Men’s Gift Guide 2015: Christmas Picks

I won’t waste anytime and just jump right into it. I have hand selected a bunch of epic gifts for the man in your life this year. Whether it’s your dad, brother, husband, or next door neighbor; I hope this post will help inspire you this holiday season. 

Every man should have one pair of leather gloves. Invest in a good pair with attention to detail and longevity. They may cost a bit more but I assure you; if you get a good set you won’t have to buy them again (as long as he doesn’t loose them). 

The art of shaving has luxe shaving and skin care products for the well groomed man. If he has a MCM worthy beard, or just loves a good clean shave he will appreciate this gift. If you aren’t sure what products to get you can always get a gift voucher for a consultation and grooming session. He will receive pampering at one of their locations and can pick the products that cater specifically to his needs.

Men love the sounds of life. It is Music to the ears, especially when the sound system is top-of-the-line. Research the best products that cater to your budget and keep in mind his individual style. The metro-male will love unique designs, while the simple man will not want anything too flashy. If it’s not a surprise you can always ask their opinion ahead of time. If you guys get into an argument, you can always borrow them so he can’t tune you out. 


Pop culture has made the always popular bomber jacket the latest trend. I love the longer bomber especially for men. If he always wears colorful clothing go with the black option. If his wardrobe is muted with basics and solids go for the green. Just like the headphones it doesn’t hurt to ask. I promise by Christmas he will have forgotten what you asked him over dinner this week.

A good time piece is a classic men’s gift, no matter what the occasion. Stay with in budget but do not compromise style. Men always look sleek in a metal toned watch. If your good with choosing colors go for a metal that compliments his skintone. The best gifts come in smaller packages. 

The obvious choice is always footwear. They buy sneakers for themselves all year long. Opt for a dress shoe. Everyone needs a good leather or hardtop going out shoe. You know him best and if you don’t, ask the sales associate what the most popular styles are and you can go from there. If you’re shopping online this can usually  be found under the “best sellers” tab at the top of the screen.

If you can’t afford a gift this year for whatever reason, remember that sentiment trumps material, you know him best, as long as you can do something from the heart. Cook a great dinner or give him a massage, let him have the remote for the day. The most important thing is that you try and you are present. No matter what you choose I wish you joy and love this season. Happy Shopping. 



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