Shopaholic Style Directory: Ren Gray


I’m a brown girl that was born and raised in the South Bronx. I come from a single parent household and have always had aspirations of being successful. I’ve attained a Master’s degree in Public Administration with specialization in Human Resources and have always had the desire to give back to my community. I chose a career path in higher education, where I can help students who are accompanied by lower incomes receive financial assistance to achieve their educational goals. Although the sense of fulfillment I feel is immeasurable, I have always expressed my passion for fashion and therefore, recently created.                     

T H E G R A Y S T Y L E, my very own fashion blog.


If I can sum up my personal style in one word, it would be SERIOUS. I love pieces that are structured and defined in its shape. Although I like patterns and color schemes, nothing screams a woman about her business more than solid colors. It is a commanding force in any room and I find it very elegant. If there is one quote that would say sums up what I try to exude in the pieces I wear, it would be the words of Karl Lagerfeld, “A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul”. 



I am indeed a shopaholic. My mom says I have a serious problem, because I continue to buy items and I’m a homebody –lol. I seriously have items I bought years ago and still have yet to wear, tags and all.


I would have to say the Fall season is my favorite style season. I love the idea of layers and layers of clothing, boyfriend jeans, big sweaters, leather jackets, leather pants, fur, suede and I can’t forget over the knee boots… no greater combination.


To be quite honest, I get anxiety when shopping in stores with tons of people. I’m an online shopper; I’m that girl. Eighty percent of my entire closet is from Asos; skirts, dresses, white button down shirts, scarves shoes you name it or see it it’s probably from Asos. If I’m not shopping online, Zara it is. What girl doesn’t love Zara? It gives me that classic working woman feel. It’s so chic.

I like timeless pieces that are classic. I tend to deviate from the more trendy pieces because I am a saver. I shop smarter, not harder.


As far as my style inspiration, I have to give credit to MiraSlavaDuma, Instyle Editor, Kahlana Barfield Brown, Solange Knowles and Christine Centenera. They are all such classy stylish women.



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  1. I wish I had your fashion sense. Your clothes are beautiful! Even as a child you loved clothes and always gave them style. I am so proud to have played a part in your journey. I am also proud that you are helping others to reach their goal. The Blessing will continue in your life.
    Ms. Taylorhunt

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