Month: November 2015

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Every season the fashion gods tell us that we need to gravitate towards a certain color. Neutrals in the winter, Pastels in the Spring and Bright bold colors that pop against a summer tan are some examples of this. In the fall there are a few colors that naturally appear such as burgundy, grey and camel to name a few. I have noticed a growing love affair with all things green.


     This faux leather jacket caught my eye a few days ago. I saw this jacket in burgundy at Forever 21, weeks ago and definitely knew it was a hit. When I saw the green version I just could not leave it behind. The cool toned hunter green is a great statement making outerwear piece. I am sure this item will withstand the test of time. I can not wait to show you guys how I style this piece. The detachable faux fur collar makes it very easy to transition into the spring for an added selling bonus. 

Next I fell in love with these Khaki green strappy sandals. I know it’s kind of too cold for sandals at the moment, but I had to jump at the opportunity to take these with me. It comes in six color options but I loved the way the green looked against my brown skin. ZARA had their own version of these heels but I picked mine up at ROXX boutique. 

     Finally I purchased another accessory, this box purse has plenty of room for a brunch date. The gold hardware adds an interesting edge; yet, the shape of the handbag adds a sleek detail that allows me to wear this piece for a evening dinner or a chilled day of shopping at the mall. This was also found at ROXX boutique.

What ever shade you gravitate towards this season be sure to shop smart. Choose pieces that can transition into other seasons as well. Fashion is constantly changing, but good style can last forever.


Shopaholic Cart Confession: ZARA

I have been trying my best to cut back on unnecessary spending. This means I have to stay away from stores like ASOS, ZARA, Missguided, H&M and Forever 21. In the spirit of my birthday (which passed a few days ago) I decided to treat myself. H&M has been mildly dissapointing as-of-late and my last haul was from Forever 21, so I decided to pay ZARA a visit.

I came across this beautiful faux leather pencil skirt and just had to try it on. It looked even better on a human body than it did on the hanger! I just love it when that happens. I immediately had to add to my cart and checkout.

This piece I picked up in the brown color will be perfect for styling multiple looks this fall and winter. It has a slight elastane stretch and is very flattering to the body. One bonus of faux leather is the body hugging capability. Genuine leather can sometimes be quite rigid and unflattering. 

It features an exposed silver metal zipper and slit at the center of the back panel. For $39.90 I thought this was a great deal.

As I was planning my escape from ZARA, I spotted the green option. I have been slightly obsessed with the color green this season. I must admit that I gave in and purchased this color as well. I love the way khaki green looks on my brown skin. I thought about exchanging the green for the brown; however, both color ways share a unique purpose and I had to have them together. 

Of course the skirt is available in the classic black…

…as well as a rich blue shade. 

Which ever color you choose, i think this is a great item to add to your wardrobe. Happy Shopping! 

Thanksgiving Trends: Styling Plaid

Since the tartan trend seems to be in high demand this year; I have decided to show you five different ways to wear plaid this holiday season. These styles will allow to eat to your hearts content without having to unzip your pants. 

You want to seem wholesome enough to meet the parents but edgy enough  to keep his attention on you instead of your cousin (who never seems to wear enough clothes around company). Go for a free flowing shirt dress. You can unbutton or button depending on your chest size and pair with boots and a leather jacket. It’s charming yet approchable and does not compromise sex appeal. 

You’ve eaten with these people a million and one times before… but you don’t want to to seem like you just rolled out of bed? A chic flannel and high waisted stretch denim will do. If you have to venture out of the house to get extra cranberry sauce throw on a sexy bootie and that beige coat. You never know, you may meet next years dinner with the parents in the frozen food section. 

   A lot of people have been posting their friends giving photos on social media this year. This is the time when you want to seem a little more put-together. Go with a sleeveless leather dress. This will allow you to be warm outside but not to hot on your friends couch. The circle dress will make room for the second helping of stuffing, or macaroni and cheese. The over coat and thigh high boots will be a great conversation starter for those friends you haven’t seen since the last year’s cuffing season began. 
Do you have to attend several dinners this year? You’re uncle owes your dad money, and your boyfriend won’t commit; so you’re attending three separate family dinners. Go with an oversized shift dress. You won’t be under or over dressed. Add the fedora once you get to your boyfriends place, it will make them think you put in a little extra effort. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert, consume small samples of everything important and eat quickly. Plan your exit strategy before entering each location.


If you’re working this holiday season, I am sure you’re office will be pot-lucking  a feast. Dress nicely to help with the pain of having to wake up early or stay late when the rest of the country seems to be at the parade or watching the game and eating candied yams. A sweater and plaid trousers is always cute. If heels aren’t practical go with a dressy flat in a similar hue. Hide the waist with a sleeveless overcoat. Showing skin at work is frowned upon, so dress the part.

I hope these outfits inspire you to put your most stylish boot forward this year. Pick your favorite shade of plaid and be thankful for whatever makes you happy. These looks are for inspiration. Worry less about where to get the exact pieces and more about the concept. But most importantly be YOU. Happy Thabksgiving! 

How to Style: The  Fashion Bomber 

The bomber jacket has been a standard outwear piece for men for a long time. Most recently, the bomber has become a staple in women’s fashion and a personal favorite. I love this Khaki green jacket. I am going to show you a few ways, I plan to style this bomber for the fall and winter. 

Monochrome with a pop of color can be done with khaki! I paired this casual jacket with a matching long sleeve top and midi pencil skirt. Fringe boots and a bright pink fedora for brunch with the girls. 

For a no fuss day of fashion a turtleneck and distressed jeans is a great warm alternative to the classic t-shirt and jeans. If you want to add glam you can always style a statement necklace like this mixed stone neutral bib. Keep the look laid back with pink sneakers. This easy going look is great for shopping in the city. 

You can not go wrong with denim on denim. If you want to wear your jacket on a date just grab your favorite sexy yet simple pair of flesh toned heels. The shopaholic thing to do would be to add a fedora. Remember, if you want to kiss on the first date go with a gloss instead of a lipstick. 

If you just want to walk around town and be awesome. This is one of my favorite looks! A bourdeaux  bodycon dress and funky leopard boots with a statement bucket bag. Mirrored sunglasses to block all of the stares. Did I say this was my favorite look? 

Let me know which of these looks you would love to try out and if you would buy this fashion bomber jacket!