Shopaholic Cart Confession: Mini Haul 

I am always accused of not sharing my new buys in a timely manner. I am here with a mini fashion haul of some purchases I made last night! I stopped in to Oldnavy yesterday after work. The huge 50% off clearance sign drew me in. 

The first thing I picked up was this cute graphic t-shirt “Black is the new Black” for the low price of three dollars. I would pair this with a pair of leather pants and a black blazer just to play with the texture. But it is just a t so the styling possibilities are endless. 

Next I grabbed these striped trousers. Burgundy navy and white striped for when I am feeling preppy. These pants come in various prints and colors, but in store only this option is on sale. For seven dollars I decided to just throw it in the bag. I love the material, it is very well made and you can’t beat the price. Pair with any of the accent colors and a neutral shoe for the fall. 

I just love free flowing shirt dresses. They are great for the summer for a no fuss outfit of the day. Transition this piece into the fall and winter by layering over a denim shirt and pair with knee high boots or over a chunky sweater. This dress was an online return and I took it home for just seven dollars. 

I picked up three belts simply because I don’t have any. I am almost completely satisfied with my wardrobe and now I am working towards finishing pieces like belts and other purpose filled items. 

I picked up this black pony hair belt and the leopard one above it. They were not on sale but I did need them. You win some you loose some but you should always shop smart. 

The last belt I picked up I could not find online. I found this similar style on google. Just imagine a skinny black leather belt with round gold studs and a sleeker buckle. This was a quick and successful trip to Oldnavy. Let me know if you would like me to share more one store hauls like this in the future! Happy Shopping! 


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