Shopaholic Cart Confession: ZARA

I have been trying my best to cut back on unnecessary spending. This means I have to stay away from stores like ASOS, ZARA, Missguided, H&M and Forever 21. In the spirit of my birthday (which passed a few days ago) I decided to treat myself. H&M has been mildly dissapointing as-of-late and my last haul was from Forever 21, so I decided to pay ZARA a visit.

I came across this beautiful faux leather pencil skirt and just had to try it on. It looked even better on a human body than it did on the hanger! I just love it when that happens. I immediately had to add to my cart and checkout.

This piece I picked up in the brown color will be perfect for styling multiple looks this fall and winter. It has a slight elastane stretch and is very flattering to the body. One bonus of faux leather is the body hugging capability. Genuine leather can sometimes be quite rigid and unflattering. 

It features an exposed silver metal zipper and slit at the center of the back panel. For $39.90 I thought this was a great deal.

As I was planning my escape from ZARA, I spotted the green option. I have been slightly obsessed with the color green this season. I must admit that I gave in and purchased this color as well. I love the way khaki green looks on my brown skin. I thought about exchanging the green for the brown; however, both color ways share a unique purpose and I had to have them together. 

Of course the skirt is available in the classic black…

…as well as a rich blue shade. 

Which ever color you choose, i think this is a great item to add to your wardrobe. Happy Shopping! 


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