Month: December 2015

Shopaholic Personal Style: A Week in my Wardrobe 

I’m pretty sure you guys are either following along or completely sick of me by now. But we are over the mid week hump. I can not stress enough how much I love the color green. I rarely do head to toe color but green is definitely the new black. 

Basic t-shirts are a wardrobe essential. I picked up a bunch of colors from Tick Tock and Rainbow. These simple stretch tees are super cheap and I don’t get upset when I ruin one because they are only five or six bucks. I knew I had to get this green because it looks just so good on brown skin. I have said it a million times. I picked up the green skirt from ZARA and shared links and details in a previous blog post. 

The shoes are from ROXX boutique. ZARA also has a similar style in different colors but I picked these up for $35. A few weeks ago. I think this outfit is classic and timeless. It’s not over done and can be worn on many different body types. I have a large bust so I would normally wear a vest or blazer over top. But if you love your rack by all means embrace it!   

I really enjoys sharing these looks with you guys. Please let me know if you enjoy them and I will be sure to continue doing them in the new year. If you have any questions always feel free to ask. I would love to know what your favorite look is this far. Until next time… Happy Shopping! 



Shopaholic Personal Style: A Week in my Wardrobe

It’s “Talk Tuesday” and day three of a week in my wardrobe. We are unusual warm at the end of this year’s fall season and I am not complaining. Taking photos outdoors can be quite challenging when you are so dependent on the changing weather. Today’s looks is one of my personal favorites because it is something I wear almost all of the time. 

A t-shirt dress and boots is a simple style formula. No matter how stylish your are or if you’re just a plain Jane this translates to everyone. The cut of the oversized shirt or dress is the key. This depends on your body type. I tray to stay away from form fitting clothing (without the proper undergarments) as mush as possible. I like loose fitting clothes because it feels comfortable. 

The autumn season is my favorite. I love to wear earth tones like this burgundy Oldnavy dress and brown H&M fedora. I added this blanket scarf also from H&M just to add a bit of interest to the look. I would wear this to explore the holiday tourist attractions here in the city. This is perfect for a casual date, and I feel every outfit is great for brunch. 

I blogged about my knee high boots from Nine West and they are a wardrobe staple of mine. I have been searching for the perfect pair for ages and I am glad I was able to score these for a great price. I feel the boots just brings the entire look together. 


I chose not to add any additional accessories because I wanted to keep the focus on the printed scarf. I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I do. Until tomorrow… Happy shopping.


Shopaholic Personal Style: A Week in my Wardrobe 

‘Tis the season… and today is the perfect day to be festive. The spring break that we received yesterday has long since worn off and it is almost business as usual here in New York. I have never been. Huge fan of the color red but I think burgundy is a great alternative. 

If you will be attending office parties this winter you want to create a balance between work wear and festive party wear. If your office is super conservative you may want to throw on a long vest or a blazer to cover up. I love the mesh top and this dress is so comfortable! 

I wore this dress on my birthday and played up the sexiness by adding a strappy bra and paired it with boots. I picked up this dress from Tick Tock as well for $28. You can find similar styles on websites like Missguided. It comes in Green and Black as well as a few other color ways. The green option wasn’t available at this local boutique but I think the burgundy is a perfect choice for the holidays.

You do not need any accessories for this look but you can always add a dainty or minimal necklace under the top for a girly flare. I would love to know what you guys wore to your office party so be sure to tag me in your photos. You can use the hashtag #ShopaholicPersonalStule or just tag me @thee_shopaholic on Instagram. I would love to share the looks with my readers. Happy Holidays, don’t eat too much, but most importantly, Happy Shopping! 


Shopaholic Personal Style: A Week in my Wardrobe

I absolutely love my personal style. How I like to style myself is completely different from how I style my clients. I get to experiment with shapes, textures, prints and patterns. This week, I have decided to take you guys through seven days of my personal style. I hope it will bring you inspiration as we round out the end of the year. 


If you have been following my blog, you probably already know that I have developed a new found love for all things khaki green. This waterfall blouse is perfect for all seasons. It was a balmy 62 degrees here in New York today, so I paired it with an open-toed sandal in the same color and my favorite pair of distressed jeans. This look is perfect for an early date or a casual brunch affair. 

I spent the day in Brooklyn with one of my good friends and this was comfortable and chic. I purchased the top from a local boutique in Queens called “Tick Tock” for $19. This can be a cape, blouse or even a beach cover-up. I am sure I will have this for seasons to come.

Since the flowy top can be a little over bearing and make me look wide, I opted for a fitted pair of distressed, boyfriend jeans, which I purchased early this year from Forever 21. If I could wear them everyday I WOULD. 

Finally my shoes and clutch are from an old faithful boutique, you should know called ROXX. I get most of my accessories from there and continue to get my trendy pieces from their two locations here in Queens. 

Personal Style should be personal. That means you should wear what You want and makes You feel good. If you don’t love your style how can you expect someone else to love it. Put your best style forward and forget about what everyone else is wearing.

I would love to know what you wore today. Be sure to tag me in your Instagram posts and use the hashtag #ShopaholicPersonalStyle I would love to share your style with my readers. Until next time… Happy Shoppping. 


Cyber Week Lookbook with Nine West

Nothing will haunt you like something you didn’t buy. This is especially true at the kick off of holiday shopping; otherwise known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As the years have past the tradition and novelty of the actual date you can participate, has long since worn off. You can shop the sales with your struggle plate in hand.

 I made a conscious decision to NOT shop this past weekend. I knew that nothing good could come of me entering a store riddled with “Sale” signs. My will power game just isn’t that strong. Friday came and went. Small Business Saturday was no different, I did not shop my favorite small and black owned businesses, but I do continue to support them throughout the year. 

Cyber Monday is an online shoppers dream! Every website uses calutaed signage and your email box is filled with links to your abandoned online carts with coupon codes just waiting to be used and abused. I am happy to say that I made it through. I didn’t buy ONE THING! 

Just like that it was Tuesday, Cyber Tuesday or Giving Tuesday. I don’t know what made me open up the nine west website. But there it was. A pair of black over the knee boots I had been eyeing since the fall began. 

These boots had been listed on the site for $169. But that Tuesday they were on sale for $84.99. How could I not? They would go back to regular price… and I would have lost the opportunity to purchase something I planned on buying anyway for an unbeatable price. 

Over the knee boots make your fall and winter fashion look effortlessly chic. I have listed 3 examples throughout this post for your viewing pleasure. In the comments below, share what you purchased this cyber week. Happy Shopping.

Men’s Gift Guide 2015: Christmas Picks

I won’t waste anytime and just jump right into it. I have hand selected a bunch of epic gifts for the man in your life this year. Whether it’s your dad, brother, husband, or next door neighbor; I hope this post will help inspire you this holiday season. 

Every man should have one pair of leather gloves. Invest in a good pair with attention to detail and longevity. They may cost a bit more but I assure you; if you get a good set you won’t have to buy them again (as long as he doesn’t loose them). 

The art of shaving has luxe shaving and skin care products for the well groomed man. If he has a MCM worthy beard, or just loves a good clean shave he will appreciate this gift. If you aren’t sure what products to get you can always get a gift voucher for a consultation and grooming session. He will receive pampering at one of their locations and can pick the products that cater specifically to his needs.

Men love the sounds of life. It is Music to the ears, especially when the sound system is top-of-the-line. Research the best products that cater to your budget and keep in mind his individual style. The metro-male will love unique designs, while the simple man will not want anything too flashy. If it’s not a surprise you can always ask their opinion ahead of time. If you guys get into an argument, you can always borrow them so he can’t tune you out. 


Pop culture has made the always popular bomber jacket the latest trend. I love the longer bomber especially for men. If he always wears colorful clothing go with the black option. If his wardrobe is muted with basics and solids go for the green. Just like the headphones it doesn’t hurt to ask. I promise by Christmas he will have forgotten what you asked him over dinner this week.

A good time piece is a classic men’s gift, no matter what the occasion. Stay with in budget but do not compromise style. Men always look sleek in a metal toned watch. If your good with choosing colors go for a metal that compliments his skintone. The best gifts come in smaller packages. 

The obvious choice is always footwear. They buy sneakers for themselves all year long. Opt for a dress shoe. Everyone needs a good leather or hardtop going out shoe. You know him best and if you don’t, ask the sales associate what the most popular styles are and you can go from there. If you’re shopping online this can usually  be found under the “best sellers” tab at the top of the screen.

If you can’t afford a gift this year for whatever reason, remember that sentiment trumps material, you know him best, as long as you can do something from the heart. Cook a great dinner or give him a massage, let him have the remote for the day. The most important thing is that you try and you are present. No matter what you choose I wish you joy and love this season. Happy Shopping.