Thanksgiving Trends: Styling Plaid

Since the tartan trend seems to be in high demand this year; I have decided to show you five different ways to wear plaid this holiday season. These styles will allow to eat to your hearts content without having to unzip your pants. 

You want to seem wholesome enough to meet the parents but edgy enough  to keep his attention on you instead of your cousin (who never seems to wear enough clothes around company). Go for a free flowing shirt dress. You can unbutton or button depending on your chest size and pair with boots and a leather jacket. It’s charming yet approchable and does not compromise sex appeal. 

You’ve eaten with these people a million and one times before… but you don’t want to to seem like you just rolled out of bed? A chic flannel and high waisted stretch denim will do. If you have to venture out of the house to get extra cranberry sauce throw on a sexy bootie and that beige coat. You never know, you may meet next years dinner with the parents in the frozen food section. 

   A lot of people have been posting their friends giving photos on social media this year. This is the time when you want to seem a little more put-together. Go with a sleeveless leather dress. This will allow you to be warm outside but not to hot on your friends couch. The circle dress will make room for the second helping of stuffing, or macaroni and cheese. The over coat and thigh high boots will be a great conversation starter for those friends you haven’t seen since the last year’s cuffing season began. 
Do you have to attend several dinners this year? You’re uncle owes your dad money, and your boyfriend won’t commit; so you’re attending three separate family dinners. Go with an oversized shift dress. You won’t be under or over dressed. Add the fedora once you get to your boyfriends place, it will make them think you put in a little extra effort. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert, consume small samples of everything important and eat quickly. Plan your exit strategy before entering each location.


If you’re working this holiday season, I am sure you’re office will be pot-lucking  a feast. Dress nicely to help with the pain of having to wake up early or stay late when the rest of the country seems to be at the parade or watching the game and eating candied yams. A sweater and plaid trousers is always cute. If heels aren’t practical go with a dressy flat in a similar hue. Hide the waist with a sleeveless overcoat. Showing skin at work is frowned upon, so dress the part.

I hope these outfits inspire you to put your most stylish boot forward this year. Pick your favorite shade of plaid and be thankful for whatever makes you happy. These looks are for inspiration. Worry less about where to get the exact pieces and more about the concept. But most importantly be YOU. Happy Thabksgiving! 


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