Balmain For H&M First Look

I had pretty much engrained in my mind what I was going to purchase from the Balmain for H&M collaboration this fall. Every year H&M collaborates with a coveted high end brand to bring luxe affordable trends to the general public. This is probably the highest anticipated collab to date. I am certain that this will sell out almost immediately. 

I have been combing the inter webs vigorously for the first looks. Since the initial announcement we all saw the photos of the first few pieces that brand designer Oliver Rousting debuted an an award show early this year. My eyes went straight to Kendall’s beaded blazer! I thought for sure I was going to go in get the blazer and get out. 

I found what I assume to be all of the photos from the collection earlier today and just had to rush home to share them with my Shopaholics. I love them all! I don’t know what pieces I will get my hands on but this collection did not disappoint at all. 

I won’t say what pieces I will be purchasing just yet, I will save that for a future post as the date (November 5th) gets closer. But I will instead leave all the pieces that stood out to me below for your viewing pleasure! 





I would love to know if you will be lining up to shop this collection. Do you love it? Do you hate it? I would love to open a discussion in the comments section below! 




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