Shopaholic Styles The Fashion Icons: Halloween Ideas

Now that we have all seen a million and one makeup tutorials on disgusting zombies and other undead creatures… I have decided to give you some ideas on how to go glam for Halloween. I have picked four iconic women from the past and present and I’m going to show you how to recreate their looks for Halloween. 

Diana Ross. 

Ross is an iconic singer, actress, song writer and just beautiful woman. At the young age of seventy-one it is safe to say she has worn it all! I chose this particular look because it embodies her elegance and at the same time risqué demeanor. This look is simple and beautiful. 
Pair a low cut jumpsuit with a plush fur jacket and accessorize how you see fit. Fish net head pieces are everywhere this year so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one. Vintage style earrings and strappy sandals to finish the look. If you feel your waist is getting lost in the look add a waist cinching embellished belt. Halloween doesn’t always have to be tacky or full of gore. 

Marilyn Monroe. 

Everyone knows this woman. Marilyn represents this unattainable standard of beauty and was the Kim Kardashian of the 50s. This photo is one of her most recognizable images to date. Other than her torrid affair with the president of the United States and her acting career, she was known far and wide as America’s Sweet Heart. Ok if you ignore the drugs and alcohol and sleeping around you have to admit this is a Halloween costume that is easily identifiable. If you don’t want to get the cheap ruffle dress from party city here is a chic alternative. 

Pair a sweet mini dress in winter white with a pair of flesh tone heels. I chose this sheath dress because of the flirty Ruffles at the base. If the look is too simple you can always pair with a bling statement necklace. Do not forget the signature red lip and mole. Find a blonde wig and you’re set! 

Audrey Hepburn. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the fashionista fairy tale on film. Audrey Hepburns little black dress is timeless and definitely worthy of recreating for Halloween. I love the hats from this era. This is easily one of my most favorite looks. 

The hat and pearls are a must. Take this look all the way with a pair of satin gloves that come all the way to the elbow. This look is simple chic and if you ask me can still be worn after Halloween. 

Jessica Rabbit. 

Ok so this last look was just an extra imaginary icon I decided to add just for fun. Jessica Rabbit was a sexy trollop with a dope outfit. Wife of Roger Rabbit she is just a cool cartoon chick. If you guys choose this one I would love to see! 

Any sexy red maxi dress will do but you definitely need the purple gloves and fiery red hair. Pair with red pumps and a dark lip.

No matter which looks you decide to go with for Halloween just remember to put your best fashion foot forward. Happy Shopping! 


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