Shopaholic Cart Confession: Clutching to America

     Just stopping in really quickly to share the long awaited details about this fabulous clutch. I posted a picture of this “Coming to America” themed, hand painted clutch on my Instagram two weeks ago. Everyone wanted to know where it was from. I don’t usually like to share information, especially from Instagram shops and boutiques until I have actually received the product. I would hate to tell you guys to buy something that I couldn’t vouch for. I promised as soon as I received it in the mail I would share everything you needed to know and I’m here to do just that. 

     I stumbled upon the Kashmir VIII page after model Karreuche Tran posted this photo of one of the handbag designs that she wore during the last Fashion Week here in New York. 

Crushin” Clutch- $55.00

I immediately went over to the Kashmir VIII website to see what other designs were available. I thought the layout was dope and the caption was super cute. 

The design was offered in two different colors a Red option and this Grey pictured above. 

Fresh” Poster – $30.00

As I continued to browse the website I came to notice that Kashmir was an artist. Her paintings definitely speak to anyone born in the 80’s. Her unique take on retro fashion was so refreshing! I had to pick something to support this black owned business. 

Kashmir Thompson is a twenty-five year old visual artist from Cleveland, OH currently residing in Georgia. An alumni Cleveland School of the Arts where she majored in Visual Communications and minored in Creative Writing. She began taking her art seriously back in 2014 and her unique accessories have been getting better and better.

Kings, New York” Clutch – $45.00

Anyone who knows me in real life, knows that Coming to America is one of my favorite movies OF ALL TIME! When I saw this clutch I just had to hit ADD TO CART.   

You So Craaaazy” Pillow Set – $230.00

     I love that the artist isn’t forcing you to wear these items. Most of these television shows and movies, that she has drawn inspiration from, have become part of our lifestyles. I think paintings, clutches and even pillows are a great way to make her art live uniquely with whomever purchases them. I would love to add these pillows to my home decor. 

You So Craaaazy” 2.0 Clutch – $55.00 
If the pillows are out of your budget and you really love Martin. This is my second clutch choice. The bright yellow is the perfect backdrop for this colorful piece. I wish I would have found these pieces at the beginning of the summer. The vibrant details would truly shine through. I will be glad to show you guys how I style this purse during the fall and winter months so stay tuned. 

Kashmir asks that you allow 2 weeks for shipping and my bag came in exactly two weeks. She doesn’t send out tracking info unless you request it. If that is something you require be sure to email her with your name and order number after you have made your purchase so she will be able to provide you with that info in a timely manner. I would definitely purchase more products from her in the future. 

In the comments below let me know which product you plan to purchase. If you do get something from her shop tell her I sent you… Happy Shopping! 



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