roger Rabbit she is just a cool cartoon chick. If you guys choose this one I would love to see! 

Any sexy red maxi dress will do but you definitely need the purple gloves and fiery red hair. Pair with red pumps and a dark lip.

No matter which looks you decide to go with for Halloween just remember to put your best fashion foot forward. Happy Shopping! 

Shopaholic Cart Confession: Excessories 

It is no secret that I am an accessory junkie. I have had most of my pieces for quite some time now and I find myself getting more and more selective when choosing a statement necklace. 

Eva Marcille alumni and winner of America’s Next Top Model posted a photo via her Instagram wearing this amazing piece. I do not own any black necklaces and rarely gravitate towards black; however, this is a must have! 

The coin necklace is a perfect statement for the Falla me winter. I can easily see this paired with a white button blouse or layered over a chunky sweater. The necklace was purchased from an online boutique called Frugal Finds. It arrived pretty quickly. The packaging could have been a little better as chunkier necklaces should be in cardboard but the bubble envelope weathered the travel safely. 

I can’t wait to show you how I style this piece. Until next time, Happy Shopping! 

Balmain For H&M First Look

I had pretty much engrained in my mind what I was going to purchase from the Balmain for H&M collaboration this fall. Every year H&M collaborates with a coveted high end brand to bring luxe affordable trends to the general public. This is probably the highest anticipated collab to date. I am certain that this will sell out almost immediately. 

I have been combing the inter webs vigorously for the first looks. Since the initial announcement we all saw the photos of the first few pieces that brand designer Oliver Rousting debuted an an award show early this year. My eyes went straight to Kendall’s beaded blazer! I thought for sure I was going to go in get the blazer and get out. 

I found what I assume to be all of the photos from the collection earlier today and just had to rush home to share them with my Shopaholics. I love them all! I don’t know what pieces I will get my hands on but this collection did not disappoint at all. 

I won’t say what pieces I will be purchasing just yet, I will save that for a future post as the date (November 5th) gets closer. But I will instead leave all the pieces that stood out to me below for your viewing pleasure! 





I would love to know if you will be lining up to shop this collection. Do you love it? Do you hate it? I would love to open a discussion in the comments section below! 


Shopaholic Cart Confession: Boutique Overload

I don’t think I have to tell you guys that I am always shopping… even when I’m not. I like to shop at boutiques. Ok I like to shop everywhere. I like to mix and match luxe and inexpensive pieces carefully. I love boutiques that offer pieces that look expensive but are affordable. These pieces are usually trendy and there isn’t a need to keep them for years to come. I hate spending a lot of money on trend and then I look back and ask myself “What were you thinking?” 

Today I am here to share my picks from a boutique that belongs to a good friend of mine. Myselegance Boutique is owned by Myisha Quinn. I love fashion and she does too! I was happy to see some of the latest pieces that she was able to add to her store. 


Myisha (above) 
I am going to show you guys some of the pieces I can’t wait to get as well as show you how I might wear them! 

Cape Town Chic

This dress is super sweet. The cape is definitely on trend! I appreciate the cape being incorporated into a faux suede dress. This can make you seem a little tame; to prevent looking timid I would pair it with some super sexy thigh high heels and edgy accessories. Because I wanted to showcase the dress and the rich burgundy heels I played down the rest of the look with a nude lip and a printed clutch. 

Caged Rockstar 
This red caged mini cape body con dress is so dope! I would definitely wear this to a late night party or a date with the mister. This dress demands attention! Pair with nude heels a dark lip and a rocker clutch. I am in love with this dress! 


Red Hot Fatigue


These super comfortable t-shirt dresses can easily become one of those things that I wear way too much. Does anyone else wear something they love to death as if you don’t own anything else? Who doesn’t love army print? This rugged print can be taken literally at times; so, I love the juxtaposition of pairing this look with a sexy pump and a sleeveless military jacket. Simple style that’s done on purpose. Pair the look with a red lip to make sure you have his attention. 


Casualty Written in Black and White

 I covet all things black and white. This trench jacket is definitely a statement piece. I won’t tell you how to style a jacket because essentially you will be wearing it a whole lot. I will show you how I might showcase it for a night out with the girls. You can’t go wrong with all black. A deep v-neck tee with a strappy bralette will have guys buying drinks for you and your squad. (If you’re into that sort of thing) I left out a lip option… this color palette allows you to choose whatever shade best compliments your skintone, when in doubt GO BOLD! 


Do you plan to shop at Mys Elegance Boutique? What piece are you going to get? If you do tell her who sent you! Happy Shopping! 

Shopaholic Style Directory: Delightful Ace ♠️

Who is Delightful Ace? I am currently a Makeup Artist for Sephora. I have a passion for makeup, I use my art to make others feel beautiful, I would love to extend my artistry hand as far as Fashion, Movies, Broadway, you name it. 

Do you consider yourself a shopaholic? 

No not really, I actually buy things as I need them and hardly wear them again. I shop on the go.

How would you describe your personal style? What is your favorite style season? 
I would say my style is eclectic, I don’t have a preferred fashion look, I am a rebel when it comes to fashion, I almost never know whats in trend, I wing it, but if I did have to pick a fashion season it would be Fall, I am a sucker for sweaters, thigh high boots and hats.
Where do you choose to go for a day of retail therapy? 
For retail therapy I would go to my any local thrift store, because it allows my mind to create amazing outfits out of clothes people got rid of. 

What is your favorite trend? What is your least favorite trend? 
I love them ALL! 
You are traveling out of state to a style conference and the airline has lost your luggage. Your company has given you $200 to purchase an outfit for the presentation as well as something to change into for a dinner party that evening. Where would you go and what would you buy? 
I defiantly would go to H&M because they have both business savvy and dinner wear at reasonable prices. I would buy a cute pants suit and for dinner a cute black dress. 
Being a self employed beauty vlogger can be challenging; how do you balance time? Where do you hope to take your career in the beauty and fashion industry
Ugh, there is just never enough time in the day! My mind is constantly racing with ideas, I always try to accomplish something, even if am dead beat tired. I intend to take my beauty career to Essence, BET, the big screen etc. I want my name to be known, I want my style to be recognized, I want to be the greatest version of myself. 
Connect with me:

Instagram: @delightfulace

Youtube: Delightfulace12


Shopaholic Cart Confession: Clutching to America

     Just stopping in really quickly to share the long awaited details about this fabulous clutch. I posted a picture of this “Coming to America” themed, hand painted clutch on my Instagram two weeks ago. Everyone wanted to know where it was from. I don’t usually like to share information, especially from Instagram shops and boutiques until I have actually received the product. I would hate to tell you guys to buy something that I couldn’t vouch for. I promised as soon as I received it in the mail I would share everything you needed to know and I’m here to do just that. 

     I stumbled upon the Kashmir VIII page after model Karreuche Tran posted this photo of one of the handbag designs that she wore during the last Fashion Week here in New York. 

Crushin” Clutch- $55.00

I immediately went over to the Kashmir VIII website to see what other designs were available. I thought the layout was dope and the caption was super cute. 

The design was offered in two different colors a Red option and this Grey pictured above. 

Fresh” Poster – $30.00

As I continued to browse the website I came to notice that Kashmir was an artist. Her paintings definitely speak to anyone born in the 80’s. Her unique take on retro fashion was so refreshing! I had to pick something to support this black owned business. 

Kashmir Thompson is a twenty-five year old visual artist from Cleveland, OH currently residing in Georgia. An alumni Cleveland School of the Arts where she majored in Visual Communications and minored in Creative Writing. She began taking her art seriously back in 2014 and her unique accessories have been getting better and better.

Kings, New York” Clutch – $45.00

Anyone who knows me in real life, knows that Coming to America is one of my favorite movies OF ALL TIME! When I saw this clutch I just had to hit ADD TO CART.   

You So Craaaazy” Pillow Set – $230.00

     I love that the artist isn’t forcing you to wear these items. Most of these television shows and movies, that she has drawn inspiration from, have become part of our lifestyles. I think paintings, clutches and even pillows are a great way to make her art live uniquely with whomever purchases them. I would love to add these pillows to my home decor. 

You So Craaaazy” 2.0 Clutch – $55.00 
If the pillows are out of your budget and you really love Martin. This is my second clutch choice. The bright yellow is the perfect backdrop for this colorful piece. I wish I would have found these pieces at the beginning of the summer. The vibrant details would truly shine through. I will be glad to show you guys how I style this purse during the fall and winter months so stay tuned. 

Kashmir asks that you allow 2 weeks for shipping and my bag came in exactly two weeks. She doesn’t send out tracking info unless you request it. If that is something you require be sure to email her with your name and order number after you have made your purchase so she will be able to provide you with that info in a timely manner. I would definitely purchase more products from her in the future. 

In the comments below let me know which product you plan to purchase. If you do get something from her shop tell her I sent you… Happy Shopping!